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Centrale für Mediation Centrale für Mediation Ein neues Internet-Portal vereinfacht Verbrauchern den Weg zu einer außergerichtlichen Streitbeilegung bei Konflikten mit Finanzunternehmen. Der Hauptverband der landwirtschaftlichen Buchstellen und Sachverständigen e.V. (HLBS) hat einen Arbeitskreis Agrarmediation ins Leben gerufen. Wurde außergerichtliche Streitbeilegung bisher weithin mit Mediation gleichgesetzt, wendet sich das Interesse - nicht zuletzt auch aufgrund der neuen ADR-Richtlinie der EU -zunehmend auch anderen Erscheinungsformen alternativen Konfliktbeilegung zu.
Concadora Verlag Stuttgart Concadora Verlag Stuttgart Der Concadora Verlag wurde gegründet, um Bücher, Filme und Filmbücher zu den Themen Konfliktmanagement, Mediation, Friedensarbeit und Organisationsentwicklung zu publizieren. Anmeldung noch möglich Stuttgarter Dialog-Café mit Professor Götz Werner
Conflict Management Skills Gregorio Billikopf Party-Directed Mediation (3rd Edition - January 2014) 446 pages + xvi preface 14 chapters, 3 appendices, index Conflict Management Skills
Basics of Conflict Management Clarifying Confusion About Conflict Types of Managerial Actions That Cause Workplace Conflicts Key Managerial Actions / Structures to Minimize Conflicts Ways People Deal With Conflict To Manage a Conflict with Another Person Additional Perspectives on Conflict Management General Resources About Conflict Management Also see Related Library Topics Note that many methods intended for addressing conflict between two people also might be considered as methods to address group conflict. Therefore, also see Conflict Management in Groups. Learn More in the Library's Blogs Related to Conflict Management In addition to the articles on this current page, see the following blogs which have posts related to Conflict Management. Basics of Conflict Management
“Global Conflicts” is an award-winning educational game series used for teaching citizenship, geography, and media courses. The series allows students to explore and learn about different conflicts throughout the world and the underlying themes of democracy, human rights, globalization, terrorism, climate and poverty. The game series is easy to use for teachers and is developed with close attention to curriculum requirements and ease of use in classroom teaching. Let your students experience what they usually only read about....

Global Conflicts Portal

Global Conflicts Portal
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