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Historyteachers. Ballot Battles: A Cartoon History of Voting Rights (with Lesson Plan) Presenter. DocsTeach. GameUp - BrainPOP. VR Library — HistoryView VR. Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics. Home. Create Free Interactive Timelines – Stories Displayed on Maps. CLIL: Teaching History to Language Learners.

History Games

Journals, Diaries, Letters Lessons. Virtual Tours. Foldables history. StoryBoard. How we revamped school projects to engage students, demonstrate learning, and push 21st century skills. This is a guest post in our Educator Stories series by Maribel Martinez, Education Consultant for Editure/AUSSIE, New York, New York.

How we revamped school projects to engage students, demonstrate learning, and push 21st century skills

The arrival of the Common Core State Standards has set in motion major instructional shifts, revisions in curricula and deliverables, and new expectations for student evaluation, among other major changes in school and classroom practices. In New York City, where my work as an education consultant demands eclecticism within expertise, technology projects and final performance tasks are born when the curriculum drives the innovation. Since Abigail’s goals for the project included student research and writing, she wanted to incorporate a technology application that would allow students to really develop their thoughts instead of just adding captions or short statements to images. Enter Biteslide.

Best of all, nothing is ever lost in Biteslide. 1. 2. 3. “The kids are loving Biteslide!” NBC Learn. U.S. History - Standards of Learning. Back to Instructional Links Engaging Students with Foldables was created by Susie Orr, an elementary social studies specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools.

U.S. History - Standards of Learning

It contains instructional activities using foldable templates that were modeled after the folding techniques of Dinah Zike. These models correlate to specific Virginia SOL objectives and essential knowledge for U.S. ToonDoo - World's fastest way to create cartoons! Creaza. Using Timelines to Teach Language. Timelines appeal to various learning styles, provide an easy explanation for tenses, and are a great way to collect information for graphic organization.

Using Timelines to Teach Language

Timelines can be created from photos or flash cards which the student can then use to play prediction games. Ideas for timelines include the chronicling of a family members or pets life, the history of an event, or plot events from a novel. Cool Online Timeline Tools:Befunky – For Photo EditingTimeToastXTimelineAllofMeSmilewidgetsTimerimeKidmondoVuvox. 10+ Timeline Tools, Resources, and Activities. ESL-Library’s teaching theme for November is: Teaching English Through History “Study the past if you would define the future.” ~ Confucius Teaching students about historical events can get them excited about learning.

10+ Timeline Tools, Resources, and Activities

The trick is to bring history to life and make it more tangible than a textbook offers. - Homepage. Web-based timeline software. Explore and Create Free Timelines. Create timelines, share them on the web. Virtual Tours. Why Virtual Tours Excerpt from Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology: A Practical Guide for Teachers, by Teachers ...

Virtual Tours

Field trips are excellent ways to immerse students in historical evidence by visiting museums, historical sites, author residences, or government buildings. Field trips are also expensive, complicated to organize, and draw students away from their other class responsibilities. Fortunately, if you cannot visit an important site in person, you can often visit the site virtually on the Web. While some online virtual tours consist of static two-dimensional images and text, others contain engaging three-dimensional animations and simulations, panoramic video, and more. The British Broadcasting Corporation has some excellent online virtual tours.

Virtual Tours are excellent vehicles for bringing primary source materials into the classroom, and museums and historical sites are adding more virtual tours to their Web sites. Examples of Virtual Tours. Turning the Pages™, the British Library. Welcome to PrimaryAccess.

28 Tech Tools to Bring out the Story in History. Below is an article I wrote for

28 Tech Tools to Bring out the Story in History

For the full article complete with links, please visit the original article. Kelly Tenkely | TheApple. History Calendar for iPad (free) Here — Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines. Presentations and Activities. Presentations look across the American Memory collections to investigate curricular themes.

Presentations and Activities

They include historical background, helping to tell the story behind the theme. American Memory TimelineA comprehensive look at America's history, through primary sources... a teacher's wish, come true! TeachersStudents (Gr. 8- 12) The Branding of AmericaWhat are "brand name" products? Why do they endure over the years? ElectionsHow have elections changed over time? TeachersStudents (Gr. 5- 12) Fill up the CanvasWhat was the historical significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition? TeachersStudents (Gr. 4-12) From Fantasy to FlightUse these Resources from the Library of Congress documenting the history of flight the dreams, fantasies, experimentation and inventions that came before and after the historic achievement of the Wright brothers.

Content and Language Integrated Learning: Blend Language Learning with History. Best of History Web Sites. Interactive Learning Tool. Create interactive flash tools / games for education. 'Fakebook'! Create a Fake Facebook Profile Wall using this generator. Site Search / Top Activities. Create interactive tools / games for education. TimeMap of World History Student Edition Free Trial. TimeMaps - World History TimeMap. The map as history : a multimedia atlas of world history with animated historical maps. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Amy Burvall.