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Wooden Gems. Try This: Wooden Gems Today's tutorial will set you back a couple of bucks and ten minutes, and in the end, you'll have a handful of little gemstones ready for whatever projects your imagination can scheme up.

Wooden Gems

Read on for the easy step-by-step and few ideas for how to put these little beauties to use. MATERIALS: wooden rectangles, pencil, fine tip paint brush, craft paints in colors of your choosing, black, and white ONE: Begin by sketching the facet lines as shown. They don't have to be perfect. TWO: Mix up six shades of the color of your choosing using black and white paint.

THREE: Use the fine tip brush to carefully paint inside your sketched facet lines. Try out some other colors and use them in all sorts of, keychains, napkin rings. Make a Yoda Hat: Tutorial. Home » $1 and Free, cheap crafts, Gifts to Make, Headline, Kids, Tutorials, Wearable Crafts 3 August 2009 52,262 views 33 Comments.

Make a Yoda Hat: Tutorial

Candy Wrapper Pouch Tutorial {Guest Post from Punkin Patterns} Vanessa from Punkin Patterns created a Sweet Tooth Pouch that’s SUPER CUTE!

Candy Wrapper Pouch Tutorial {Guest Post from Punkin Patterns}

12 Simple Sewing Patterns for Spring {DIY Fashion} I love Spring and it’s the perfect time to create a little something special for yourself…something with bright, cheerful colors to wear with those cute sandals.

12 Simple Sewing Patterns for Spring {DIY Fashion}

Spring rocks and so do these simple sewing patterns. They will work for any skill level…don’t shy away if you’re a beginner! Take a sheet and turn it into a maxi skirt! This is an awesome idea…one I tried a couple years ago and totally need to do again. Easy Peasy Skirt with Pockets {Sewing Tutorial} Hi, I’m Vanessa from Punkin Patterns.

Easy Peasy Skirt with Pockets {Sewing Tutorial}

I’m excited to be back here today on Everything Etsy to share with you this great tutorial.Spring is upon us and it’s time to make some skirts! Skirts can be an easy addition to your wardrobe and easy on the wallet too — especially if YOU make it. These skirts have great, deep pockets. So useful and practical. Felt Bows {Simple Packaging Ideas} Make This - Beaded Stars - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This? These tiny beaded stars are beautiful in their simplicity.

Make This - Beaded Stars - Luxe DIY - How Did You Make This?

The motif can be used in a variety of ways – from a single star on a chain to dozens as a charm necklace. Make them in soft colors like these for understated day wear or in metallic beads for sparkling night-out looks. After a bit of practice you can make one in just a few minutes. Supplies: - seed beads – size 15 are shown, but this will scale to any size seed bead - beading thread – OO Nymo or as appropriate - beading needle - pointy scissors Thread the needle, work with the thread doubled.

Stitch through them to make a loop, and then through them one more time. String on 5 more beads. Repeat that all the way around. Stitch up through 2 beads you added in the last row. Skip the third bead in that loop, and go through the remaining 2. Go through the bead in the original loop, then repeat this for all of the remaining points. Easy cheap realistic eyeballs!!!!!! I got this thing, I don’t really like to get screwed pricewise when I get Halloween anything.

Easy cheap realistic eyeballs!!!!!!

Cheap is good in my books, and a lot of the stuff a person makes themselves ends up better and more satisfying than what you can buy outright. I thought to myself, “self, I need a jar of realistic looking eyes.” Easy to Make: Hot or Cold Therapy Rice Bags. Kids are back in school, it’s finally starting to cool off a bit and TV is about to get good again.

Easy to Make: Hot or Cold Therapy Rice Bags

Blog Archive » GOLD LEAF PAPER MACHE BOWLS. So, I think this might be my favorite DIY to date.


Shark Hoodie Towel. I have made the hoodie towels before, but I wanted to share this one with you as well.

Shark Hoodie Towel

We have a little friend who likes princesses, well enough, but she really likes construction sites, sharks and blue too. Her birthday is coming up, so I give you… 1 bath towel steel gray1 hand towel steel graysmall amount of pellon VERY thin one-side fusible interfacingsmall amount of white terry cloth.thread (white and shark gray) Tools: craft scissorsfabric scissors The full tutorial for the towel is here. Here, I laid out a paper fin pattern on the top of the hood. (Note, the hood on this towel is rounded rather than being squared off. ) Next, cut the stabilizer for the fin slightly smaller than the terry cloth to allow for the seams. (I sewed this on the serger. For the teeth, I had strip of white terry. Finish both of the bottom edges. (if you don’t have a serger – just zig zag the edges.) Stemware Snow Globes. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2011 | Comments: 51 Inexpensive stemware from IKEA are easily converted into interesting snow globes… Small plastic reindeer (picked up at Michaels for a few dollars) are caught in a winter scene under glass.

You can also check resale shops for lone stemware pieces.

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