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Con las Manos en la Aguja: COSTURAÑO 2.016 NOVIEMBRE - Reciclando Vaqueros (Recycling Jeans): Como ya sólo os quedan 2 Retos por cumplir, he decidido que el Penúltimo correspondiente a este mes sea algo Creativo, Divertido, y sobre todo Variado.

Con las Manos en la Aguja: COSTURAÑO 2.016 NOVIEMBRE - Reciclando Vaqueros (Recycling Jeans):

Me uno al movimiento DIY - Recycling y os dejo "carta blanca" a vuestra imaginación para que mostréis vuestros trabajos utilizando tela de antiguas prendas vaqueras que ya quedaron pequeñas o desgastadas por algunas partes. Aquí no se tira nada, eh? Para participar en el Reto del Mes de Noviembre, sólo tendréis que elaborar cualquier proyecto, el que vosotras queráis.

Pero, eso sí, recordad que es obligatorio utilizar tela vaquera reciclada, es el único requisito.Por si tenéis una "Crisis de Creatividad" y os cuesta imaginar qué cosas se pueden elaborar reciclando vaqueros, en la Red hay muchísimas ideas! A título informativo, aquí os dejo unas cuantas que me han parecido muy originales: 1.- Organizadores de Pared para Escritorio y/o Rincón Costuril:


ADORABLE AMIGURUMI. Felting. POM POM CRAFT. Rainbow Pom Pom Collar Necklace. I would like to call this “The Silent Protest Against Fifty Shades of Grey Collar Necklace”, because of the colour explosion, but that would insinuate that I have actually read parts of said piece of literature AND I SO HAVEN’T.

Rainbow Pom Pom Collar Necklace

NO WAY. Uhm, yeah, let’s move on. I made this rainbow throw up of a necklace using yarn leftovers and black cotton fabric. How to make a panda pompom – Pom Maker Blog. Let’s make a cute panda pompom!

How to make a panda pompom – Pom Maker Blog

If you’re not so familiar with making pompoms in a design, I recommend that you check out our eye pompom tutorial first so you can learn the basic principals with an easier design. How to make a panda pompom – Pom Maker Blog. Crafts for kids and their parents How to Make Pom Pom Hedgehogs. How to make a Pom Pom Hedgehog, they’re super cute and easy First a declaration – I LOVE hedgehogs!! We have hedgehogs living in our front garden and much to Molly’s disappointment only DaddyMoo has seen them. Cheap and Easy Back-to-School Crafts and Activities for Children. Free Paper Lunch Bag Backpack Back-to-School Craft for Kids Use these backpacks to help prepare preschoolers and kindergartens for school, send home information about school on the first day of school, store new vocabulary words or spelling words, or as toys for children to pretend play school.

Cheap and Easy Back-to-School Crafts and Activities for Children

Folding, taping, spacing, and placing things in straight lines are great ways for children to develop their hand-eye coordination. Diy handmade jewelry set tutorials. Diy handmade jewelry set tutorials. Pinterest. Homemade Glue. My Mum would make this Homemade Glue for my Brother and I growing up…I’m happy to now share it with all our Fellow Fun Mums too!

Homemade Glue

It will save you money on buying glue and you will know it’s completely safe for your children to use too. Ingredients- 1 cup Cornflour or Cornstarch1 tablespoon of white vinegar2 teaspoons of Salt4 cups of Hot Water.

Paper Craft

Using old electric wire to make craft. Telephone, Wire Bracelets and Wire. Canon Creative Park. トレーラー:大型トラック:紙工作:ペーパークラフト:キッズ@nifty. Hometalk. This month's #createandsharechallenge was all about using a GraphicStock image to make unique home decor items.


I fell in love with a Moroccan inspired image that I just had to make dessert plates to highlight all the bold colors. I love incorporating globally inspired decor into my home. A very easy way to accomplish a global home is to use interchangeable accents like tableware. Not everyone can purchase a slew of plates to coordinate with each tablescape, so why not make your own. 13 Plastic Bottle Reuses (+ how NOT to reuse them) DIY Crafts Published on August 13th, 2015 | by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg The best way to reduce the number of plastic bottles in landfills is to avoid buying them in the first place.

13 Plastic Bottle Reuses (+ how NOT to reuse them)

Reuse is second best, but when you can’t avoid them, try one of these clever plastic bottle reuses to give them a new life! Pretty much any time we’ve pulled together a collection of reuse and upcycling projects, at least one involves plastic bottles. MY PEACE of JEWELRY: MANNEQUIN - DIY. UPDATE a/o May 2012 Because I love to work with my hands and create a variety of things.


Recycling paper: african beads made ​​of paper …! You will not believe it – these African beads hand made from paper …!

recycling paper: african beads made ​​of paper …!

But in view of this, do not tell. How deceptive appearance! Invite the master-class manufacturing such ornaments. With the help of an ornamental knife and ruler cut from black paper template for each type of beads. In the photo left to right shows the shape of beads and sizes of paper strips: “rugby ball” – length 40 cm, width 3 cm, the strip gradually narrows down to 6 mm “barrel” – length 45 cm, width 3 cm, the strip is narrowed to 1, 5 cm “little hat” – length 15 cm, width 8 mm. Crafty Soccer Mom: Recycled Plastic Beads. Recycled Plastic Beads Can you guess what I made these beads out of???

Crafty Soccer Mom: Recycled Plastic Beads

Give up?? Already? One more guess....Ok.... Untitled. Untitled. Interior Decorating and Home Design Ideas: Creative Ideas For Home Decoration From Waste Materials. Creative Ideas For Making Things From Waste Material | Simple ...Home Decor Idea With Recycled Creative Ideas For Home Decoration From Waste Materials | Simple ...Creative Ideas of Decorating a Creative Ideas For Home Decoration From Waste Materials | Simple ...Creative Ideas of Decorating a Creative Ideas For Home Decoration From Waste Materials | Home...home decoration with waste Home Decoration With Waste Materials - Design Dream HomeCreative Ideas For Home.

Free eBooks and Videos. Downloads. By Linda Farmer, CZT BEGINNER’S GUIDE to Zentangle® eBook is now available! Visit the STORE > E-BOOKS tab for more details. Prompted by ideas from folks who are sharing their organizing systems on the Organize Your Patterns page, I’ve added this page of free downloadable PDF templates to for your use. Art, craft and life by Arty Vicky. Wonderful DIY Butterfly From Plastic Bottles. We love the idea of recycling, but to be honest the only thing that’s even better than recycling is making old waste items into amazing works of art at home! After all, with a little creativity and just a tiny bit of effort, there really is no such thing as a ‘waste’ product – that’s how we see it, anyway!

Here’s an example to illustrate the point – it’s hard to believe that these absolutely stunning butterflies are in fact made from old plastic bottles! The fact that plastic water bottles feature a curve makes them absolutely perfectly suited to the job, allowing you to make realistic and remarkably pretty butterflies with nothing more than what you already have lying around the home! And considering you can make several of these beauties from just a single water bottle, chances are you’ll never want to toss a bottle in the garbage again!

One of our absolute favorite craft projects for adults and kids alike, all you’ll need to make these pretty little critters is: Recycling of waste material ,Handmade Crafts Ideas: 28 Crafty DIY Burlap Project Ideas. Recycling of waste material ,Handmade Crafts Ideas: DIY Butterflies Made From Plastic Bottles. Turning an ordinary piece of litter and turning it into a work of art is more than just interesting, it’s an inspiring craft. Repurposing plastic bottles is no longer a work of innovators, but a common practice in the DIY domain. Transforming a PET into a beautiful butterfly is absolutely stunning. The amazing fact is that with a bit of patience, you can achieve the same result. 15 Tantalizing Essential Oil Perfume Recipes - Simple Pure Beauty. Holiday Cards & More, Volume 5: Patterns.

Exciting Innovation: Paper from Plastic. Wire Jig, Jewelry Supplies and Jewelry making. Pinteres… Wonderful DIY Teddy Bear Cellphone Case. This cute Teddy Bear cellphone case can be a fun addition to your bag accessories. Cellphone cases are an important way of keeping your cellphone free of dents and scratches. With the above template, you can make your own felt cellphone case, get crafty ! Cosmetic Bag Sewing Pattern. Wonderful DIY Ideas and Projects. World's easiest silicone mold. How to Start Screen Printing. 10 Fantastic Flip Flop Refashions. 80+ Cool Pipe Cleaner Crafts.

Hair Ties Made with DIY Pipe Cleaner Roses. Halloween Decor. Over 100 Free Felted Knitted Bags, Purses and Totes Knitting Patterns. Online Since 2000. Sew together bag. 50+ Pipe Cleaner Animals for Kids. Welcome Back to Craftsy! Scrapbusting: Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine. Here it is, by popular demand…How to make rope from scrap fabric. Upcycle Style: Braided T-shirt Rug. The Enchanted Tree: tutorial. How to make a portable hard drive case. Shamrock Pencil Toppers. Top 10 Fun Craft Ideas. Pin by Karlyn Bebout on sayings. Broderie on Pinterest. Computer Croquis + Pattern Illustration Tutorial. Pin by Karlyn Bebout on sayings. PAP fofucha basica. Broderie on Pinterest. 英国传统刺……_来自反正11的图片分享-堆糖. Corps - Photo de TUTO FIMO - LSCréations. Paper, plate, and plane. Push pins for bright ideas. Creative gift wrapping. Paper, plate, and plane. Rolled paper chess set. Alma Stoller: Tutorials. Pin by Bibiani Mesquita on Thread holder. Christmas Wreath.

Christmas Wreath. Ribbon flowers. Ribbon embroidery. Everything i dreamed — everythingidreamed: Cozy Homemaking: guest of... DIY cardboard animals {with templates. منبع روبان دوزی و دوختهای تزئینی دانا - آموزش. Ontdek. Bewaar. Deel. Tooly Tool Holder Easel by SewEasyQuilter. Выкройки для пошива кошельков - Рукодельная лавка. Tutorials. Dressform Embroidery Thread Holders + Template.

11 Valentines Card Ideas. Modernizing a classic. Jefferytailor's Photostream. Jupiter Girl - Waistbands Detail. Jupiter Girl - The Rack.


Wee little miracles: Make an Easter Story Wreath {free printables!} 3 Dinosaurs - Welcome. 28 Ways to Repurpose Old Doors and Pallets. 25 Creative Ways to Repurpose Pallets. "Real Oilcloth" and How to Make It. DIY: Ten Minute Grommet Workshop.