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Adults-Only Observations: Five Bad Things and Five Good Things about Life - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world. The simple math Elon Musk used to come up with Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company — Quartz. Report: Uttering Phrase ‘Easy Does It’ Prevents 78% Of Drywall Damage While Moving Furniture. BOSTON—Saying there might be no better way to minimize the number of costly gouges and holes, a report released Wednesday by researchers at Boston College found that saying “easy does it” prevents 78 percent of drywall damage while moving furniture.

Report: Uttering Phrase ‘Easy Does It’ Prevents 78% Of Drywall Damage While Moving Furniture

“Whether you’re sliding over a bureau or turning a couch around, our findings clearly indicate that muttering, ‘Whoa, there, easy does it,’ will decrease the likelihood of drywall sustaining damage by almost 80 percent,” said the report’s lead author Molly Nesbit, adding that other utterances such as “watch it, watch it” and “careful now” offered a statistically equivalent measure of protection. “In addition, the data strongly suggests that asking ‘You got it?’ Capital - Can you really trick your brain to work more efficiently? Setting deadlines never comes easily to me.

Capital - Can you really trick your brain to work more efficiently?

The Safe Gas That Helps Stop Distressing Memories From Getting Stuck In The Mind. The experience of distressing, intrusive memories was reduced by over a half.

The Safe Gas That Helps Stop Distressing Memories From Getting Stuck In The Mind

Inhaling laughing gas after a traumatic event reduces the later intrusion of distressing memories, new research finds. People who inhaled nitrous oxide experienced fewer intrusive thoughts a day later, the study found. Dr Ravi Das, the study’s first author, explained: “The day after they saw the film, the number of intrusions experienced by the group who received nitrous oxide fell by over a half.By contrast, the decline in intrusions was much slower in the group who received air, where there was not a significant drop in intrusions until the fourth day.We think that this is because nitrous oxide disrupts a process that helps permanent memories to form.”

The study involved participants watching a distressing video clip. Kind is the New Cool. By Charles Eisenstein Source: A New and Ancient Story When I was in high school, I remember social banter consisting of a lot of subtle put-downs and one-upsmanship.

Kind is the New Cool

The popular kids were generally not very nice, certainly not to us unpopular kids but not even to each other. The FBI has a new plan to spy on high school kids across the country. Under new guidelines, the FBI is instructing high schools across the country to report students who criticize government policies and “western corruption” as potential future terrorists, warning that “anarchist extremists” are in the same category as ISIS and young people who are poor, immigrants or travel to “suspicious” countries are more likely to commit horrific violence.

The FBI has a new plan to spy on high school kids across the country

Based on the widely unpopular British “anti-terror” mass surveillance program, the FBI’s “Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools” guidelines, released in January, are almost certainly designed to single out and target Muslim-American communities. However, in its caution to avoid the appearance of discrimination, the agency identifies risk factors that are so broad and vague that virtually any young person could be deemed dangerous and worthy of surveillance, especially if she is socio-economically marginalized or politically outspoken. Schools as hotbeds of extremism Young Muslims are the real targets. I've spent my career studying bad habits. Here's what I've learned about breaking them. Let's face reality: Change is hard!

I've spent my career studying bad habits. Here's what I've learned about breaking them.

Look at change rates for people with heart issues who are told by their doctors that they are seriously at risk of dying if they do not change their habits. These patients know exactly what they need to do: eat a more wholesome, lower-calorie diet, exercise more, stop smoking, and so on. Yet even when people's very lives are on the line, only one out of every seven patients is able to make the change. Another statistic shows that two years after heart surgery, only 10 percent of the people had changed their lifestyles.

Exposing The Noble Lie 2010. What assumptions do we make about people when we first meet them? Most personality traits and other characteristics are “normally distributed”, meaning that a new person is more likely to be in the middle than on the extremes, whether we’re talking about extraversion, intelligence or enthusiasm for Mexican food.

What assumptions do we make about people when we first meet them?

So when you’re getting the measure of a stranger, a good bet is to assume that they’re pretty average. That would be the rational approach when forming first impressions, but a new paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has looked into whether this is something people actually do. In total, the researchers Katherine Rogers and colleague Jeremy Biesanz tested eight different samples totalling over 2000 undergraduate students on two tasks. Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming - Issue 34: Adaptation. Lev Landau, a Nobelist and one of the fathers of a great school of Soviet physics, had a logarithmic scale for ranking theorists, from 1 to 5.

Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming - Issue 34: Adaptation

A physicist in the first class had ten times the impact of someone in the second class, and so on. He modestly ranked himself as 2.5 until late in life, when he became a 2. In the first class were Heisenberg, Bohr, and Dirac among a few others. Einstein was a 0.5! My friends in the humanities, or other areas of science like biology, are astonished and disturbed that physicists and mathematicians (substitute the polymathic von Neumann for Einstein) might think in this essentially hierarchical way.

Passport to Manchuria: Whitley’s Baby & the Unholy Junction of 1968 (Prisoner of Infinity X) Note: This post follows, coincidentally, an article I wrote for (unpaid): “What You Should Know about Organized Ritual Abuse.”

Passport to Manchuria: Whitley’s Baby & the Unholy Junction of 1968 (Prisoner of Infinity X)

“Unable, as Freud said, to ‘distinguish between truth and fiction that has been cathected with affect,’ we feel as buggered by the father we never knew as by the pedophile we did know. For, inasmuch as the angel that we also are demands a union that we can never fully realize, the pain of its yearning will register itself in our dreams, fantasies, and the constructions of analysis as a sexual trauma. Zika: Why Biotech is Imperative to National Security. By Ulson Gunnar Source: New Eastern Outlook When we think of national security, we think of tanks, jets, missile defense systems and more recently, information space.

Zika: Why Biotech is Imperative to National Security

But what about the realm of the microscopic, the biological or the genetic? Whether you think biotechnology, genetics and microbes constitute another plane upon the modern battlefield or not is irrelevant. Someone else already does, and they have a head start on the rest of the world. Genotype Specific Bioweapons. W.E.B. Du Bois and the literature of upheaval. There is a moment in the George Miller film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) that has stuck with me over the two decades since I first saw it.

A bedraggled Max (Mel Gibson) is escorted through the crumbling desert outpost of Bartertown. There, he visits Aunty, the nominal leader of the city, played by Tina Turner. The Distortion of Politics. Ford White House Altered Rockefeller Commission Report. Washington, DC, February 29, 2016 – The Gerald Ford White House significantly altered the final report of the supposedly independent 1975 Rockefeller Commission investigating CIA domestic activities, over the objections of senior Commission staff, according to internal White House and Commission documents posted today by the National Security Archive at The George Washington University (

The changes included removal of an entire 86-page section on CIA assassination plots and numerous edits to the report by then-deputy White House Chief of Staff Richard Cheney. Today’s posting includes the entire suppressed section on assassination attempts, Cheney’s handwritten marginal notes, staff memos warning of the fallout of deleting the controversial section, and White House strategies for presenting the edited report to the public.

This evidence has been lying ignored in government vaults for decades. Episode 232 – AIG Exposed. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Most people know “American International Group” as the recipient of the largest bailout in history, but there is much more to this giant insurance company than that. From ties to “Wild” Bill Donovan’s OSS to Arkansas money laundering to 9/11 insider trading, today we explore the allegations and connections that continue to haunt the once impervious AIG. Secrets, lies and the iPhone: A CIA whistleblower talks about Obama’s bizarre secrecy obsession — and why Hillary and Bernie won’t talk about it. 10 New Ways Other Countries Are Actually Solving Problems—and Kicking Our Ass. Solar power in Peru.Photo Credit: via YouTube The Presidential candidates have been sounding off for almost two years now, pointing out (or in many cases manufacturing) all of America’s problems, and offering solutions they believe will make them the next President.

John B. Calhoun. Biography[edit] Milgram Revisited: How Coercion Affects the Mind - D-brief. Theconversation. Prof. James Tracy’s Termination in Light of Orwell’s 1984: If all records told the same tale. David MathisenThe Mathisen Corollary Image: Wikimedia Commons. Concentrate! The challenges of reading onscreen. Hey Siri, Where Can I Bury a Dead Body? Former Guantánamo Chief Summoned by French Court Over Torture Allegations. A French judge has summoned the former chief of Guantánamo Bay, retired U.S. General Geoffrey Miller, to appear in court on March 1 to face allegations of torture against detainees. Miller presided over the U.S. military prison in Cuba from 2002 to 2004, shortly after then-President George W. “They really don’t want this out”: The biggest Iraq War scandal that nobody’s talking about.

10 Real Reasons Behind Kids' Bad Behavior. Orbital Articulation: A Theory of Higher Expression. Shipwrecks And Oceans Trapped Inside Whale Bodies Symbolize The Six Realms Of Buddhism. “Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”: A veteran CIA agent spills the goods on the Deep State and our foreign policy nightmares. Democracy’s dead: Obama and the politics of gun control. But Really, What's An Energy Vampire? Martian Dreams (Prisoner of Infinity VI) Solidarity: an art worth learning. Theconversation. I’m a server, not your sex toy: Some advice to the next dude who wants to comment on my looks. Obama - The Art Of Ruin. Cookie Clicker, the Internet’s most pointlessly addictive game, is also its most subversive. Politics of Fear Devouring Human Rights Worldwide. An Archetypal Traumatogenic Agency (Prisoner of Infinity II) There is No 'I': How the Brain Creates the Narratives of Your Life. FkRWxk1%2Fy86lIAtbvyY8ML8YyODMoMdqRVsL%2FtTbK9xVC9ZIjTo%2F1QkAgqQzd6uzE3rF6wmrpD0%3D.

CitiGroup: The End of Pax Americana, With No Replacement in Sight., page 1. Miley Cyrus and the culture of excess in American history. Why presidential debates need real-time fact-checking. Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. Super villains help prevent evil in the world. Why do we say 'sorry' so much? A Tale of Two Oscar-Winning Actresses: Why Has Jennifer Lawrence Become a Media Darling by Breaking All the Rules, While Well-Behaved Anne Hathaway Is Getting Flack?

Life’s Most Important Dramas Are Being Disrupted. Life’s Most Important Dramas Are Being Disrupted. Time Is Running Out For Pax Americana’s Apologists. The Power of Gentle. Why have we normalized Islamophobia? Feeling The Future: Is Precognition Possible? The Biggest Source of Disinformation On The Gaza Conflict Is Ourselves. Boxes and paradoxes: Dorothy Wrinch's crystal models. Moral pluralism and the dismay of Amy Kane. The Danger of "Us" VS "Them" Epic Open Letter To An American Badass Veteran From ISIS.

The Journal Club ♯3 - Street on Why the Price of Theism is Normative Skepticism. Terrorists can be defeated by fighting fear with cooperation. When Someone Attacks Canada, They Don't Respond With Irrational Fear. They Do This Instead. Eclectic Energies Enneagram Tests (free) Misopedia: the hatred of children. The Ethics of being a Mercenary. Transgender Men Who Become Pregnant Face Social, Health Challenges. Free Will and Psychological Determinism. Capitalism is God's Will and the Cat Drank all the Milk: How our Language Creates our Biggest Problems and Why We Can't do Anything about It. Are ‘We the People’ Useful Idiots in the Digital Age? The Phoenix Generation: A New Era of Connection, Compassion & Consciousness. What 800 Nerds on a Cruise Ship Taught Me About Life, the Universe, and Snorkeling.

The Best Brain Pickings Articles of the Year. What is it like to be in a train crash. A Just Cause ≠ A Just War. I Don’t Vaccinate My Child Because It’s My Right To Decide What Eliminated Diseases Come Roaring Back. Does Metaphysics Matter? Part 1: "Not really, no" Rigorous Intuition (v. 2.0) This Video Will Blow Your Mind, Change the World, and Cure Cancer.

Who Am I? A Mystical Flowchart. The Anti-Conspiracy Theorist. False Reality. Wisdom from Psychopaths? Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America. Self-centeredness, Anti-intellectualism — What is Killing America? “America floats between modernity & collapse”: What Japan can teach the U.S. about averting disaster. Confirmed: Masculinity is so fragile, guys will overcompensate to avoid being ‘feminine’ From Western Marxism to Western Buddhism by Zizek. Clone ethics: What shouldn't you do with your clone? — Hopes&Fears — flow "Science" A Prescient Prophecy from 1952 on How We’re Turning Into Blobs. Slavoj Žižek on Greece: the courage of hopelessness. Bethe Correia, the Undefeated Dark Horse. All Roads Lead to Zen... Camille Paglia: How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby. Camille Paglia takes on Jon Stewart, Trump, Sanders: “Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!”

Dickheads - The Baffler. 5 Morning Habits that can Turn your Life Around. K-HOLE #5. Having Their Cake and Eating Ours Too - The Baffler.