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How Google Works

How Google Works
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Review: 10 JavaScript editors and IDEs put to the test JavaScript is used for many different kinds of applications today. Most often, it's partnered with HTML5 and CSS to build Web front ends, but it's also used for mobile applications, and it's even finding a place on the back end in the form of Node.js servers. Fortunately, JavaScript development tools -- at least some of them -- are rising to meet the new challenges. In this roundup, I look at 10 different editors and IDEs (integrated development environments) of interest to JavaScript programmers. Six of these -- ActiveState's Komodo IDE, Eclipse with JSDT (JavaScript Development Tools), Microsoft's Visual Studio 2013, NetBeans, Sublime Text, and JetBrains' WebStorm -- could serve as the primary JavaScript tool for serious developers. I've given these six products full, scored evaluations. [ JetBrains' WebStorm and Sublime Text are InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year Award winners. Most of the tools reviewed here run on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Which should you pick?

UX et Agile : Duo gagnant pour livrer des produits efficaces | Édition Nº29 Cela fait quelque temps que nous nous intéressons aux complémentarités des approches UX (User Experience ou Expérience Utilisateur) et Agile. Après deux entretiens très riches, le premier avec la référence en matière d’Agile UX en France Jean Claude Grosjean, le second avec le maître incontesté de Scrum dans l’Hexagone Claude Aubry, nous dressons ici une vue synthétique de la complémentarité entre les deux disciplines. Vous allez vite vous rendre compte que vous avez tout intérêt à associer ces pratiques. Des projets en péril avant même de commencer Rappelons tout d’abord deux constats fréquents dans les projets : L’ensemble de ces contraintes fait que livrer un produit efficace devient aussi complexe que comprendre l’essence même d’une phrase de Jean Claude Van Damme. Fusionner l’UX et l’Agilité vous donne des solutions. Qu’est-ce que l’Expérience Utilisateur ? Les apports de l’UX Pourquoi l’UX ? Favoriser l’acceptation ;Limiter les rejets. Mise en application de l’UX en quelques mots L’Agilité

The Next Dean of Stanford Business School The Next Dean of Stanford Business School To Provost John Etchemendy, professor Mary Barth, and members of the GSB search committee, My name is David Siegel. I understand that, since the resignation of dean Garth Saloner, you have the task of selecting the next dean of the GSB. You may be aware that I have been accepted as a candidate. This is my statement. Despite his current situation, Saloner put the school on a more agile footing. Business is on the edge of a precipice. This short essay will lay out the argument for change, propose a new framework that may help, and suggest an alternative way to design the school to meet the needs of the 21st century. Failure is the SystemAs an entrepreneur, I’ve spent about seventy percent of the last thirty years of my life trying things that haven’t worked. As Otis Brawley says in his book on medicine, “The System isn’t failing. The Value of an MBAThe MBA degree is now a commodity, little more than an expensive signal with no proven value.

Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools: Webflow, Edge Reflow, Macaw Advertisement To prepare for a talk about the changing roles of designers and developers, given at HOW Interactive a few months back, I interviewed 20+ web shops. Validated by my own experience, I found that many of them faced challenges fitting responsive design into their workflow, and the role of most web designers had changed to include coding in some form or another. At least half of the designers knew HTML and CSS well but wanted a more visual way to get at it. Well, a new generation of visual responsive design tools has arrived. Some of the newest and most notable visual responsive website builders are Webflow, Adobe Edge Reflow CC and Macaw. For the record, I’m a front-end developer who hand-codes responsive websites using several frameworks and my own code as a starting point (along with WordPress). So, let’s have a look, starting with Webflow. Webflow Like all of the tools we’ll discuss, Webflow1 is a relative newcomer to the scene. 2Getting started with Webflow (Large preview3)

Lean Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. L'école de gestion lean trouve ses sources au Japon dans le Toyota Production System (TPS)[6]. Adaptable à tous les secteurs économiques, le lean est actuellement principalement implanté dans l'industrie (et surtout l'industrie automobile). Lean et le système de production de Toyota[modifier | modifier le code] Lean est un qualificatif donné par une équipe de chercheurs du MIT au système de production Toyota. Quand, en 1972, après 25 ans d'efforts, le système fut déployé depuis la fabrication des moteurs jusqu'à la fin de la ligne d'assemblage chez Toyota, une cellule de 12 consultants internes (dont Fujio Cho, Hajime Ohba, etc.) fut créée (l'OMCD) pour aider les fournisseurs de Toyota à livrer des produits de qualité en juste-à-temps. Aujourd'hui le TSSC est une entreprise indépendante de Toyota. Concepts de base[modifier | modifier le code] Représentation heuristique de la théorie des 5 S, souvent mobilisée par la théorie du « Lean ». J.

9 Interesting TED Talks on Breaking Bad Habits & Forming Better Ones Some habits, like brushing your teeth, you've done so many times that they feel automatic. In fact, it's probably true that every time you brush your teeth, you do so in pretty much the exact same way every time. Other habits, like exercising for even twenty minutes a day, can feel nearly impossible to pick up. But why? Why are some habits so easy to fall into, while others are so darn hard? And why are those "bad habits" so difficult to break? There's a lot of scientific and behavioral research out there about habits -- from creating new ones and breaking bad ones, to why some people find it harder than others to find motivation. Ready to form better habits? 1) Judson Brewer: "A Simple Way to Break a Habit" Length: 9 min. 24 sec. Why do we overeat, smoke, or give in to other cravings when we know they're bad for us? 2) Matt Cutts: "Try Something New For 30 Days" Length: 3 min. 27 sec. 3) Emily Balcetis: "Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others" Length: 14 min. 8 sec.

10+ Free Design Resources For Android L & Google Material Design | 365 Web Resources Google Material Design is a new user interface design concept for the upcoming Android release called ‘Android L’. In this post, I’m planning to collect and list here the latest and best Android L & Google Material Design related freebies including templates, GUI kits, icons, tools, scripts and fonts for your next design project or for inspiration. I hope they’re useful and helpful for you to create trendy, user-friendly, cross-device design projects following the next generation material design principle led by Google. 02/12/2014 update: Android Lollipop 5.0 GUI Free Download 29/11/2014 update: InkDrops The Ink-Drop style interaction that is added in the material design by Google using jQuery and CSS. Demo Material Design Preloader A jQuery plugin that recreates the Material Design preloader (as seen on inbox). Demo 19/11/2014 update: This UI kit contain many useable elements like, Profile, music player, statistics, graph, button, navigation menu, sing in page, any much more. 12/11/2014 update:

Pourquoi faire appel à des designers U.X pour vos projets digitaux ?, Le Carnet d'une aventurière du Web C’est devenu un lieu commun de dire que les modes de consommation se digitalisent. Par contre, on évoque moins (il me semble) les conséquences que cette digitalisation a sur les entreprises qui voient les frontières entre le physique et le digital se brouiller. Aussi à la faveur de cette digitalisation, les points de contact entre un produit/service et leurs consommateurs se multiplient (appareils connectés, mobiles, tablettes, ordinateur desktop,…). Ce qui a pour effet de complexifier les parcours clients autour d’une offre ou de produits. Lorsqu’une entreprise souhaite innover ou faire évoluer une offre existante, elle bute souvent sur cette complexité. Derrière ces deux mots quelque peu « IN », se cachent des méthodologies certes puissantes mais qui ont un champ d’intervention délimité que le schéma ci-dessous tente de préciser en les mettant en parallèle avec les différentes phases d’un projet de conception/production d’un service/produit digital.

How May I Help You? The Genius of the Reciprocity Ring There’s a very powerful exercise created by Wayne Baker at the University of Michigan and his wife Cheryl Baker at Humax Networks. What they do is they assume that there are actually a lot of people who would enjoy helping others but they don’t know what other people need. And at the same time there are other people who have requests that they would love to make but they don’t know where to go. The reciprocity ring is a solution to both of these problems. What you often do is bring a group of people together – it might be as few as eight or as many as 30. And you ask each person to make a request. I’ve seen some very diverse requests over the years. I think it’s a great opportunity for people to number one, figure out how they can act like givers because you actually get to see all these needs and requests and figure out how you can help.

The Flask Mega-Tutorial, Part XII: Facelift This is the twelfth article in the series in which I document my experience writing web applications in Python using the Flask microframework. The goal of the tutorial series is to develop a decently featured microblogging application that demonstrating total lack of originality I have decided to call microblog. NOTE: This article was revised in September 2014 to be in sync with current versions of Python and Flask. Here is an index of all the articles in the series that have been published to date: Introduction If you have been playing with the microblog application you must have noticed that we haven't spent too much time on its looks. But we've been hard at work coding for a while now, so today we are taking a break and will see what we can do to make our application look a bit more appealing to our users. This article is going to be different than previous ones because writing good looking HTML/CSS is a vast topic that falls outside of the intended scope of this series. <! Final words