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VP Business Development + Senior Technologist, Cyberneticist Bosman Utd Future Corp 15+ years restoring & improving the health of social & natural capital systems through generative design principles.A lifelong artist, musician, technologist, engineer Internet Of Things, A.I, Machine Learning, Full-Stack Telecommunications, Distributed, Decentralized Systems, Blockchain Architecture, FinTech, A.R, I.R, Photogrammetry, Projection Mapping, 360 Video, Cybernetics, Social Science R&D Unique & hybrid programs, business solutions & training

Situational Intelligence for asset intensive industries. Enter situational intelligence, a proven approach to uniting data from across an organization and providing the context needed for fast, confident decision-making.

Situational Intelligence for asset intensive industries

Situational intelligence is about correlating, analyzing and visualizing disparate data, and identifying, out of a massive amount of data, the assets, issues and resources that require attention. Data from enterprise (ERP, CRM, etc.), operational (meters, devices, sensors, etc.) and external (weather, social media, fires, etc.) systems is accessed, analyzed and presented to users to bring attention to, and facilitate an understanding of, a situation that requires decisions to be made and action to be taken. Examples of a situation: A storm is approaching. What assets, equipment and customers will be affected? Situational intelligence provides 360-degree insight into these situations, arming users with the understanding of what, where, when, why and how the situation occurred, is occurring now, or might occur in the future.

Emma Lazarus - Statue Of Liberty National Monument (U.S. National Park Service) Born on July 22, 1849 in New York City to a wealthy sugar refining family of Portuguese Sephardic Jewish descent, Emma Lazarus was the poet who wrote "The New Colossus.

Emma Lazarus - Statue Of Liberty National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)

" Aside from writing, Lazarus was also involved in charitable work for refugees. At Ward's Island, she worked as an aide for Jewish immigrants who had been detained by Castle Garden immigration officials. She was deeply moved by the plight of the Russian Jews she met there and these experiences influenced her writing. In 1883, William Maxwell Evarts and author Constance Cary Harrison asked Lazarus to compose a sonnet for the "Art Loan Fund Exhibition in Aid of the Bartholdi Pedestal Fund for the Statue of Liberty" - an art and literary auction to raise funds for the Statue's pedestal run by the American Committee for the Statue of Liberty.

National Park Service, Statue of Liberty NM A book containing the poem "The New Colossus"

Sound Collective

HR. Accelerators. Data Science Careers. Successful Environmental Projects. Sonofication. Climate Quest. Citizen Science Labs. Education. Public Art Installations. Revenue Use Cases (Grants) Urbinsight – Ecocity Builders. The Urbinsight project is defined by partnerships at multiple levels.

Urbinsight – Ecocity Builders

Community: Our primary focus is to identify a Community Based Organization who can lead and inform the community engagement process. Institutional: We look towards working with education institutions and partners to implement curriculum related to participatory research and geographic information systems. Municipal: City level partners are instrumental in providing us with data and information to help guide and frame the ground level analysis which the communities contribute to. Global: Our goal is to create cross city analysis to identify best practices globally that can empower citizens worldwide to create sustainable changes in their or urban context.

Community Building

Hackathons. Dot Blockchain Music. EcoBlockchain Technical Architecture. Messaging Best Practices Guide. Presence Information about presence lets users know how quickly to expect a reply.

Messaging Best Practices Guide

When the other party is present in the conversation, users on average wait a bit longer to see if the typing indicator is going to appear. This translates into longer sessions with more engagement, and often results in a tighter loop of communication. Present in Application Green, yellow, red dot. This type of presence indicator is also useful in scenarios where the user eventually transitions from asynchronous messaing to a synchronous voice or video call.

Active or Last Seen The ‘last seen’ information shows when a user has most recently opened the application. Present in the Conversation. First Grant: $5,000.00 for API Libraries – IOTAtangle – Medium. At the Foundation, our main priority is to support the growth and development of IOTA and its ecosystem.

First Grant: $5,000.00 for API Libraries – IOTAtangle – Medium

Now that the core of IOTA is finalized, it’s time to (finally) open up IOTA for developers and unleash the amazing new projects that will be enabled by it. To kickstart this process, the Foundation will establish the first official development grant of $5,000.00. These $5,000.00 will be dedicated towards the development and testing of core API libraries, as well as the creation of simple Proof of Concepts that utilize these libraries. This should help developers get accustomed to IOTA and easily start integrating IOTA into their projects. Currently, we have initiated the development of the Javascript, C#, Java and Python libraries.


Smart Cities. Data Visualization. Cybernetics. Conservation Coaching and Training. Blockchain R&D. Standards. Disaster Preparation, Mitigation & Response.

Shuttleworth Foundation Funding Social Innovation. Web 3.0. Computational Thinking. Interdisciplinary Scientific R&D. Internet Of Things.

Social Capital

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning.