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21st Learning Spaces

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From engagement to empowerment. Tech & Innov BH 1216. Stories of student collaboration. Tech & Innov BH 1216. Innovative solutions for collaboration. Dream big: transform your library into a learning commons. Just as the kindergartners step off the built-in risers after practicing their holiday concert performance, a small group of students bound through the doors with the kind of excitement often reserved for recess.

Dream big: transform your library into a learning commons

The students are as familiar and comfortable with this exciting, technology-rich, collaborative learning space as they are with their own bedrooms. One student grabs a fun, bouncy chair and pulls it up to the desktop computer to do research on animals. Another settles down on the animal-shaped chair to draw on the whiteboard table. One boy quickly spots the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and curls up with it in a corner with one of the fluffy pillows. Two other students take iPads and settle in next to one another at a tall, painted table with high chairs to work on iMovie. From engagement to empowerment. In these classrooms, fidgeting, moving around and bouncing are encouraged. DALLAS, Texas — Peek inside Jennifer Cass' second-grade classroom: you won't see kids sitting on desk chairs in neat rows.

In these classrooms, fidgeting, moving around and bouncing are encouraged

Some gently bounce on stability balls, a type of bouncy exercise ball you can sit on. Others rock back and forth on plastic wobble chairs that move like spring animals on a playground. Some sit cross-legged on pillows around a low table. The rest lie on their stomachs on plush bath mats. Second-grader Qualyon Perkins said his favorite seat is the "bouncy ball. " "It helps me because when I get wiggly, I don't have to act crazy. Teachers Ditch Traditional Chairs In The Classroom This classroom arrangement is called flexible seating. The evidence isn't there yet, but the teachers say they see a difference. The Daily Courier. Redesigning classrooms: A winning strategy for empowering students. With a solid track record of high performance on state assessments, the Byram Hills Central School District in Armonk, New York, has reason to be proud.

Redesigning classrooms: A winning strategy for empowering students

Still, the district wants to do even more to prepare its students for the future. Under the guidance of its director of technology, Dr. Andrew Taylor, and Dr. Tim Kaltenecker, assistant superintendent of instruction, the school district is transforming the learning experience in its schools with redesigned learning spaces. Here’s how. Greater empowerment by design When Byram Hills first started to explore new ways to help students become “well-rounded citizens and leaders of tomorrow,” Andrew says it became clear the schools would have to rethink instruction and put a greater focus on collaboration and group work.

“Room design can be a catalyst for instructional change,” he says, adding flexible classroom spaces make it easier to create opportunities for problem solving and project-based learning. - Cookies Required. Redesign the Classroom to Enhance Learning. Image is courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons by Wolfram Burner Stemming originally from ancient China, feng shui is a practice that was once used to align buildings and design city layouts based on metaphoric energies called qi.

Redesign the Classroom to Enhance Learning

While the science of feng shui is unproven, it is clear that the organization of our physical environments affects our attitudes, actions, and emotions. You’ll know this if you had to spend a summer in college working in the dark, cramped basement of an administrative office as opposed to, say, the top floor of a high rise with minimal furniture and wide open views. Some companies over the years have dabbled in changing the space in offices to improve productivity, but most decisions were and still are based on available budget. In recent years, startup companies that have changed the landscape of business have also changed the way businesses think about employee happiness. What Is Going On Inside Google? Google Keeps Data On Everything 1. 2. 3. 1. Are You Hacking Your School's Learning Spaces?

By Emily Vickery Are there better ways for today’s schools to approach the use of space – ways that promote contemporary student learning at higher levels of engagement and success?

Are You Hacking Your School's Learning Spaces?

I’ve been mulling over what happens when schools rethink the use of space – shifting from traditional approaches (super-sized cubicles filled with desks) to an emphasis on participatory spaces that take advantage of the research on learning design and the potential of digital technologies to increase the mobility of learning. The 5 Essential Spaces - Make Space: 4 Learning. The server that your request has reached is acting as a gateway or proxy to fulfil the request made by your client.

The 5 Essential Spaces - Make Space: 4 Learning

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