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10 Advanced Twitter Tips & Tricks. The Battle of Free Vs Paid. Understanding Users of Social Networks. If the ongoing social networking revolution has you scratching your head and asking, "Why do people spend time on this?

Understanding Users of Social Networks

" Why Most Businesses Get Facebook Wrong. Uncompromising Leadership in Tough Times. Economic difficulties need not mean that we lower our standards for leadership.

Uncompromising Leadership in Tough Times

If anything, we should raise our sights. New work by HBS professor Michael Beer and colleagues shows that there is still a place for what they term uncompromising leadership. Due out this summer, the book High Commitment, High Performance: How to Build a Resilient Organization for Sustained Advantage describes organizations that, Beer says, "are diametrically opposite to the firms we saw fail on Wall Street. The book's perspective also leads to answers to the question of how to manage in tough times in a way that avoids liquidation of human and cultural assets. " The book looks broadly at what it takes to build a high commitment, high performance (HCHP) system inside companies. Ten fundamental mistakes that will kill your email marketing. IT’S ALIVE! Why Email Can Be Even More Profitable in The Social Media Age. You may have heard or seen the following statement: In the past year I’ve been told this by many people… marketers, business owners, media analysts, journalists and social media pundits.

IT’S ALIVE! Why Email Can Be Even More Profitable in The Social Media Age

The Company as Community - Threadless Puts Everyone in Charge. The Dawn of Topic-Centric Social Media? An interview with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of After a couple of weeks beta testing new curation tool, I emailed the CEO with some questions from The Free Radicals….

The Dawn of Topic-Centric Social Media? An interview with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of

FREE RADICALS: What inspired you to create ? SCOOP.IT: We felt a lot of people wanted to express themselves online but weren't satisfied with blogging or status updates on social networks. We felt we could create a new form of expression that could be as easy as updating a status or sending a tweet… but could be much more complete and satisfying by being a real online media. The other aspect was about building a topic-centric social media. Right now, social media are people-centric networks. brings relevancy back in the game by letting users express themselves and follow content on their favorite topics. Free Content Marketing. 30+ QuestionsTo Improve Your Business Marketing - Stefan Drew Associates. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you spot opportunities and to motivate your team to improve your marketing.

Why not try these questions with your team? Have fun! 15 Most Unusual and Interactive Business Cards. The Most Important Management Trends of the (Still Young) Twenty-First Century. HBS Working Knowledge recently celebrated its tenth birthday, and we mark the occasion by looking back and looking forward.

The Most Important Management Trends of the (Still Young) Twenty-First Century

We've asked HBS Dean Nitin Nohria and a number of faculty to both remark on what they view as the most significant business management ideas of the first decade of the twenty-first century, and then to tell us what they hope will be the most fertile areas of business research between now and 2020. But we didn't leave it there. Professor Jim Heskett is moderating a similar discussion with HBS Working Knowledge readers, and we encourage you to participate.

As of this writing some 75 comments have been submitted. Finally, I thought you would be interested in learning the most popular WK articles since we set up shop. Clay Christensen's Milkshake Marketing. When planning new products, companies often start by segmenting their markets and positioning their merchandise accordingly.

Clay Christensen's Milkshake Marketing

This segmentation involves either dividing the market into product categories, such as function or price, or dividing the customer base into target demographics, such as age, gender, education, or income level. Unfortunately, neither way works very well, according to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, who notes that each year 30,000 new consumer products are launched—and 95 percent of them fail. How to Reply to Comments on Your Blog. Welcome to My DoFollow Blog!

How to Reply to Comments on Your Blog

Killer Tips Up For Grabs! Welcome to My DoFollow Blog!

Killer Tips Up For Grabs!

As a Big Thank You, I'd Like to Give You FREE Access to my "Online Marketing Success Formula" Report That Gives You The Key Ingredients For Success in YOUR Business! Top 10 Business Blogs and Why They Are Successful. Does your business have a blog?

Top 10 Business Blogs and Why They Are Successful

Are you looking to generate engaging comments and new daily visitors? If so, look no further. This article showcases 10 top blogs in multiple markets. Follow their lead to take your blog from good to great. 52 Great Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates. If open rates for your email newsletters are dropping, try and pep up your subject lines.

52 Great Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Here are a bunch of classics that have worked for me in a variety of guises over the past 10 years. Look, I’ve even arranged them into handy ‘fill-in the-blanks’ templates for your marketing pleasure. • Do you suffer this frustrating problem? • How to improve your [insert skill] in 3 easy steps. Are You Missing Something? Four Things Your Free Content Website Should and Should NEVER Do. Why there should be NO difference between editorial and marketing copy. 10 Rules for modern collaboration. You could make an argument that in a creative organization the single most important skill today is the ability to collaborate.

That’s not to say brilliant writing, inspirational design, impeccable craftsmanship and elegant coding don’t matter. They do. But in an age when a problem is as likely to be solved with an app as with an ad, when the bulk of a campaign’s content might be user generated, when a consumer’s experience is only as good as its technology and UX, or when ambiguity and market dynamics call for something far beyond communications, then it’s group talent that really matters. Some companies have it pretty well figured out. Pixar, for example, is a shining case study. We can learn from Tim Brown and Ideo on how expanded teams come together to observe and solve problems with design thinking. Obviously collaboration has been a big part of the advertising and production business for decades. Embrace openness Create collisions Assemble diverse teams Leave senior people out Links:

BBC Radio 4 Programmes - In Business. Creative Entrepreneurship: How to Build an Empire in Your Spare Time. Photo of Piranesi engraving by Evil Preacher They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it was a full-time job. Think of lugging all that marble, laying pipes and foundations, raising columns and arches, tiling all those roofs, and doing all the fancy bits of decoration on the top. Not to mention organising supplies of food and water, keeping the rabble entertained and in order, and stopping the fractious nobles from destroying the whole structure from within.