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Dresden Plate Tutorial - Beginner Block Quilting Series

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Pat Sloan's Free Pattern Page Note from Pat How can I give away FREE patterns? I'm very pleased to be able to offer these free quilt patterns to you. For me it's fun to share them and I just love seeing your finished projects. 5 Circle Quilt Patterns to Try Whether you choose appliqué or pieced circles for your quilting projects, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment after quilting circles! Inevitably, your non-quilting friends will ask, “How did you do that?” Raw-edge appliquéd quilt: Paintbox Quilt Along Oh, Fransson! Paintbox Quilt Along Introduction Supplies How to Make Classic Blocks How to Make Scrappy Blocks Videos! Okay, you guys! I'm a bit camera shy when it comes to videos, but with the help of my son Jeff, I'm working on some videos to show you how to do various things like using specialty rulers. You will find these videos below! 12/13/2013: Cutting with the Easy Angle Ruler:

Turn One Fat Quarter Into 5 Yards Of Bias Tape 5 beautiful yards of bias tape that is! I discovered this method a few months back and it rocked my (small, fabric-centric) world. The way I always did it required cutting the first triangle off but then I was stuck with this wasted triangle. This method uses that triangle so there's no waste.

Free Quilting Patterns Description: Shop your local thrift shop on half price day, and you’ll find plenty of sweaters to piece for this beautiful quilt. Craft Link: Stitch A Quilt From Old Sweaters Read More: Quilting or Home Finished Paintbox Quilt The Paintbox Quilt is finished! This quilt is made with 64 - 6.5" blocks in 32 color combinations (8 by 8 blocks with 1.5" sashing). Each combination is a Kona cotton solid and a monochromatic quilting print. One of the blocks in each combination is made with a printed center and outer ring and the other is made with a solid center and outer ring. I had a hard time deciding how to lay out the blocks for the quilt. In the end, I placed the two black and two chocolate brown squares (the darkest ones) at each of the corners.

Free Videos Of Quilting Techniques For Quilt Making This is a list of quilting videos I have found useful. These videos show a specific technique in a short and precise manner. If you know of one you think should be here, let me know! Here's a tip for those on dial-up: click the video to start it loading, then click the pause button and minimize it. The video will continue to load while you do other things. When you are done, come back and hit the Play button. Tutorial: How To Draw Hexagon For Quilt Block I can’t remember if I learned this during primary school, but I definitely remember the way my mum taught me while making hexagon quilt blanket for us… using a compass to draw…. My first lesson to sew a hexagon flower quilt block is to draw this cardboard hexagon templates. Till today, I still hear my mum’s voice mumbling in my ears….

Easy Quilt Patterns for Beginning Quilters Beginner Quilt Patterns Try one of these easy quilts the next time you're looking for a new project. All of the quilt patterns are suitable for beginners, because they are quilts you'll complete without feeling overwhelmed with lots of intricate steps. If you prefer visuals, look through the quilt patterns gallery and quilt block patterns gallery, where you'll find hundreds more quilt patterns, including additional easy quilting projects.

Attempting Applique My fabric line, The Garden Club, is FULL of images perfect for applique. My trouble is, however, that 1) I don't have tons of experience with applique and 2) I don't have a sewing machine that can do a blanket stitch or even a good satin stitch, believe it or not. Easy Way To Cut Triangle Squares I am very glad I decided to take some time putting together my Charming Chevrons Do-It-Yourself Quilt Tutorial, and spread it out over several weeks. This week’s step of making the triangle squares is a very simple process; however it was a little time consuming. It took a total of 3 hours to complete the steps below. That’s not bad considering I’m giving you a whole week to complete it, but I suggest you break it up over a few cutting sessions. It’s too tedious to do all at once!

Block Patterns Articles 1 - 10 of 204 << Prev 1 | | | 8 of Our Favorite Quilt Block Patterns + 20 Top Patterns There are endless numbers of quilt block designs you can use in your quilt patterns, but sometimes it can be hard to find the real winners. That's why we've collected 8 of our Favorite Quilt Block Patterns, so you can try the most popular quilt blocks we have. If there's one thing these quilting blocks all have in common, it's their stashbusting power. Most of our top quilt squares are scrap quilt blocks, so you can use them to give leftover fabric a new purpose.