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Managing transference and countertransference - The Performance Coach UK. This is a guest post by one of our Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Development students, Nicola Williams Within a coaching relationship, unchecked transference can hinder the ability to hold positive regard and a non-judgemental position and research has found it is often the cause of the deterioration of a coaching relationship.

Managing transference and countertransference - The Performance Coach UK

In this blog post, I offer three steps the coach might use to help manage these processes. What is transference and countertransference? Transference and countertransference are two related psychological processes. Transference occurs all the time in everyday interactions and is where we may be reminded of someone in the behaviour of others or where previous memories are triggered. Transference Countertransference (See references 1 and 2) Most research on this topic comes from psychotherapy, where the way of managing transference and countertransference would be to bring it into the room, and use it as part of the therapy process.

See references, point (4) An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. What is Servant Leadership? Quotes, Definition, Examples. There are many kinds of leaders, but when it comes to describing servant leadership there are really only two: those who serve themselves and those who serve others.

What is Servant Leadership? Quotes, Definition, Examples

Servant leaders put the needs of customers, employees and communities first. What is servant leadership? In the broadest sense, servant leadership is about serving others. In economic parlance, it’s about leveraging assets to yield worthwhile change. Whether it’s a small private business or a large public entity, servant leadership is about transforming an organization into a successful enterprise by inspiring people to excel.

Whether you aspire to become a servant leader or you’re seeking an environment where service to others is foremost on the minds of the people you choose to follow, now is the time to embrace the principles of servant leadership. Servant leadership definition Servant leadership begins with a vision. What kind of leader serves others? Simply: Servant leaders put others first. Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Unauthentic leaders hide behind masks This questionnaire contains statements about authentic leadership.

Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Next to each statement, circle the number that represents how strongly you feel about the statement by using the following scoring system: Almost Always True — 5 Mostly True — 4 Occasionally True — 3 Seldom True — 2 Almost Never True — 1 Be honest about your choices, as this will help you to reflect on your strengths and areas that need improvement. If you are not in a leadership position, try to relate each question to similar actions you have taken in the past. Authentic Leadership Survey Scoring.

146. FAKTSA: An Acronym for Remembering Key Resume Enhancers. Printer-Friendly Version by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.

FAKTSA: An Acronym for Remembering Key Resume Enhancers

What are the most important things to remember about writing an effective resume? They can be encapsulated in a six-letter acronym, FAKTSA, in which the letters stand for: FocusAppearanceKeywordsTransferrable SkillsAccomplishments Focus A sharp focus is an extremely important resume element. SENIOR EXECUTIVE Specialize in raising the bar, creating strategy, managing risk, and improving the quality and caliber of operations.

Specific verbiage at the top of your resume is always better than a vague or general wording. Appearance When your resume is seen by the human eye, it needs to catch attention and be simultaneously reader-friendly. Keywords More than 90 percent of resumes are searched for job-specific keywords. Transferable Skills One of the most important concepts you will ever encounter in the job-hunting process is that of transferable job skills. Accomplishments Many resumes are duties-driven when they should be accomplishments-driven. Mindvalley. ReviewofEcotherapy. The Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements.

Prison Reform Trust creating a just, humane and effective penal system. Evolutionary Coaching. Time management. Dyslexia. Study Skills Workshops. Students & teachers have viewed these workshops from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Study Skills Workshops

The Learning and Academic Resources Department encourages you to view the online videos of workshops below to gain tips and learn strategies on a variety of learning and study skills topics! Click the name of the workshop title to watch an engaging session on YouTube; use the handouts and summary sheets links provided below each workshop title for reference and to take notes. Or, if you prefer, you can visit the LAC Multidisciplinary Success Center or the PCC Multidisciplinary Success Center in person to watch the videos and obtain the handouts! 1. Habits of Successful College Students Gives and explains ten habits of successful college students and how to develop/strengthen those habits. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.