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Spaces and exchanges

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World's most important cities. | The big five | Ranking of cities | New York City | Methodology | The report, produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the non-profit Partnership for New York City, aggregates and analyzes a range of objective data from respected sources.

World's most important cities

By consolidating this information, the report is able to develop a quantitative ranking of 26 global financial centers in terms of their comparative performance across the following ten key indicators: intellectual capital and innovation; technology readiness; transportation and infrastructure; demographics and livability; economic clout; cost; lifestyle assets; health safety and security; ease of doing business; and sustainability. The big five The most striking finding is that New York is the only traditional powerhouse to rank in the top five; London, Paris and Tokyo all got knocked out of the top tier by Toronto, San Francisco, Stockholm and Sydney, cities not known as key centers of global finance. Comment on this article Read comments. Chapter 4 How Did The British Rule Singapore. Schools - Personal Wellbeing - Immigration. What Makes London a Global City?-UK Market. London is a global city both in a world-class league but also increasingly in a league of its own.

What Makes London a Global City?-UK Market

It is faced with the challenges and opportunities that are presented by being in that class. Connectivity London is a transport hub to many other destinations; Europe and the world. All of London's airport terminals see more than 100,000 flights per month. Diversity. On a high.