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Maslow Self Actualization - unlearn.

Maslow Self Actualization - unlearn.
"Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is." Abraham Maslow Maslow studied healthy people, most psychologists study sick people. The characteristics listed here are the results of 20 years of study of people who had the "full use and exploitation of talents, capacities, potentialities, etc.." Self-actualization implies the attainment of the basic needs of physiological, safety/security, love/belongingness, and self-esteem. Maslow's Basic Principles: The normal personality is characterized by unity, integration, consistency, and coherence. Realistic Realistically oriented, SA persons have a more efficient perception of reality, they have comfortable relations with it. Acceptance Accept themselves, others and the natural world the way they are. Spontaneity, Simplicity, Naturalness Spontaneous in their inner life, thoughts and impulses, they are unhampered by convention. Problem Centering Peak experiences Creativity Related:  mind

brainSCANr Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse and the Narcissist Verbal Abuse Support Page ”I Think I am Having A Nervous Breakdown” That’s what many people say. It’s verbal abuse. Are You The Victim of a Liar? Feeling sane is a matter of feeling in control. The narcissist doesn’t want you in control of your feelings or emotions. But you don’t have to. There are ways to navigate this journey. In myths of old, perilous journeys are metaphors for the trials and tribulations we endure to develop strength. “Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in awful bills.” My new book explains thriving and surviving narcissism in a series of short essays geared to everyone for every occasion a narcissist can bring to the table.Fight or Flight Slow down. Your body is in the fight or flight mode and you feel the physicality of your stress. Women and Madness In the introduction to the 25th Anniversary Edition of her book, Women and Madness, Phyliss Chesler, M.D. writes: Oppression causes bodily changes. A Sense of Entitlement and Domestic Violence Mark Twain

Logical Fallacies and How to Spot Them Logical Fallacies and How to Spot Them In the Evolution vs. Creationism debate, it is important to be able to spot all the logical fallacies that Creationists tend to throw around. THE STRAWMAN ATTACK: The strawman is, perhaps, the most heavily-employed tactic used by Creationists. "Evolution is a ridiculous theory! This is an example of a strawman attack. Spotting a strawman attack isn't that hard. Strawman attacks, once exposed for what they are, are not all that difficult to counter. THE FALSE DILEMMA FALLACY: The false dilemma is at the heart of the Creationist argument. "There are only two solutions for the question of how the Universe was created: the Big Bang, which says that the Universe was formed out of nothing from random chance, or Biblical Creation, which gives us a loving, awesome, caring God who wants us to... Obviously, Creationists love the false dilemma because it makes any hole they find in Evolutionary Theory an automatic proof of Biblical Creation. No logic.

Generic Love Some years ago I was having dinner with my girlfriend, Liz; among other items on my plate was a heaping mound of mashed potatoes. When Liz noticed I had finished eating all of my potatoes, she instantly ladled another scoop onto my plate, without asking. She had done this before, and I felt I needed to say something: "Please don't automatically give me more food without checking first to see if I want more." "Oh. It was a short-lived but friendly relationship, and about six months later she was living happily with a new man, one of my housemates, Steve. Meanwhile, I was formulating a theory about love: it's nothing personal. I began to reflect on my previous relationship, with Cathy. Again, I got it: love is generic. My personal idiosyncrasy in love is that I like for both of us to have the same cute little pet name for each other. With Noodles, it eventually became clear that our generic love styles really didn't match. "Avram, I have a perfect match for your son, a wonderful girl."

Maslow’s Pyramid Gets a Makeover | Smart Journalism. Real Solutions. Miller-McCune. Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs is one of the iconic images of psychology. The simple diagram, first introduced in the 1940s, spells out the underlying motivations that drive our day-to-day behavior and points the way to a more meaningful life. It is elegant, approachable and uplifting. But is it also out of date? That’s the argument of a team of evolutionary psychologists led by Douglas Kenrick of Arizona State University. In the latest issue of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, they propose a revised pyramid, one informed by recent research defining our deep biological drives. Their new formulation is intellectually stimulating, but emotionally deflating. The new pyramid is based on the premise that our strongest and most fundamental impulse, which shapes our day-to-day desires on an unconscious level, is to survive long enough to pass our genes to the next generation. In other words, aside from our powerful brains, we’re pretty much like every other living creature.

Fuzzy Systems - A Tutorial by James F. Brule' (c) Copyright James F. Introduction Fuzzy systems is an alternative to traditional notions of set membership and logic that has its origins in ancient Greek philosophy, and applications at the leading edge of Artificial Intelligence. The Problem: Real-World Vagueness Natural language abounds with vague and imprecise concepts, such as "Sally is tall," or "It is very hot today." While it might be argued that such vagueness is an obstacle to clarity of meaning, only the most staunch traditionalists would hold that there is no loss of richness of meaning when statements such as "Sally is tall" are discarded from a language. For example, when one is designing an expert system to mimic the diagnostic powers of a physician, one of the major tasks i to codify the physician's decision-making process. Historic Fuzziness The precision of mathematics owes its success in large part to the efforts of Aristotle and the philosophers who preceded him. Basic Concepts "Jane is old." X = {x}.

Abusive Governments Home | Main Page on Emotional Abuse Abusive Governments A reader named Wayne wrote me recently and raised the issue of whether governments are abusive. One essential component of an abusive relationship is the ability to stop someone from getting away from you. Being in Eastern Europe for two years now reminds me that the Soviets did not allow people to leave the countries they controlled. Think also of the relationship students have to their schools. Most governments have succeeded in convincing the majority of the people that school is necessary, therefore it is acceptable to hurt, threaten and punish young people who do not attend school. In South America I heard it said that "Te pego porque te amo". But I have never known a child to tell me that they felt loved when they were being hit. This reminds me of Alice Miller's book "For your own good." Many school systems now do the same thing. Traveling around the world has helped me see things more clearly. S. Links

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