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Free Cross Stitch Pattern Maker. Extreme Makeover: Repaint Your Bike Edition - Uncommon Flock. DIY Wall Art: Dreamy Letters. Wall art featuring a special quote or song lyrics is a great DIY project.

DIY Wall Art: Dreamy Letters

The words can be very personal like a line from your wedding song or just for fun like what I've done here. In this DIY project, I'll show you how to make these dreamy watercolor letters to spell out anything you like. Here are the supplies you'll need: large canvas board like thiswatercolor paintslarge flat watercolor paint brushwatercolor paperalphabet stencilscissorsgluewater and paper towels Think about the length of the quote when buying the canvas board and stencil. First, decide on a color scheme. Add a second color starting on top of the first one to blend it in. Now just wait for it to dry and flip it over to stencil your quote. Next, cut out the letters. DIY: Make Your Own Comic Book Flats.

DIY Presents. Entertaining, event planning and design that celebrates life: Teacher Gift. Few people enter our home and see this simple wall hanging without stopping to read it.

Entertaining, event planning and design that celebrates life: Teacher Gift

Some have even asked to photograph it. It’s simply a photocopied page in a book that my husband found inspiring. For us, art doesn’t have to be expensive, but if it’s going to hang on our walls, it should be meaningful, sentimental. It can be printed on card stock, book cloth or fabric. Follow the links for full tutorials! Share your favorite book or quote in this unique way as a thank you to a teacher, mentor or inspiration for a recent graduate. Acrylic Paint Transfer. Supplies needed: Acrylic dabbers, photocopy of an image, water spritzer bottle, paintbrush, card stock, craft sheet and heat tool (optional) Take the lid off the dabbers and brush the paint onto the card stock, ensure you get a good coverage Take your photocopied image ( remember that you will get a reverse of the image, so don't use bold words), flip it over and place it in the acrylic.

Acrylic Paint Transfer

Lightly press it down making sure it's smooth and not wrinkled Leave to air dry for at least 15 minutes and then if you wish give it a blast with the heat tool Only move onto this step when you are sure your paint is completely dryTake your water filled spritzer bottle, spray the back of the paper no more than two squirts, you don't want it too wet Next start to rub the paper very gently with your finger Keep rubbing and extra spritzing if you need too Eventually you will get rid of all the paper, but it does take a bit of patience as you have to be careful not to wet it too much and rub the image away. KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN. Photo credit: post designed by lauren conrad It’s official.


Spring has arrived. That means it’s time to shed those layers and show some skin. Unfortunately, our limbs have been hiding all winter long and may not be looking their prettiest. To bring dull skin back to life, try this refreshing body scrub. What you will need: 5 tablespoons sea salt 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 lemon First mix the olive oil and sea salt together. XO Lauren. Simple Beauty: Hawaiian Coffee Scrub. It's almost sandal season...

Simple Beauty: Hawaiian Coffee Scrub

Coffee is an excellent base for an exfoliating body scrub. While sugar and salt are all the rage, I’m a girl in love with her coffee [I wake up every day simply to get my hands on a hot mug of it]. My favorite pick me up. Pampering yourself is important and it dosen’t have to cost a fortune. With a few simple ingredients from your kitchen, you can whip up your very own body scrub. Why Coffee? Coffee is widely used for spa treatments in Bali and Hawaii. Even if it doesn’t erase your varicose veins, the delicious smell and coarse texture of coffee works perfectly for this recipe. Diy: delicious cinnamon & sugar lip scrub. DIY Beauty. Always Chrysti - Always Chrysti - 100+ Ways to Creatively Reuse Old Magazines.


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