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EcoBlockchain Technical Architecture

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Introduction · Staking STRATIS on a Raspberry Pi. Situational Intelligence for asset intensive industries. Enter situational intelligence, a proven approach to uniting data from across an organization and providing the context needed for fast, confident decision-making.

Situational Intelligence for asset intensive industries

Situational intelligence is about correlating, analyzing and visualizing disparate data, and identifying, out of a massive amount of data, the assets, issues and resources that require attention. Data from enterprise (ERP, CRM, etc.), operational (meters, devices, sensors, etc.) and external (weather, social media, fires, etc.) systems is accessed, analyzed and presented to users to bring attention to, and facilitate an understanding of, a situation that requires decisions to be made and action to be taken. Strategies for integrating semantic and blockchain technologies. Making Learning Awesome! - Kahoot! Haadcode/orbit: Distributed, serverless, peer-to-peer chat application on IPFS. Qri. What FOIA might look like under the Trump administration. The Role of the Knowledge Centre in Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management - Article - ManagementSite.

The Role of the Knowledge Centre in Knowledge ManagementThe failings of decentralised knowledge facilitation.

The Role of the Knowledge Centre in Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management - Article - ManagementSite

Choosing the opposite direction.Boyd Hendriks Introduction Decentralised knowledge facilitation The Knowledge Centre The work of the Knowledge Centre Knowledge service levels The first steps introduction What would it mean to you if, needing knowledge for your work, a project, or to develop an idea, you just had to step through one door to have your wishes made reality? Can you imagine this door being open for you not only during office hours, but it being virtual as well, reachable via your companys intranet, even from home? Decentralised knowledge facilitation Over the last few years information vendors have offered companies access to well-structured, easily searchable on-line databases. Scherzo.

Hexagon Geospatial. Poster iswc2016. Untitled. Osm data in gis formats free. Planet.gpx. Image visualising the GPX data.


Click for a larger version including comments on some features of the data planet.gpx was a new data download offered alongside planet.osm, this time with all the GPS data OpenStreetMap holds. The latest version is now from 2013. GDAL: GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library. CI types1s 2 - Collective intelligence - Wikipedia. 5stardataportals. A website gathering examples for the 5 stars of Open Data Portals The 5 stars ★ A dataset registry A list of links towards datasets that are openly licensed ★★ A metadata provider Make sure the authentic sources inside your organisation are adding the right metadata fields (e.g., according to dcat). ★★★ A cocreation platform.


Spreading the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Semantic Technology Research Projects - Ontotext. Beaglebone - .[ZooBaB]. Felixpalmer. Earth System Science Pathfinder. The Earth System Science Pathfinder (ESSP) Program is a science-driven Program designed to provide an innovative approach to Earth science research by providing periodic, competitively selected opportunities to accommodate new and emergent scientific priorities.

Earth System Science Pathfinder

ESSP Projects include developmental, high-return Earth Science missions including advanced remote sensing instrument approaches to achieve these priorities, and often involve partnerships with other U.S. agencies and/or with international science and space organizations. These Projects are capable of supporting a variety of scientific objectives related to Earth science, including the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, polar ice regions and solid earth.

Projects include development and operation of space missions, space-based remote sensing instruments for missions of opportunity, and airborne science missions, and the conduct of science research utilizing data from these missions. Contact ESSP. Caretakers — IPDB - Interplanetary Database Foundation. IPDB relies on a federated consensus model.

Caretakers — IPDB - Interplanetary Database Foundation

Transactions are validated by caretaker organizations. The caretakers that run validating nodes are members of the association and responsible for the governance of the organization. They will also elect a board of directors responsible for the day-to-day operations of the IPDB Foundation. We've assembled a group of nodes who will work together to build a free, decentralized and open internet - organizations who were already looking out for the internet and have a long-standing commitment to the decentralized web. Chainpoint - Blockchain Proof Protocol. Eth(Embedded) – Ethereum Clients on Embedded Devices. 5 Essential Ethereum Dapp Tools. Getting started writing dapps is hard.

5 Essential Ethereum Dapp Tools

You've got a lot of moving pieces, and half of them are in beta release. It's great because you can make a huge impact as an early adopter, but being a pioneer you sacrifice the convince you'll find in more mature spaces. This article should give you some understanding of the key technologies currently in the Ethereum space. Having a general understanding of the Ethereum development ecosystem will save you a lot of headaches when building dapps. Public Input Period Now Open for the Next 10-year Federal Ocean Research Plan – National Oceanographic Partnership Program. The Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (SOST), under the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), is requesting written input on the structure and content of its upcoming 10-year ocean research plan (tentatively titled “Ocean Research in the Coming Decade”).

Public Input Period Now Open for the Next 10-year Federal Ocean Research Plan – National Oceanographic Partnership Program

This new Plan will supersede the NSTC’s “Charting the Course for Ocean Science in the United States for the Next Decade: An Ocean Research Priorities Plan and Implementation Strategy,” that was published in 2007 and updated in 2013. The Plan will describe the most pressing research questions and most promising areas of opportunity within the ocean science and technology (S&T) enterprise for the coming decade. It will set the stage for actions across Federal agencies and with non-Federal entities to address societal needs and issues of national importance. A public input period on the Plan is open now until January 1, 2017. Blockchain 101: Quick-start guide for developers. How to set up a blockchain network and start coding Develop on the IBM Cloud -- free for 30 days You get 2GB of runtime and container memory, access to provision up to 10 cloud services, and free help desk support!

Blockchain 101: Quick-start guide for developers

Give Bluemix a try and start building and testing a blockchain network in one click with the Blockchain Starter Developer plan. Join the blockchain revolution! This developerWorks quick-start guide is for application developers who are new to blockchain technology and want to quickly get started with building and piloting blockchain networks. Before you begin. Image 2016-12-28 at 5.13.08 AM.png. SA systems pre print lundberg.

Climate Quest

Tools. Metadata and The Semantic Web. Koby’s Big Data Predictions for 2013. 7 Reasons why the Algorithmic Business will Change Society. The world around us is changing so rapidly, that even the hype big data is already outdated.

7 Reasons why the Algorithmic Business will Change Society

Big data is nothing new any more and by now we all know that more data is coming our way, rapidly. But in big data itself is no value at all. Choosing Functional Programming for Our Game - Mooi Studios. In the last couple of months I have been learning how to program. The decision to sit down and learn how to code came inevitably despite my enormous efforts to avoid it up until now. As I mentioned in my previous posts, my plate is already full with 3D graphics, game design, marketing and business stuff, etc. Hello World - Vanadium. IBM 2016 IBM Cognitive Colloquium. GLAHF Explorer. Communications - The U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Google Online Security Blog: Project Wycheproof. Posted by Daniel Bleichenbacher, Security Engineer and Thai Duong, Security Engineer We’re excited to announce the release of Project Wycheproof, a set of security tests that check cryptographic software libraries for known weaknesses.

Private Multi-Party Machine Learning (NIPS 2016 Workshop) Secure Function Evaluation (SFE) allows an interested party to evaluate a function over private data without learning anything about the inputs other than the outcome of this computation. This offers a strong privacy guarantee: SFE enables, e.g., a medical researcher, a statistician, or a data analyst, to conduct a study over private, sensitive data, without jeopardizing the privacy of the study's participants (patients, online users, etc.). Nevertheless, applying SFE to “big data” poses several challenges. First, beyond any computational overheads due to encryptions and decryptions, executing an algorithm securely may lead to a polynomial blowup in the total work (i.e., number of computation steps) compared to execution in the clear.

Ecoblockchain/libmacaroons: Macaroons are flexible authorization credentials that support decentralized delegation, attenuation, and verification. SC16 attendees get front-row seats to updated software solutions and renderers. Kitware and Intel® updated the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) and ParaView as well as OpenSWR and OSPRay to push the Software Defined Visualization initiative. The work builds on efforts by Kitware, Intel® and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) to integrate OpenSWR and OSPRay with VTK and ParaView. “VTK and ParaView offer open-source solutions for analyzing and visualizing data, which the OpenSWR and OSPRay renderers enhance,” said David DeMarle, a lead developer of VTK at Kitware.

“The combination of the solutions with the renderers provides an especially powerful path toward visualizing extreme-scale scientific problems with massive supercomputers.” SAMOA: A Platform for Mining Big Data Streams by Gianmarco De Francisci Morales. Apache SAMOA. Amazon. Open311: Explained. Apache Jena - Home. The AI Programmer's Bookshelf. CARTO — Predict through location. Argumenta. Web Bluetooth. Untitled. OGC Information Technology Standards for Sustainable Development white paper announced. 9 March 2015. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) membership has approved the OGC® Information Technology Standards for Sustainable Development white paper. This important document for environmental science, business and policy is available free at An integrated information technology (IT) standards platform for communicating digital environmental data is a critical requirement for social and economic progress in the “Anthropocene Epoch”, the current era in which humanity's expanding footprint has become the main cause of change in the planet's geology, water bodies, atmosphere and biosphere.

Measuring and managing our impact on the Earth requires constant and widespread communication and integration of spatial environmental information. The volume of environmental data flowing from sensors, satellites, citizens, models etc. grows exponentially. OGC Information Technology Standards for Sustainable Development white paper announced. RM-ODP: A Critical Enabler for Sustainable Development.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals will require developing, collecting, publishing, assessing, accessing, sharing, aggregating and analyzing a huge variety -- and huge amount -- of data. Environmental Justice and Democracy Failures at the Heart of Flint’s Water Crisis. Rising Tides in the United States. A.i and machine learning mind map. Untitled.