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Home Page of Maddy and Maverick. Paper Engineering for Pop-Up Books Addsnd Cards. Free templates. Free Craft Projects & Ideas. FREE AUTOMATA MODELS. Paperhobby. Feed Your Soul: the free art project. Glue² chronicle - Paper doll. Concept Joint movable paper doll Full length : About 13㎝ A4 paper use : 2 sheets Work time : 3 hours - 4 hours Notes : Although it is a simple structure, manufacture requires fine work.

Glue² chronicle - Paper doll

A new type of life which proliferates a number of individuals by being downloaded and reproduced. In the process reproduced, change may appear (pattern etc.) in an individual part. The signs are remarkable in especially a face. Generally, the phenomenon of resembling man's downloaded face can see. SuperRobot Dog Version!!! Posted on 18 Nov 2008 02:49 by pekko in Portfolio เห็นรูปข้างบนแล้ว คงนึกว่าเป็น papercraft ธรรมดาๆชิมิ... งั้นลองเลื่อนไปดู vdo ข้างล่างดูก่อน แล้วจะตกใจ ว่านี่มันอะไรกันหนอ... ฝรั่งเรียกเทคนิคนี้ว่า Hollow Face illusion ซึ่งมีมาเป็นพันปีแล้ว เป็นภาพลวงตาชนิดหนึ่ง ที่ทำให้เห็นว่ามีบ่อยครั้งที่สมองเราจะแปลภาพที่ตามองเห็นออกมาผิดๆได้ง่ายๆ เรื่องของเรื่องคือพอดีผมเพิ่งไปเจอ papercraft โบราณมาอันนึง เป็นมังกรเฝ้ายาม ที่ไม่ว่าเราจะเดินไปที่ไหน มันจะหันหน้าตาม บ๊ะ!

ผมเลยคึกออกแบบใหม่เป็นหมาหุ่นยนต์เฝ้ายามแทน หลังจากมี Super Robot รุ่นนกฮูกไปแล้ว คราวนี้ก็เป็นรุ่นหมากันบ้าง เจ้าตัวนี้เป็นงานที่ผมว่าจะทำไปโชว์ในงานเทศกาลตุ๊กตาใต้ดิน ร่วมกับ SuperRobot ตัวอื่นๆ ตอนแรกคิดว่าจะทำได้ง่ายๆ ที่ไหนได้...โหดเอาเรื่องเหมือนกันนิ และแน่นอน มาแจกฟรีให้ไปเล่นกันด้วย ประกอบง่ายมากๆ เวลามองแรกๆอาจต้องพยายามหลอกตัวเองหน่อย และเวลามองใกล้ๆก็ใช้แค่ตาเดียวนะ จากเรื่องนี้สอนไว้ว่า "อย่าเชื่อสิ่งที่ตาเห็น" (โอ้ววว...คม!)... Illusion. Free mechanical 3D puzzles. By its definition puzzle represents a problem or situation that is difficult to understand and to solve.

Free mechanical 3D puzzles

Puzzle is a very broad term that can occur in a form of question, game or a toy and it represents a mental challenge aimed to find the solution. Solving the puzzle is testing our knowledge, intelligence, capability, patience and ingenuity. Puzzles are often confusing and at first they offer an easy but false solution, so for the correct solution a man needs logical thinking and intelligence. In a form of toy, puzzles consist out of separated parts, its assemblage is complicated and requires logical thinking, intelligence and patience in order to put the parts together correctly. At a first glance, puzzles are fun and entertaining, but they often consist out of numerous mathematical and logistical problems, so by taking in consideration how many skills they require to be solved, they are an ideal educative tool that develops and sharpen the logical thinking.

Kon-Tiki papermodel. Language: Bulgarian / English Encoding: UTF8 Best viewed: Opera 6, MS IE 4, etc. or higher, Resolution 1024x768, max. colors Хартиен модел на Кон-Тики / Kon-Tiki Papermodel Мащаб / Scale 1:100 Защо Кон-Тики?

Kon-Tiki papermodel

Защото моделът е лесен за изработване и ще се научите да правите хартиени тръби, които изглеждат като направени от дърво. Ще се научите да правите мачти и реи от клечки за зъби и бамбукови шишове. Мисля, че е идеалният първи модел. И защото Кон-Тики е легенда - като Къти Сарк, Санта Мария, Голден Хайнд на Френсис Дрейк, Виктъри на адмирал Нелсън, Титаник и Аврора. Даже си мисля, че Тур Хейердал е бил един от прототипите на Индиана Джоунс. Kon-Tiki - by Bgbiomass. A talented Bulgarian paper modeler has created an amazing 1/100 scale model of the Kon-Tiki, the raft which Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl took across the Pacific Ocean in 1947 to prove a link between pre-Columbian and Polynesian peoples. - text by Ken Kanaka Um talentoso artista búlgaro criou este incrível modelo em escala 1/100 do Kon-Tiki, uma espécie de veleiro rudimentar com que o explorador norueguês Thor Heyerdahl atravessou o Oceano Pacífico em 1947 para provar uma possível ligação entre a Cultura Pré-Colombiana e os habitantes das ilhas da Polinésia. - texto de Ken Kanaka Link: More Boats and Ships related posts:

Kon-Tiki - by Bgbiomass

Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts. Congratulations to all of you WoW papercrafters around the world!

Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts

We reached the mark of 1,000,000 visitations in our page, and this is a merit of US ALL, designers and crafters who made this blog a place to refresh our minds - and meet in a place where Horde and Alliance does not make war, but just fun, haha! And the gift goes to you... a cute gnome girl from Ironforge (if you print it double-sized from the PDF in a print shop [i.e. A3 size], you'll get a REAL SIZED GNOME, haha) Belbi Quikswitch comes with her "Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles" and a filled Brewfest Stein to commemorate this day.

Have fun!!! Download her HERE Size: 30 cm highDifficulty: MediumPDO & PDF formats. Temple of the Forbidden Eye Paper Model. Page Patterns. Page Pattern Description: This is a fun pattern that can fit up to 13 photographs. It is completely made up of squares so there is no need to worry about fitting photographs that are either landscape or portrait orientation. Any will orientation will work in these spaces (as long as the main subject can fit within the square). The top and bottom rows almost mirror each other vertically. The one exception is the 3.25 squares are in different spots. 12 sided calendar. Amy Butler Design. Please enjoy these patterns.

Amy Butler Design

Just click on a link below to download the pattern of your choice. For best printing results, please print from Adobe® Reader®. To download Adobe® Reader® go to Amy's Holiday projects featured in "Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion" magazine, December 2008.