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background patterns and tiled background patterns Repeating background patterns and images, patterns such as these can be used for a host of things such as a web page backgrounds, or adding that extra detail to a containing block, adjust the visibility and you’ve got a great new look for some thing that would normally look quite plain. Here you’ll find some tutorials on how to create your own patterns and some resources to download patterns. Download Patterns Below are a few sites that have huge collections of background patterns for you to download and use for free. Brusheezy Patterns Deviantart Patterns Squid Fingers Patterns Pattern 8 Patterns Ava7 Din Pattern Everyday Icons Patterns Pattern Cooler k10k Pixel Patterns Noqta Patterns Make your own patterns online Make you own custom patterns online and downlaod them, or use someone elses as a base for you own creation. Stripe Mania Bg Patterns Stripe Generator Tutorials A collection of useful tutorials on how to create repeating background patterns of your own. Other Resources about patterns

Package | Valleys In The Vinyl | Textures, Inspiration, & Exploration 12 Microscopic Bubble Textures These textures were made using a microscope slide that contained water, dish soap, and coffee grounds. 11 Microscopic Burned Film Textures Burned film on its own is quite gorgeous. Put it under a microscope, and the beauty increases infinitely. 10 Artificial Crystalline Textures After taking a look at a year-old milk-filled microscope slide, I noticed the great shapes and texture that had formed… 7 Abstract Noisy Stripe Textures The source of these textures is a microscopic view of Chap Stick smear on a microscope slide. 5 Abstract Hazy Textures These textures aim to create an ambiguous atmosphere of haze and mystery. 8 Fractal Desktop Wallpapers Embolden your desktop with these fresh and exciting fractal wallpapers. 14 Textures from an Aged Dartboard These 14 textures come from a 20+ year old dartboard that was pulled out of basement storage a few weeks ago. Textures Shot on 35mm Film: Volume One 20 Textures from Military Aircraft 5 Simple White Grunge Textures

200+ Beautiful Seamless Patterns Perfect for Web Design 113 shares Seamless patterns are a great way to add a big impact to a web design without a lot of effort. Here are 223 of them that are absolutely beautiful. Whether you use patterns to fill the entire background of your site or just a specific area of your design, you will definitely find these useful. GypsyGarden (1 pattern) Pattern 2 (14 patterns) Patterns 2 (6 patterns) Textured Stripes (6 patterns) My first photoshop pattern (4 patterns) pattern part1 (9 patterns) Patterns .24 (33 patterns) Lace Patterns: the prelude (6 patterns) Untitled patterns 03 (12 patterns) Patterns .23 (33 patterns) Green Patterns (6 patterns) Patterns .27 (50 patterns) Patterns 3 (6 patterns) Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen (11 patterns) black – white patterns (13 patterns) PINKgossip_04 patterns (13 patterns) About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience.

UnitedVisualArtists Dromoscopio - Libreria di Background Pattern / Background Pattern Library 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 The Inspiration Gallery - Damask Wallpaper Patterns Damask Wallpaper Patterns New Category! Damask, once restricted to formal rooms, has today come into much more general use than ever before in its long history. In this adaptation to our 20th century life, two extremes of patterns have evolved. One is characterized by new colour effects, the other simulates a fabric dulled and worn by age. The damask weave is a fabric on which the pattern is brought out by the lines of its weave running in a different direction from that of the ground. Most of the designs used in damasks today are copies of those woven centuries ago in Italy, Spain and France. In France, the period of Louis XVI – a period of dignified luxury – developed many beautiful symmetrical designs, often with stripe effects combined with flowers and leaves. While the best designs of damasks are derived from precious bits preserved in museums, there are also patterns inspired by the life of today. Download the Images to Your Hard Drive Internet Explorer Users on PC Linking Back

The Ultimate Collection Of Free Photoshop Patterns Advertisement Photoshop users can save themselves a great deal of time and end up with better results by taking advantage of readily available freebies, such as brushes, patterns and shapes. With the wide variety and (often) high quality of resources available, whatever you need or are looking for is in most cases already available somewhere. The only problem is that the vast quantity of freebies can make it difficult to track down what you need. The resources featured here are all available as downloads in PAT format, which can be placed in Photoshop. Skull Patterns Two skull patterns from Go Media using an image from one of its vector packs. Carbon Fiber A carbon fiber pattern. Patterns from PunkSafetyPin This set of 15 patterns from a deviantART user offers more than 30 other packs of patterns. Grunge Pattern Set Nine large and high-quality grunge patterns. Dots Pattern Set Eight dot patterns of various colors and styles. Skulls and Hearts Three different gray, white and pink patterns.

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