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Owl Stuffies Tutorial

Owl Stuffies Tutorial
Ever since I made my son’s Halloween costume I’ve been having a lot of fun sketching and playing with the idea of making an owl stuffie. So when my mom commissioned me to make a stuffed animal as a present for a friend’s new baby I knew exactly what I wanted to make. This Pattern is to make a small owl stuffie (like the aqua one above) This pattern is not for commercial use or monetary gain Supplies 3 coordinating fabrics (one of them should be a solid color).a small amount of orange felt for the beakPolyfillScissorsFabric paint or felt for the eyesSewing machineNeedle and threadPattern below Open this image in a new tab and print at full size. The fabric that I choose for my main color came from an old pair of pants and was a heavier weight than the cotton quilting fabrics that I picked for my belly and tail colors. The next step is to join the belly wings and face pieces to make the front of the owl. Afterwards you can trim the excess wing to even up the seam.

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Oopsie the Octopus A small scrap of wool felt in white and pink. White, pink and dark brown 6 strand embroidery floss to match. Good quality polyester toy fill. A small piece of fusible web. Penguin Pattern Stuffed penguin which is made of felt. Its eyes are wood beads.8 centimetre tall. Cut cloth without seam allowance. Sew the darts of the head.Only darts are sewed from inside. About sewing, refer to mini Santa.You may use blanket stitch too.If you mind the seam, use a transparent thread.

Giant Halloween Spider Tutorial: Craft With Your Kids Week, Project Five This might not entirely count as a project with my kids, since mostly they just assisted in stuffing the spider once it was finished, but it took some time so I’m counting it anyways! In past years, we’ve always made this spider that we found on Family Fun’s website a couple years ago. A little tacky? Yes, but I didn’t mind because this is one of the things my kids look forward to EVERY year. “Mom, when are we going to make the garbage bag spider???” Felt Owl Ornaments I haven’t made that much this Christmas. I might make a few last minute gifts, but I feel I have to get most of the shopping out of the way first... especially the online stuff that needs to be shipped. And no outfits for the kids like last year. I’m giving myself a break. Aren’t I nice? But I did do a little felt hand sewing.

Tiny Kitten in a Box What you need:~ fleece scraps -- black, white, and light and dark of a color of your choosing -- I will call it blue throughout the tutorial ~ thread (I used white for everything!) ~ tissue paper ~ pencil Purl Bee Penguin Winter in New York City can be hard to love with its frozen sidewalks, dirty snowbanks, and bare trees. But this winter I'm counting on my new cold weather friend, the Purl Bee Penguin, to help me through! Its happy ovoid shape and graphic palette are sure to remind me that joy really does exist in January. kojotutorial- a very fluffy porcupine plushie My poor son. He has spent more hours in JoAnn’s and Fancy Tiger (our local fabric shop) than any little boy should ever have to endure. And he knows his way around an Anthropologie, that one. It’s a little dangerous to take a three-year-old boy into Anthro, what with the teetering stacks of beautifully patterned dishes, just beckoning to him. But duty calls.

necessär It’s back-to-school time, and it’s hard not to have school supplies on the brain even if school days are nowhere in sight for some of us! Inspired by the good old-fashioned pencil case, I thought it would be fun to sew a lined, zippered pouch that you can use for pencils, makeup, electronics or anything else you need to organize and tuck away. The great thing about this bag is that once you understand the basic construction, you can easily make it any size you like. Try a short, long version with a wide base for knitting needles, or a flat bag for electronic cords. You can use oilcloth for the lining to create a waterproof makeup bag, or try stitching a label to the outside to indicate what’s hiding inside.

Funky Fabric Birds / Sewing and Quilting These fun, chubby stuffed birds in Autumn colors will be a sweet addition to my fall décor this year. They are a modified version of stuffed fabric balls that I’ve made in the past. Instead of the usual six panels, I used just four to change the shape a bit and they were the perfect project for using up some fabric scraps. Sewing Tuesday: Schneeky Schnake. Hi there! This week I'm going to show you how to make this Schneeky Schnake. He's hiding, in camouflage against my red curtains at the moment.

Tutorial and Pattern: Recycled Mooshy Belly Bunny This all came about because of a large multi-colored stack of stripey tees I have had taking up space in my workshop for months. The t-shirts were all thrifted and reclaimed and salvaged from our own outgrown boxes of clothing, of course. When I started collecting them, I admit, I had no idea what I intended to do with them.

Green Kitchen: Craft Blog, etc. Well, here it goes, my first pattern — and it's free! It is completely untested and hasn't been edited, so any feedback would be great. I'm thinking of it as a group work-in-progress. Angry Birds This is my Top Secret Christmas Project! My boys (husband included, but especially the boys!) are obsessed with the game Angry Birds.

Summer Craft Boredom Buster: A Cute Caterpillar Craft Made from Repurposed Tights Repurpose old tights to make a Very Cute Caterpillar. When my daughter was young, her tights rarely lasted more than a wearing or two, and what do you do with cute, barely worn tights with holes and runs? Designer Kathleen George has a great idea – repurpose little girl’s tights to make a Very Cute Caterpillar. Follow along while Kathleen shows you how to put those adorable, slightly used tights to good use in this tutorial for a Very Cute Caterpillar that kids will love. Here’s what you need to make a Very Cute Caterpillar: