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Together we can reshape Queensland's environmental laws. Shouldn't you be able to protect the things you love?

Together we can reshape Queensland's environmental laws

What do you do if the law is too weak to help you? Too often I have to give clients the bad news that the law won't help them. Too often I have to advise them they don't have any effective rights. Recently Sam, a 70-year-old Southern-Queensland grazier, with health affected by constant dust from a nearby coal mine, contacted Environmental Defenders Office Queensland for legal advice. Last year was officially the hottest on record. Climate Central The final numbers are in: 2014 is officially the hottest year on record in the past 135 years, NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced Friday.

Last year was officially the hottest on record

Rosz Craig on Pinterest. Why Sharks Are Important to Islands. Sharks need our help.

Why Sharks Are Important to Islands

Many of the 509 species swimming in the ocean today are not equipped to withstand the growing number of human-related threats they face. Because sharks grow slowly, are late to mature, and produce few young, they are especially vulnerable to overfishing and slow to recover from depletion. The demand for fins and other shark products has driven a number of populations closer to extinction.

In May 2014, the British Virgin Islands took a leading role among Caribbean governments by creating a shark and ray sanctuary in its exclusive economic zone. Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal. On Wednesday, Queensland’s parliament passed water reform legislation that will make it easier to take and use water, particularly for large mining and agriculture projects.

Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal

The state government also recently announced it will support infrastructure in the Galilee Basin, particularly the development of the Carmichael coal mine proposed by Indian coal company Adani. Ask AMP to demand OceanaGold to drop the lawsuit against El Salvador. Chronic impairment of bumblebee natural foraging behaviour induced by sublethal pesticide exposure - Gill - 2014 - Functional Ecology. Bayer's bee-killing pesticides are killing birds too. A terrifying new study has found that the exact same pesticides causing the massive global bee die-off are now killing birds as well.

Bayer's bee-killing pesticides are killing birds too

The bee die-off has been happening so fast that scientists are scrambling to detect all the impacts. This new study finds that neonic pesticides are killing warblers, swallows, starlings, and thrushes nearly as fast as the bees -- at current rates, 35% of the bird population will disappear just 10 years in the areas studied. We need to get these toxic pesticides off the market before they cause a new “silent spring” -- and our efforts are gaining momentum.

In Europe, there’s a moratorium on bee and bird-killing neonics. Carbon price gone, but never dead. Barring a complete balls-up Australia’s emissions cap and trade scheme, which required firms to pay a fee to pollute, will soon be gone.

Carbon price gone, but never dead

But it is not dead and buried for while you can repeal legislation, you cannot kill an idea. Nor can you cover-up the scientific reality of global warming. Maules Creek. Right now, mining giant Whitehaven Coal is sending in an army of bulldozers to flatten the ancient Leard State Forest.

Maules Creek

It’s home to countless native animals hibernating for winter, but could soon become a monster new coal mine. Politicians have decided to cozy up to Big Coal and all but ignore the devastating impact this coal mine would have on locals, native animals, and our global climate. We cannot let this go unchallenged. Top 10 reasons why Carmichael mega mine is a REALLY bad idea. If current plans go ahead, Australians may become familiar with the words ‘Adani’ and ‘Carmichael’ for all the wrong reasons.

Top 10 reasons why Carmichael mega mine is a REALLY bad idea

Comprised of six open-cut pits and five underground mines, the mine would require a rail corridor through farmland and would produce so much coal to be shipped abroad that it’s driving the mega-port expansion in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. 1. A Rational Fear: The Reef - video. Climate Council.

Make a donation · Donate · Australian Marine Conservation Society. Climate Council. Stop the Killing of The Only 400 Protected Agile Wallabies in South Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia. Fight for the Reef. Trading water for fuel is fracking crazy. Drought and fracking have already caused some small communities in Texas to run out of water altogether, and parts of California are headed for the same fate.

Trading water for fuel is fracking crazy

(Credit: Merinda Brayfield) By David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington, Senior Editor It would be difficult to live without oil and gas. But it would be impossible to live without water. Yet, in our mad rush to extract and sell every drop of gas and oil as quickly as possible, we're trading precious water for fossil fuels. Keep Oil Exploration Out of Virunga National Park. Killers on the loose: how Australia ignores science to cull vulnerable sharks. Where Russian premier Vladimir Putin totes a high-powered rifle, Western Australian premier Colin Barnett totes a giant barbed hook.

Killers on the loose: how Australia ignores science to cull vulnerable sharks

One is to bears as the other is to sharks. Playing up the ancient fear of monsters of the deep, Barnett responded to a series of fatal shark attacks last year by setting up drums trailing chains with baited hooks to catch, shoot and dump sharks of more than three metres length out at sea. Orangutans under attack. Sea Shepherd Releases Raw Footage: Yushin Maru No. 3 Hits The Bob Barker. February 2, 2014 Monday February 3, 2014 – Following yesterday’s attack from the three harpoon vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet on the Sea Shepherd ships The Bob Barker and The Steve Irwin, Sea Shepherd has released compelling footage that clearly depicts the Yushin Maru No. 3 instigating the collision and hitting the starboard side of The Bob Barker.

The harpoon vessel was crossing the bow and steering into The Bob Barker, attempting to foul their propellers in one of 86 such assaults that day. The Yushin Maru No.3 hit the conservation ship at high speed, causing damage to the starboard side bow of the Sea Shepherd vessel. Fight for the Reef. Fight for the Reef. Three simple steps for making your submission: read the introduction below, pick the protections you'd like to see introduced using the checkboxes in the form and add your personal message.

Your message introduction: Thank you for the opportunity to make my submission to the Great Barrier Reef Strategic Assessment. I am very concerned that the health of the Great Barrier Reef is declining and will continue to do so without urgent government action for its protection. Current management practices have not been enough to protect the reef from human impacts. Recent changes to Queensland laws, including land clearing in some reef catchments and reducing safeguards for coastal zones, will only make matters much worse.

India Declares Dolphins "Non-Human Persons", Dolphin shows BANNED. Dr Goodall - Don't Shoot Bats. They need our help to make Monsanto come clean on GMOs. Lions are on the brink of extinction in West Africa. Lions are iconic symbols of Africa yet they are in serious jeopardy of being completely erased from the environment. Panthera, a nonprofit conservation organization, recorded lion populations in 17 countries in West Africa over the course of six years. Their findings were shocking: There are only about 400 male lions in the wild in West Africa, and only 250 of them are of breeding age. Their report was published in PLOS One. There isn’t a noticeable physical difference between lion populations throughout Africa but there are genetic differences that set them apart.

Losing these lions means a decline in biodiversity. Call on Indonesia's president to reject the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem. Plastic waste in the Thames will devastate marine life, report warns. An unseen stream of plastic rubbish flowing along the bed of the river Thames and out into the North Sea will have far-reaching effects on marine life, a new report indicates. Scientists from the Natural History Museum and Royal Holloway, University of London, collected rubbish over a three-month period at the end of 2012 from seven locations along the river bed of the upper Thames estuary, between Crossness and Broadness Point. The team netted 8,490 items including plastic cigarette packaging, food wrapping and cups that may have been blown or washed into the river down storm drains.

More than 20% of waste was made up of sanitary products such as pads and plastic backing strips, which had most likely been flushed straight down the toilet. Save the Cassowary. Greg Hunt: Dredge dump 'no threat' to Reef. Protect Costa Rica's rainforests: Tell Infinito Gold to drop the $1b lawsuit. Save the Cassowary. Australian Marine Conservation Society. Marine reserves help fish resist climate change invaders. Southeast Australia is an ocean warming “hotspot” – a region where temperature at the ocean’s surface is increasing more rapidly than elsewhere. That means this part of Australia is like an outdoor laboratory for understanding nature’s response to climate change. In research published this week in Nature Climate Change, we found that marine reserves in this regional “hotspot” are important in reducing the effects of climate change on different species.

As oceans warm, subtropical species migrate into temperate regions. A petition to Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee & Sochi Olympic Organising Committee · Demand that the IOC stop the Sochi 2014 wild Orca display. 'The ocean is broken' Wasted: Bagfuls of dead fish were thrown overboard, a by-product of the hunt for tuna. Photo: Ivan Macfadyen It was the silence that made this voyage different from all of those before it. Northern Dynasty Minerals are threatening the world's last wild salmon. Australia Authorizing Destruction of Great Barrier Reef. By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown When Captain Cook almost literally stumbled upon Australia’s Great Barrier Reef—it reached upward and clenched his ship—its size awed him. This Is Why We Should All Love Bats. Another property saved in the Daintree.

DONATE NOW. Save the bees from Bayer. This horrible thing is about to happen to one of the world’s oldest forests. Feature Story - 30 October, 2013 Quick quiz: what do the habitats of threatened koalas, rich food bowls, vital water catchments and healthy farming communities have in common? Leard State Forest in north-west New South Wales near the mining town of Boggabri.

Why We Need to Help Save the Orangutan - Rainforest Rescue. Ghost Nets Australia. Show and Tell 2025. Save the Arctic - Free our Activists. There are seven billion of us on our planet. Sweden Needs More Trash, Because It Has Turned All It's Got Into Energy. Tony Abbott will doom future generations if he ditches carbon tax. Australia rips up climate-change policies - environment - 10 September 2013. Is geoengineering a silver bullet for climate change? Save The Orangutan Indonesia - Habitat for Survival Project - Rainforest Rescue. Build a New Bat World Sanctuary. Red coral videos, photos and facts - Corallium rubrum. Victorian National Parks Association / Nature Conservation / Take action / Private development push threatens Victoria's national parks.

New report puts lie to military claims of 'clean, green' war games in Great Barrier Reef. Mobile industry tackles tin problems after Friends of the Earth campaign. Friends of the Earth Australia. Koalas killed to make paper in Japan and China. Our reef brief. Email Queensland's Premier and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Tell electricity and fuel companies that you will refuse to buy native forest derived bioenergy! Help support our bold plan to save the bees.

The Rising Tide – Leaders Must Act Now. Fight for the Reef. 18 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags. 18 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags. Save the Tarkine. LNP tree clearing plans too much for some to bear. Help stop Australia's shark fin trade · Shark finning · Australian Marine Conservation Society. MEDIA RELEASE - Flying fox relocation a waste of time and money - CAFNEC. Is Musk’s Tesla dream coming true? Shop - Free the Bears.Org. Greenpeace Australia Pacific. John West commits to ending destrcutive fishing practices.

Coal threat to Reef gets international attention. The Republican war on science. Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S. Putting 100% renewables on the table. 100 Most Threatened & Endangered Species. Biological detergent. Orange Power's Laundry Liquid Will Leave You With A Clean Conscience. A Good Guide To Reducing Household Toxins.