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Climate Change

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Climate change subtitles. Global Warmin 101 subtitles. What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. Climate scientists tend not to report climate results in whole temperatures. Instead, they talk about how the annual temperature departs from an average, or baseline. They call these departures "anomalies.

" They do this because temperature anomalies are more consistent in an area than absolute temperatures are. For example, the absolute temperature atop the Empire State Building may be different by several degrees than the absolute temperature at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Before the Flood (2016) Movie Script. 1 My first visual memories are of this framed poster above my crib.

Before the Flood (2016) Movie Script

I would stare at it every night before I went to bed. My father was an underground comic distributor. He's always been this sort of Zelig of the counterculture as I like to call him. Having painted in Warhol's studio, being roomies with Lou Reed, he knew R. Crumb and all these great artists of his generation. 7 Key Scenes in Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Film 'Before the Flood' By Leo Hickman Before the Flood, a new feature-length documentary presented and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is released in cinemas today.

7 Key Scenes in Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Film 'Before the Flood'

The Oscar-winning actor and environmentalist has spent the past three years asking a wide variety of people around the world about climate change. His collection of interviews in the film—ranging from President Obama and the Pope through to Elon Musk and Piers Sellars—cover the science, impacts, vested interests, politics and possible solutions. Leonardo DiCaprio visits the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center to discuss Earth science with Piers Sellers.NASA / Goddard/ Rebecca Roth Carbon Brief was invited to the European premiere of Before the Flood last weekend. "Before The Flood is the product of an incredible three-year journey that took place with my co-creator and director Fisher Stevens. Here, Leo Hickman, Carbon Brief's editor, identifies seven key scenes in Before the Flood… Before the flood worksheet. Before the Flood - The science is clear, the future is not.

Climate change glossary. How does adaptation differ from mitigation?

Climate change glossary

And what is REDD? The jargon of climate change can be hard to grasp. Use this glossary to decode it. Adaptation Action that helps cope with the effects of climate change - for example construction of barriers to protect against rising sea levels, or conversion to crops capable of surviving high temperatures and drought. Adaptation fund A fund for projects and programmes that help developing countries cope with the adverse effects of climate change.

Annex I countries The industrialised countries (and countries in transition to a market economy) which took on obligations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Annex II Countries which have a special obligation under the Kyoto Protocol to provide financial resources and transfer technology to developing countries. Anthropogenic climate change Man-made climate change - climate change caused by human activity as opposed to natural processes. CO2 See carbon dioxide. The Best Sites To Learn About Climate Change. My latest student interactive for ELLs at the NY Times is on climate change.

The Best Sites To Learn About Climate Change

It introduces students to the problem, and it also teaches them about the “Five W’s” – who, what, where, when and why. A writing prompt is included. I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of related online resources that are accessible to English Language Learners. I also have a number of links on The Best Sites To Introduce Environmental Issues Into The Classroom, and won’t be duplicating them here. So you might want to check-out that list, too. What is climate change? Media playback is unsupported on your device BBC News looks at what we know and don't know about the Earth's changing climate.

What is climate change?

What is climate change? The planet's climate has constantly been changing over geological time. The global average temperature today is about 15C, though geological evidence suggests it has been much higher and lower in the past. However, the current period of warming is occurring more rapidly than many past events. Pre-Intermediate English Listening - Taking Action on Climate Change.