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Free Paper Art Patterns & Projects

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Origamic Architecture Kirigami Cards For Free. At the beginning Origamic Architecture is a paper folding and cutting art created in the early 80's by Masahiro Chatani (a Japanese architect).

Origamic Architecture Kirigami Cards For Free

It consists of a simple sheet of paper that the artist cuts and folds to create a pop-up shape as the card is opened. The OA cards frequently represent famous buildings or geometrical figures but there are many other possibilities. M.Chatani and Keiko Nakazawa have published many of early books on this Art. L'Architecture Origamique est un art du pliage-découpage initié au début des années 80 par Masahiro Chatani (un architecte japonais). Featured | Coup de Projecteur IDEES CADEAUXBASIC POP-UPde Jean-Charles Trebbi - aux editions Eyrolles Ce manuel d'initiation a pour but d'apprendre au lecteur "la grammaire" du pliage et de la découpe afin qu'il puisse créer soi-même ses pop-up.

Before getting started If you need help or more info, go to the Tips and Tricks section. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou de plus d'info, allez à la section Trucs et Astuces. Paper Vases With Templates And Tutorial - by Sphere360 - via Instructables. Colorful Deer Heads. These colorful and patterned deer heads by Etsy seller rubyslounge are really neat.

Colorful Deer Heads

The papered, resin deer heads come in a whole slew of colors and patterns, so be sure to check out her store to see more. Also, it’s worth noting that rubyslounge has a disclaimer that says, “No deer was hurt in the making of this craft!”. Paper Gems (FreeTemplates) This has got to be one of my favourite projects to date…which is a good job because I nearly broke my brain putting the templates together!!

Paper Gems (FreeTemplates)

I’m not so good at maths and figuring out angles (my lovely Mum is a retired maths teacher so I should know better!). By the way this project is quite fiddly so more aimed at grown-ups or older kids. My paper gems were very influenced by these wonderful crayons (via Deborah’s Pinterest board). You can use these paper gems as hanging decorations (for your Christmas tree) or you can incorporate them into a mobile or garland.

I would love to make about a hundred and string them up in front of my window…however there is a limit to my patience!! If you spray them lightly on one side they look very pretty and a bit more crystal-like! If you love crystals and gems as much as I do then check out these cool projects: Home-made rock candyHome grown geodes Edited to add: Check out this great advent calendar idea using my paper gems. How-to 1. !!! How To Make A Paper Flower Backdrop. So you want to know how to make this backdrop from the Secret Garden baby shower?

How To Make A Paper Flower Backdrop

It's easy! Inexpensive (about $15)! And really gorgeous, of course. I'm going to break this down into several posts. Not because it's complicated, but because I made quite a few different types of paper flowers. Pin It I was inspired by Chanel's 2009 spring runway show, and the absolutely striking paper flower backdrop. You'll need one roll of easel paper (like for kids to draw on).

You'll also need scissors and a low temperature glue gun. Cut Paper Art: Tutorial. Cute doll template Necessary tools: "Cute" templates (see directions) paper- assorted colors & patterns scissors glue stick Helpful tools: x-acto® knife hot glue gun glue stick tweezers cutting mat hole punch paper shaper scissors Directions: parts 1 template parts 2 template 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Cut Paper Art: Tutorial

Congratulations! *please comment or email me what you think of the directions... this is my first tutorial and i tried hard to make it simple enough... anyhow, your feedback will be much appreciated! Oak Leaf Cuts (Paper Quilt Squares) DIY Rolled Paper Chess Set. October 17, 2010 § I am indisputably an advocate of handmade presents.

DIY Rolled Paper Chess Set

In celebration of O.T.’s birthday, I decided to make him a travel-size chess set entirely out of paper. The chess pieces are crafted out of tightly rolled strips of black and cream paper. The box is millboard covered in paper (black for the exterior; white and brown for the board). The affixed monogram, too, is paper. I am happy to give the specs if you are interested in undertaking this project.

DIY Papier Mache Art. Posted by: otilrotcod on Sep 16, 2011 Tagged in: Untagged STEP 1 (SOAKING OF PAPER) Soak paper in a DEEP CONTAINER.

DIY Papier Mache Art

Make sure that the paper is fully soaked for quick pulping. STEP 2 (PULPING OF PAPER) There are 2 ways to PULP paper- By OSTERIZER or By HAND(Manually) Once you achieved its claylike pulpiness make sure that any traces of its original form(paper) is gone and that pulped paper was formed. STEP 3 PREPARE A PLYWOOD AS BASE FOR YOUR CREATION. STEP 4 (DRYING AND SMOOTHING) Just let your pulped creation dry under the sun.

STEP 5 (BASE PAINTING) After your design has been smoothen. STEP 6 (PAINTING AND EMBELLISHING) Paint your design. STEP 7 (FRAMING) This would depend whether you wish to frame your work of art.