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100+ Impressive Black and White Patterns Collection

100+ Impressive Black and White Patterns Collection
You could have been in awe of the many freebies that Naldz started to share with you guys since the beginning of the year but it’s just a few from the many that you’ll be expecting the whole year round. When it comes to patterns, we have been attracted to several colors and lines. They are all indeed impressive. This time, we look into Black and White selection of patterns and you’ll see the neutral yet awesome impression it’s going to give your design. An addition to the appeal these Black and White Patterns is going to create is the creativity of the mind. So browse through this post and enjoy collecting these freebies…. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Zebra Stripe Pattern A cool seamless zebra pattern.Download Source Mono Ornate Scrolls This is a free repeat pattern and it has an ornate scroll theme.Download Source Mono Circles I This is a seamless black and white geometric circle pattern.Download Source Grungy Mono Fleur de Lis Pattern Black Swirls Antique Black

Color Wheel A complete range of color effects is found in jewelry pieces from dazzling to subdued. With a little knowledge of classic color theory, creations can be naturally pleasing, bringing rave reviews for their harmony. Creative use of color has always been a hallmark of artists and skilled craftspeople. Our interactive Color Wheel lets you use basic color theory by quickly and easily determining each type of color relationship. Just follow the easy-to-understand instructions below and add to your repertoire of creative techniques! We've also included a brief history of contemporary Color Theory and of the man who invented it, Johannes Itten. How the Color Wheel Works The wheel starts with the three primary colors equidistant from each other: yellow, red and blue. Mixing two primaries creates a secondary color. Mixing a primary color with a nearby secondary color yields a tertiary color. Here are four basic color schemes: monochromatic, analogous, complementary and split-complementary.

100+ Simple and Unique Gray Patterns Gray or grey is the color between the two contrasting black and white. It is a mixture of these colors creating a distinct look. It is an achromatic or neutral color and a balanced color. Due to that, even patterns come in shades of gray. You might also want to check these related patterns: Dark Aloha Say aloha with this floral gray pattern which can be right for your design.Download Source The Loner Charcoal A lovely gray pattern of decorative leaves.Download Source Air Conditioner Fins A geometric pattern with shades of gray.Download Source Chunky Beads This one looks like beads arranged in a creative manner.Download Source Everywhere it Rains Combine circles and swirls to get a gorgeous pattern like this.Download Source Dark Tile Tiles of gray shades can make your design look elegant.Download Source Storm at Garden City A pattern of flowers that give it a feminine touch despite the grayness.Download Source Whos His Taylor A bit complicated design of grays.Download Source Erase Seamless Limit [t] Gray

Discovering the World of Art 40 Free & Delightful Green Patterns A Pattern is a type of subject where a set of shape or object that repeats itself many times. Depending on the number it duplicates, it can be used in graphic designs and projects depending on your inventiveness. Mostly it is used in website backgrounds because of its faster loading speed. When combined with creativity, this form of art can add an extra ambiance to your site and may take your design to a new perspective. Green nowadays signifies nature and environmentalism. Also, it may indicate prosperity and wealth. For our next post, we will share to you 40 Free & Delightful Green Patterns. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: • 50 Free Expedient High-Resolution Fabric Textures • 60+ Totally Free Rusted Metal Textures for Designers • Ultimate Collection of Smoke Effect Tutorials,Brushes and Textures • 30 Collections of Ornate Patterns and Textures Download Source Download Source Download Source Download Source Download Source Download Source Download Source Ads

Irina Vinnik on Behance 50 Brown Patterns for an Added Impact to your Designs Seeing the color brown makes us think of natural things like soil, skin, hair, animal fur, toasted bread and withered leaves. It may also be associated with culture and tradition. Brown is produced by a mixture of orange, red, yellow with black or gray. What you will see in this collection are 54 Brown Pattern Variations that would sometimes confuse you if it’s really orange, red, black or green. Simple Brown Pattern 1 A simple yet a little bit complicated pattern because of its use of fine lines.Download Source Flowers White is the most friendly color for it always goes along with whatever hue it is paired with. Traditional Brown 1 This one is called traditional for patterns like this are usually seen in items that depict one’s culture and tradition.Download Source Traditional Brown 2 Another traditional pattern using colors blue and brown to highlight its design.Download Source Traditional Brown 3 Also using blue and brown, this pattern is commonly used in cloth prints.Download Source Peacock

Zentangles: my new favourite artform | The Underground Artist Pub I recently bought the book One Zentangle a Day from amazon and I’ve found it a lovely and practical introduction into the art of zentangles. This is a recently developed technique where you draw repetitive strokes over and over again, adding shading and highlights to form a patterned tile. These tiles can be shaped to create a greater picture or form. Below is a starter Zentangle that I drew recently. Here are some more advanced zentangles from the web. Why not give zentangling a go. Like this: Like Loading...

A Collection of Useful Free Yellow Patterns When talking about designs or projects having to be attractive, one of the factors that could help would be your choice of Patterns. It matters when you have to look for the best colors of patterns to match your taste. Since there are a lot to choose from as made by creative artists from all over the globe. A good choice leads you to a more appreciated project so here are a couple of Yellow Patterns to brighten your day and get to choose some to add up to your collection… Have fun checking them out! You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Patterrific Download Source Yellow Pattern Download Source Banana Download Source So Yellow Download Source Yellow With Love Download Source Download Source Florida Tropics .Download Source Continous Yellow Pattern Download Source Impact Download Source Bee House Download Source Very Yellow Download Source Spinning Mess Download Source Yellow Stricks Download Source Laliquered Download Source Vitamin C Download Source Ads Into Yellow Pattern Download Source

New Ornate Insects Drawn by Alex Konahin 40 Relaxing Blue Patterns to Seize Your Style Blue is said to resemble the sky’s color on a daytime and of course, when it is clear. Talking about gender, it may cater to both since there are different shades you may choose from. Blue Patterns gives relaxation to the eyes and may send a soothing feeling. A pattern follows a path in a decorative way and these ones might suit your taste. This time, our 40 Free Blue Patterns aims to move your creative spirit to have them on your sites or to just give emphasis on its described definition of trust, commitment and strength, perfect for themes you might want to add on your collection of patterns. These are free ones you may download for both your sites and your designs. Geometric Links Blue As cool as this pattern, are you? Snowflakes Snowflakes may mean fun and coolness still. Blue Floral This may capture the hearts of more female graphic designers but if you too are designing for others, you could add this up in your collection. Blue Squares Blue Grungy Circles Detailed Blue Modern Circles Ads

Cocaine Window Card | Bureau of Trade We sift through the world’s major marketplaces, searching for the most distinctive merchandise for men. Vintage timepieces, clothing, and classic cars. Furniture. Literature. LPs. Even petrified lightning. By clicking “Register” or “Log In” I agree that I have read accepted the Privacy Policy. As seen in 40+ Captivating Red Patterns for Extraordinary Designs What does the meaning of the color red depict? Red symbolizes various meanings to people. Depending on the usage of the color, like blood which represents the importance of life, expressing one’s emotions of love and passion. When we have the passion for web and graphic designs, we get to convey different emotions and thoughts and this color can help us a lot especially through Patterns. Patterns that uplifts the lives of you masterpieces or simply just for future use. Here are some shades related to red that gives emotional meaning. Simple Red Have your eyes rested on this simple red pattern. Modern Floral Red If you’d want your style floral and up to date, you may want to add this up on your collection.Download Source Red Funky Stars Should you want it a bit funky but still as cool, this one’s for you. Red Funky Squares If there are funky stars, there will also be funky squares to be added to your collection.Download Source Antique Gold 2 Red Leaves This one might remind you of autumn. Ads