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Free Barbie Angel Sleeve Trapeze Dress Pattern

Free Barbie Angel Sleeve Trapeze Dress Pattern

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Barbie Vintage Strapless Dress Pattern Barbie Strapless Bodice update - May 2012 The older version and photos of construction are still here. I had gradually become convinced that the strapless bodice should be better. I had all those nice letters from people telling me it worked for them. Halter Dress Pattern For Modelmuse (Barbie Basics) Made a wedding dress out of it. Then applied Photoshop to remove pins and make the skirt longer. That was a LOT faster than putting in Velcro or making a new skirt :-) Here's the printable pattern in pdf format Instructions: Fold over sides (not lower edge) of top pieces and topstitch Lay one top piece over the other to the place where the arrow points, pin them together then gather the lower edges of both

Barbie Chemise A The chemise is the basic undershirt that was worn under most dresses from the middle ages through the 1800s. There are a number of different styles, but this is based on some of the most basic. There are only two pattern pieces, and in total you will only have four pieces cut out--a front and back and two sleeves. The patter can be used to make calf- or ankle-length (shown). This could also be used as a nightgown. I recommend using a thin cotton or linen. Barbie Cap Sleeve Shirt Tutorial Continuing with Barbie® week here: a cap sleeve top. So…..let’s get down to business. (to defeat the Huns..) Click below for more!

Bellybutton Barbie Dress Bodice Pattern How to tell the difference among the Barbie bodies! Strapless Bodice for 1966, 1999 (Bellybutton), 2006 and Modelmuse (2003/2008). Basic bodice with full sleeves pattern for 1999 Bellybutton Barbie doll NEW - pattern for halter dress for ModelMuse (Barbie Basics) Barbie Slim Fitted Vintage Dress. Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish! "Doll clothes patterns to sew" When making Barbie doll clothes it is always nice to have an assortment of patterns.

5 Barbie Clothes: One Pair $1 Socks I'm sure we've all seen Barbie Clothes Made From Socks before, but as soon as I saw these cute Santa socks at Dollar Tree I had to whip some up! A pair of size 6-10 socks will give you two dresses (oh yea, I'm good with math like that:@) But the challenge was to use up the leftover fabric too... I ended up with two dresses, a skirt, a tube top and my personal favorite-a pair of adorable cropped pants! Any hems are hand sewn 1/4". You don't need to hem everything but if you don't the fabric will roll. Simplest Short Dress:Cut sock straight across above the heel.Cut a small hole (maybe 1/4") just under the band at the top so one arm can slip through.

One-Shoulder Dress Pattern For Bellybutton Barbie A lady wrote to request an off-the-shoulder pattern. I only glanced at the email and got a great idea how to do that! And produced this! No, no, she said "off the shoulder" :-) I guess it was time for me to make Barbie a One-Shoulder Dress, that's all. Here's the printable pattern in pdf format NOTE-- someone has pointed out that the pattern needs tinkering, and I'm working on it!

Barbie Doll Pattern, Dress & Panties Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish! Outfit #4 of our free fashion doll sewing patterns.. This dress is the only street length dress in the Glamor Girl Collection. Barbie Candy Corn Dress Tutorial: Only 5 Seams I see Halloween ideas starting to pop up all over the net and wanted to make a simple Candy Corn inspired dress for Barbie. My goal when I started making doll clothes was to suggest quick projects that might get the kids involved... Even though we're working with small pieces of fabric the seams are straight and there are only 5 of them, I really think a girl could help make this dress with no problem. Material: 7" x 2.5" yellow fabric

Sew A Barbie Apron: A Half Circle Apron Sewing Tutorial For 11-1/2" Fashion Dolls I love aprons - even itty bitty Barbie(tm) ones. Since I'm partial to half aprons myself, I figured Barbie could use a new one. So I whipped one up. I'll show you how so you can whip one up too.