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! Free Barbie Gown Patterns

! Free Barbie Gown Patterns

Barbie® Ball Gown Tutorial Just a re-post of my Barbie gown tutorial, originally featured on U Create! I love making Barbie® clothes. I also like making them easy to make. They’re tiny enough-no need to complicate things, right? Click below for more! You’ll need: satin or some other special occasion fabric cut into these sizes: 1 piece 7.5 x 12 inches 1 piece 2×8 inches 1 piece 2.5x 6.25 inches sew on velcro matching thread here are your pieces…first we’ll mess with the skirt piece a little. Fold it in half width wise, and trim a little off the bottom, and sides so it looks something like this. Now, serge or zig zag stitch your skirt and bodice pieces. Next, hem your skirt and hem the sides and top of your bodice piece. take your bodice piece, and wrap it around your Barbie® (thanks for modeling for us, Cinderella!) Pin the back together so it’s snug, and then pin the front like so for the darts. Sew along the pins for the darts…back stitch a few stitches start and finish so they don’t come out! Top stitch along the bodice.

Corset Tutorial Fabulous Miniature Doll Artist Anna Hardman and graciously lets us publish her corset tutorial on our Blog. Thnx Anna!You can see more of her fabulous figures on her website AnnaHardmanDolls.comThe CorsetI have created a miniature hourglass corset to share with you today. It is for a curvy full figure. My dolls do not have Victorian thin waists. I used light and glass method of transferring. Step 3.Run a tiny bead of glue on the seams, press with the iron. Step 4.Now add fine laces or trim of your choice to the top and bottom of your miniature corset. To create sophisticated lacing on the back you need to practice. Done! The pattern(click to see full size and print): Liale - Forest Fae - OOAK dolls by VALKYRIE - with full tutorials Forest Fae This doll is in the home of a private collector and not available for sale or duplication.HOWever.... and, yes, before we get to the pics....Liale is something different. She was made specifically in order to create tutorials with for my Forum.SO..... just because Liale is gone, that doesn't mean you're out of luck? Liale has, of course, had a full repaint - all of her factory paint was removed and she was hand painted with artist quality acrylics and a (very) small paint brush... Liale wears a dark jewel green velvet catsuit, fringed and embroidered leather gauntlets, fringed leather boots with delicate cutwork, and embroidered leather belt and baldric. Her bow is made from ebony wood and was made by VKW. hat Others Have Done! ake her Yourself! These are links to the tutorials I created for the group - they are all in PDF format.

Halter Dress Pattern For Modelmuse (Barbie Basics) Made a wedding dress out of it. Then applied Photoshop to remove pins and make the skirt longer. That was a LOT faster than putting in Velcro or making a new skirt :-) Here's the printable pattern in pdf format Instructions: Fold over sides (not lower edge) of top pieces and topstitch Lay one top piece over the other to the place where the arrow points, pin them together then gather the lower edges of both Pull gathering threads until the top pieces fit between the two arrows marked on the midriff piece Stitch top pieces inside doubled layers of midriff, leaving an opening where the top pieces are, through which you're going to turn the midriff. Sew skirt side seams, then stitch skirt to midriff, leaving back edges of skirt a little wider than midriff Then fold those over and stitch center backs and hemline Sew on velcro or snaps for closure

Barbie Hot Little Dress Pattern I decided to share a sewing pattern that I saved for awhile. I got this pattern from Barbie Bazaar Magazine, which the magazine no longer exist anymore. Barbie Bazaar Magazine have recently partnered with another magazine called HaunteDolls. Anyway happy sewing and enjoy! Click on the links to download for a bigger image Like this: Like Loading... Barbie Night Outfits & Lingerie Miss B. Couture Free Barbie doll clothes patterns ———- Patrons de vêtements de Barbie gratuits Skip to content Category Archives: Night outfits / lingerie Pink and lace Dressing gown for Barbie Posted on September 27, 2010 by missbcouture Continue reading → Posted in Night outfits / lingerie | Tagged dressing gown Barbie | 12 Comments Lace pink nightgown for Barbie Posted in Night outfits / lingerie | Tagged barbie nightgown | 15 Comments Panty and bra Posted on September 6, 2010 by missbcouture Continue reading → Posted in Night outfits / lingerie | Tagged lingerie barbie | 11 Comments Bathrobe Posted on September 5, 2010 by missbcouture Posted in Night outfits / lingerie | Tagged bathrobe barbie | 11 Comments Purple Pajama Barbie Posted on August 1, 2010 by missbcouture Posted in Night outfits / lingerie | Tagged pajama barbie | 12 Comments White panties for Barbie Posted on July 29, 2010 by missbcouture Posted in Night outfits / lingerie | Tagged panties Barbie, underwear Barbie | 7 Comments White Bra

doll shirt pants pattern Barbie Sailor Girl Outfit Pattern Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish! “Expensive vs cheap doll clothes” Finding free doll clothes patterns for the fashion helps save as the store bought clothes are very expensive and of poor quality. How to make doll clothes Sailor Girl Outfit For 11 ½ Inch doll Scraps of cotton fabric (Seam allowance is ¼ ". Cut pants from white fabric. This pattern is easy to download and than print off. You can download the pattern by clicking on the link below Sailor Outfit Doll Clothes Patterns Fashion doll clothes Doll Clothes Patterns to Printable Sewing Patterns

Colonial Doll Clothes Patterns "Colonial clothes for 11 1/2 inch dolls Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish! Are you looking for some free doll clothes patterns for an eleven-and-a-half-inch doll? Why not visit a time in history when women were ladies and dressed like it. Just because the women were ladies does not mean they didn't have to work hard back then. Download the full printable pattern below So you can use the colonial dresses to teach your kids about history. The colonial dresses had fitted bodices with full skirts. Fashion doll clothes If you are just going to display the dolls after making them from the free doll clothes patterns, you can use more expensive material. Why spend money on patterns today when you can find them free. Free patterns have all the same details in the instructions as the ones you buy too. You will have fun making the colonial dresses and thinking back in time. Free printable sewing patterns You can download this pattern by clicking on the link below.

Barbie Doll Pattern, Dress & Panties Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish! Outfit #4 of our free fashion doll sewing patterns.. This dress is the only street length dress in the Glamor Girl Collection. The pattern comes complete with matching doll underwear if you want to make a different type of outfit It could be made up with any small print cotton or cotton blend fabric. You can shorten the skirt and make the panties to match and you could have a cheer leader outfit or a skating costume. Think about how you may lengthen the skirt, change the sleeves or leave them off completely. So you can see how using these free fashion doll sewing patterns can make up many different styles. Daytime Dress Up Bodice: 1 – Make darts on front2 – Join underarm and side seams3 – Press open and clip underarms Skirt: 1 – Join front and back side seams2 – Gather to fit bodice3 – Match side seams of skirt and bodice4 – Stitch to bodice5 – Hem neckline and sleeves6 – Hem back opening7 – Sew snaps where indicated Panties Note: