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The Neopagan Religious Archive. The Neopagan Archive The Neopagan Archive is one of the largest and most accessed parts of the Religious Archive at the Lysator site.

The Neopagan Religious Archive

It is one of the first sites to be listed under Pagan Best of the Web! Please note that some files in these archives may be compressed using gunzip. Unfortunately not all browsers can uncompress those files. However, you can still retrieve them by anonymous ftp from Currently the Neopagan Archive contains information about the following religious practices and paths: Denominations Asatru Celtic traditions Druidism The Church of All Worlds Mediterranean traditions Mediterranean traditions, including a FAQ about Egyptian deities.

Native Americans Shamanism, ancient and current Tools and practices Rituals, spells and recipes The United Herbal Archive Nature and ecology Divination and divinatory tools Astrology and astronomy. Internet Book of Shadows Index. This is a large (+9Mb) collection of articles related to Neo-Paganism which can be found archived at a number of FTP sites (for instance, here).

Internet Book of Shadows Index

This is a collection of posts to bulletin boards from the late eighties to the mid nineties, essentially predating the modern Internet. According to a recent communication, the original editor of this archive was Durwydd mac Tara at PODS net. We acknowledge Durwydd's hard work to preserve this archive. For ease of access, we have converted this archive to HTML using a C program. There are a number of technical difficulties with this collection including runtogetherwords in many places, problems with the table of contents and huge inconsistencies in pagination; due to the volume of this material we have left these intact for now.

We have taken the liberty of removing about twenty-five articles which were too far 'off topic', posted elsewhere at this site, or had serious copyright issues. Magickal. Magickal Reference. Witchy Stuff. Assorted. Incienso de Santa Fe Home page Incense of the Southwest. Boxed Southwest Incense. Gated Protection Sigils. Herbs. The Pagans Won - paganSquare. "I once was found but now I'm lost could see but now I'm blind" That is how many Christians think of me these days.

The Pagans Won - paganSquare

I was a Jesus Freak with a passion to convert Pagans, but it backfired. The Pagans won. And Christians and Pagans alike ask the same question: Why? What happened? I look forward to exploring many aspects of my journey from Christianity to paganism. My favorite childhood photograph captures me as a toddler sitting in a meadow.

Recently I remembered the darkest hour of my life. I imagined my family's shock and pain, but it melted with mine into an intangible cloud of darkness that only made the pills more appealing. My black cat held vigil over me as I let myself fall out of bed, scraping my fingers through the creases between the tiles, trying to let physical pain ease the agony inside. My husband came home to find me crawling on the floor, drawing dry erase circles around me on the tiles. Four years later I stood on Mount Shasta and cast a circle. Kitchen/Cottage/Hearth Witchery.

Lady of the Earth. Occult.

Kitchen Witch

On the altar (a table covered with a black cloth), have a glass or bowl full of water, a small plate with some salt on it, a ca. Sample Samhain ritual.

On the altar (a table covered with a black cloth), have a glass or bowl full of water, a small plate with some salt on it, a ca

The things that are descriptions are going to be italicized. The things that are directions will be placed in [ ]. What you can say will be in plain text with " " around it. This is a good time to honor endings, but I'd rather talk to you some about it before we go into that in ritual. I think this will be a good way to honor the turning of the wheel of the year and also to get your feet wet in doing ritual. First you will need a table and a compass or at least a way of figuring out North, East, South and West. Put the plant or rock in the north part of the table (if you can situate the table so that the top part [the part farthest away from you] sits in the North that would be easier to visualize and work with).

Sit comfortably in front of your table. [Say]


About Reclaiming. Directory: Home :: About Reclaiming :: Find Us Worldwide :: Reclaiming Quarterly :: Resources, Personal & Political :: How to Reach Us On these pages, you'll find: Principles of Unity - Reclaiming's statement of core values an introduction to witchcraft - glossary, etiquette, etc.

About Reclaiming

Reclaiming's origins notes about the old Reclaiming Collective, and its restructuring Reclaiming's current direction - a working definition of our tradition, the Principles of Unity, and the BIRCH group that spans all of Reclaiming Introduction to Witchcraft Introduction to Witchcraft (FAQ) : general information for those new to the whole concept. The "W" Word, or Why We Call Ourselves Witches - by M. Glossary : explanations of words you might read or hear in regards to witchcraft. Phases of the Moon Structure of a Ritual : what one can generally expect when attending a Reclaiming-style ritual. Wheel of the Year : the cycle of seasons and witchcraft holy days. Circle Etiquette - by M. Wanna talk more about it?