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The Continuing Sorry, Sad, and Slow Progress of Women's Rights

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Reporter Calls Out Frequent Harassment After Men Comment On Her Looks. A reporter brought attention to the harassment women in the media industry frequently face after she endured crude comments from two men right before going on the air.

Reporter Calls Out Frequent Harassment After Men Comment On Her Looks

Natasha Henstridge Survived Hollywood’s Predators. Now She Wants to Be Hired. Using Rideshares As A Young Woman Continues To Be Horrifying. “You know, we’re all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.

Using Rideshares As A Young Woman Continues To Be Horrifying

USC To Pay $1.1 Billion To Settle Sexual Abuse Claims Against Gynecologist. USC will pay more than $1.1 billion to women who say they were sexually abused by campus gynecologist George Tyndall in what is believed to be one of the largest settlement payouts in higher education history.

USC To Pay $1.1 Billion To Settle Sexual Abuse Claims Against Gynecologist

A group of about 700 women filed a lawsuit against the university alleging they had been abused by 74-year-old Tyndall, who lost his medical license and was arrested after pleading guilty to charges of sexual assault. According to the Los Angeles Times, the group of women settled their claims for $852 million. Female Bartender 'Tricks' A Male Customer Who Harassed Her, Her Coworker Says 'This Is Why Men Say Women Are Manipulative' The aftermath of Sarah Everard’s tragic murder sparked a much-needed conversation about women’s safety and victim-blaming.

Female Bartender 'Tricks' A Male Customer Who Harassed Her, Her Coworker Says 'This Is Why Men Say Women Are Manipulative'

And while the UK has found itself in a series of demonstrations against violence targeting women, more and more women are coming out with their alarming experiences on social media that document the sheer level of unwanted male attention, harassment, and fear they go through. And one woman on Twitter who goes by the nickname Live Laugh Unhinged has recently shared her dreadful experience of being physically harassed by a male customer. “I used to bartend and would often be completely alone at the bar at night,” she said and proceeded to share the moment the man went as far as touching her inappropriately, which caused her lasting psychological damage. But it was her male co-worker’s reaction to the whole ordeal that left Twitter users divided, to say the least.

Hunting the men who kill women: Mexico’s femicide detective. On the night of 30 October 2019, as many Mexicans were preparing to celebrate the Day of the Dead, the family of Jessica Jaramillo stood in the pouring rain watching two dozen police search a house on the outskirts of Toluca, the capital of Mexico State.

Hunting the men who kill women: Mexico’s femicide detective

At about 9pm, the authorities carried out a dead dog, followed by two live ones and a cat. Then they pulled out a woman’s body. Jessi, a 23-year-old psychology student at a local university, had gone missing a week earlier. Woman Avoids A Creepy Stalker By Following Safety Tips She Found On Reddit. Have you ever considered the fact that your post on a social media platform could potentially save somebody else’s life or at least help them get out of a dangerous situation?

Woman Avoids A Creepy Stalker By Following Safety Tips She Found On Reddit

That’s exactly what recently happened to Reddit user @aggressivelycanadian. Welcome to the ‘manosphere’ – a brave new book shows why we should all be afraid. Ceri Radford in Independent: I don’t mean to slight the brilliant, insanely brave writer Laura Bates when I say that I did not want to read her latest book, and that my first reflex on getting through a page of Men Who Hate Women was to slam it shut and go watch something soothing on Netflix.

Welcome to the ‘manosphere’ – a brave new book shows why we should all be afraid

Sure, I realise that there is a seething cesspit of misogynistic hatred out there, but much like my next dental appointment, while dimly aware of its existence, I’d rather not think about it. It’s uncomfortable to know that a violent hatred of women isn’t confined to the tame cliche of spittle-flecked keyboard warriors in greying Y-fronts, and that there are swathes of men in all layers of society who hold views that frankly make Margaret Atwood’s Gilead look progressive. Bates is best known for running the Everyday Sexism Project, a website predating the #MeToo movement that lets women share their dispiritingly commonplace experiences of prejudice and harassment. Why Veteran Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser Is Suing Air Force Gen. John Hyten for Sexual Assault. Army Col.

Why Veteran Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser Is Suing Air Force Gen. John Hyten for Sexual Assault

Kathryn Spletstoser just wanted to fade into retirement. Coast Guard’s pioneering rescue swimmer tells of sex abuse. Sara Faulkner had the “it” factor as the first woman to graduate from the Coast Guard’s helicopter rescue swimmer school in North Carolina and join its elite group of swimmers.

Coast Guard’s pioneering rescue swimmer tells of sex abuse

The South Florida woman’s against-the-odds story met a bitter end, she says, after sexual harassment saddled her with PTSD and forced the 20-year service member into retirement. Two women had trained at the Navy’s rescue swimmer program, but Faulkner was the first to pass the testing program in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Only three other women have done so since her feat in 2000. Once sent to do the job she loved, rescuing people from helicopter drops, Faulkner said she endured groping, licking, butt smacking, leering and crude sexual innuendos meant to humiliate her in front of colleagues.

“You are nothing more then a rescue swimmer with a vagina. Elizabeth Warren is Strong. So is the Glass Ceiling. Elizabeth Warren Should Send Bernie Sanders Packing, and It Sounds Like She Might. After Alabama Banned Abortions, This Lawmaker Introduced A Bill That Would Make Vasectomies Mandatory. It’s never an easy conversation when it comes to topics such as sexuality, political views, or the eternal pro-life versus pro-choice debate.

After Alabama Banned Abortions, This Lawmaker Introduced A Bill That Would Make Vasectomies Mandatory

Therefore, it’s not even slightly surprising that many people were left furious after the Republicans of Alabama passed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act last year that makes abortion at any stage of pregnancy a felony that’s punishable by up to 99 years in prison. But Rep. Rolanda Hollis thought she could turn the tables and show how it feels to have your reproductive rights restricted by introducing a bill that would require men to be vasectomized after turning 50 or after having their third child (whichever comes first). 30 ‘What Women Don’t Want From Men’ Tweets That Show What Toxic Men Should Stop Doing In 2020. Degges-White looked at what women aged 18 to 75 need from the men in their lives. According to the professor, women look for fairly similar qualities in romantic partners that they look for in male friends: they want to be treated fairly.

Susan Fowler on the Aftermath of Speaking Out Against Uber. Brittany Smith Loses Her Stand Your Ground Hearing. In the January 20, 2020, issue of The New Yorker, I wrote about Brittany Smith, a woman from Stevenson, Alabama, who, in January, 2018, shot and killed a man who she said had raped her, threatened her life in her home, and then attacked her brother after he arrived to help. The man, Todd Smith, who had recently sold Brittany a puppy, had been drinking, and had taken large amounts of methamphetamine. Yet within forty-eight hours of the shooting, Brittany was charged with murder.

She went on to spend about four months in jail and six months in a mental institution, despite early attention to her case from the criminal-justice publication the Appeal. On January 14th and 15th, after my piece was published, Brittany finally had a Stand Your Ground hearing. Stand Your Ground is a statute that makes it legal to use lethal force to defend oneself against threats or perceived threats, with no duty to retreat. Throughout the hearing, Brittany often sat silently with her eyes closed. 40 Tweets That Men Who Know ‘Women’s Place In Society’ Won’t Find Funny. Sometimes, people just don’t get along for a dozen possible reasons.

But sometimes the main reason is that one person is a complete jerk and disrespects the other individual. Case in point, some women got so fed up with some men who were acting like misogynists that they just had to turn to Twitter and write jokes about them for acting that way. Supreme Court Abortion: Roe v. Wade faces an existential threat. The constitutional right to an abortion is almost certainly coming to an end — the only question is how long the Supreme Court’s new majority will take to kill it off. It’s not likely to be very long. On October 1, the Supreme Court will meet to decide whether to hear a case that could leave little, if any, of this right standing. For years, Justice Anthony Kennedy held the balance on a Supreme Court divided between four staunch opponents of this right and four supporters. His replacement, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, looks ready to change that. Just months after joining the Court, Kavanaugh wrote an opinion seeking to shrink abortion rights. Nor is Chief Justice John Roberts, the closest thing this Court has to a swing vote, likely to vote in favor of abortion rights out of respect for precedent.

‘There are some women who’d beg to differ’: Watch CNN anchor’s epic response to sexism in politics. Laura Yeager is the first woman to command an Army Infantry Division. Lawmaker: Alaska student disciplined after she kneed boy in girls bathroom. FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTUU) - Controversy stirred following comments made by an Alaska state legislator, detailing an incident inside a high school bathroom between a girl and a group of boys that allegedly blocked her way. Rep. Tammie Wilson, R-Fairbanks, told the story Friday during a House Majority press conference, after she said she spoke about it with the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District superintendent. "We had an incident last week to where some boys entered the girls' bathroom, and a girl kneed a boy, feeling threatened.

Even With a Name Like Aloha Wanderwell, You've Probably Never Heard of Her. The Fight for Gender Equality in One of the Most Dangerous Sports on Earth. Capt Zoe SiS Kotnik new leader of Air Force F-16 Viper Demo Team. Talking About Elizabeth Warren’s Likability is a Way to Tell Women to Sit Down and Shut Up. This Dress Shows How Frequently Women Are Being Touched Without Their Consent. Theslot.jezebel. Prosecution to Appeal Not Guilty Verdict in Death of Cindy Gladue  Natalie Connolly's Death Was Not the Result of 'Rough Sex' Women Are on Track to Earn the Same as Men. The good news: The global gender gap has improved, slightly. The reality: Differences in economic opportunity, including pay between men and women, are so vast it’ll take 202 years to fully bridge them, according to the World Economic Forum.

The group looks at several measures of equality between men and women in this year’s Global Gender Gap Report, released Tuesday. Overall gender disparity across politics, work, health and education improved by less than 0.1 percent, meaning it’ll take 108 years to reach parity. The economic opportunity gap -- based on participation, pay and advancement in the workforce -- remains the area that’ll take the longest time to close.

- The Washington Post. Sportswriters Are Too Outraged By Kareem Hunt To Bother To Learn What Domestic Violence Is. Settlement reached in Epstein case; Frankel urges probe of Acosta - News - The Palm Beach Post - West Palm Beach, FL. WEST PALM BEACH — Moments before jury selection was to begin in what promised to be a salacious trial plumbing the misdeeds of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, both sides announced a settlement had been reached, negating the need for the much-anticipated three-week trial. While the terms of the monetary settlement were confidential, as part of the accord, Epstein apologized for filing a lawsuit against attorney Bradley Edwards.

In the lawsuit, Epstein accused the Fort Lauderdale lawyer of trumping up allegations that he had sexually assaulted young women at his Palm Beach mansion. Egyptian Actress Rania Youssef Faces Jail Time for Wearing Clothes  Woman Shares How She Was Saved By A Stranger On A Subway. Bernardo Bertolucci: his disturbing treatment of Maria Schneider. Bernardo Bertolucci, who died on Monday at the age of 77, has received widespread acclaim for his decades of filmmaking, winning Oscars, Golden Globes, and the first-ever Honorary Palme d’Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.

MSNBC conservative slams sexist attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘It’s so obvious people are jealous’ On Likability. Witchy women and leggy ladies: Halloween in Hollywood. Sofía Vergara Is Once Again the Highest Paid Actor on TV. Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, of Physical Abuse. Update: Three hours after the publication of this story, Schneiderman resigned from his position. “While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time,” he said in a statement.

“I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.” How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying. On Thursday morning, before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford detailed under oath her claim that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attacked her and sexually violated her when he was 17. White male rage boils over after Kavanaugh hearing: But women aren’t scared anymore. Ana Carrasco becomes first female motorcycle world champion. ‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter: This Is My #MeToo Story. Lynda Carter had been speaking about the positive effects of the #MeToo movement when I asked if she had ever endured sexual abuse and harassment in her career.

“Yes,” the actress most famous for playing the iconic Wonder Woman on TV in the mid- to late 1970s said quietly. Her alleged abuser is presently facing some form of punishment and justice, she revealed. She would not name him, nor divulge the exact nature of what happened. When Michael Bay Degraded Megan Fox—Then Tried to Sabotage Her Career. Footage of woman and her friend fighting off a groper emerges online. The two expat bros who terrorized women correspondents in Moscow. Megyn Kelly asks her audience to stand if they’ve ever been sexually harassed or assaulted — the result is staggering. Female police captain put on leave after cops freak out when she mentions ‘white male privilege’

Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32. Woman shares new evidence of relationship with Roy Moore when she was 17. Entertainment.theonion. Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel plays like a confession. Geraldo Rivera’s 1991 Memoir Is a Horndog’s Bible of Workplace Harassment. Theonion. Theonion. Who We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Weinstein. What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men? Theonion. Politics.theonion. Lena Headey claims she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. Russian Women Speak Out After Harvey Weinstein Scandal. 100 Women: ‘I dye my hair brown to be taken more seriously at work’ Morning Joe: Kamala Harris Is Having A Moment.

Choking, Harassing, and Loofahs: Women’s Allegations Against Bill O’Reilly Piled Up for Years Before His Demise. In Mexico, a man was cleared of raping a 17-year-old girl because he acted without ‘carnal intent’ Week2 Creed MonstrousFeminine. Room Full Of Men Decides Fate Of Women's Health Care. Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? I Am a Restaurant Owner. Why Aren’t My Peers As Disgusted By Sexism As I Am? Bikini model punches creepy TV host live on-air after he gropes her. We tested Apple's Siri, Amazon Echo's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google's Google Home to see which personal assistant bots stand up for themselves in the face of sexual harassment — Quartz.

Watch this woman get sweet revenge on the jerks who catcalled her. No Turning Back? First Woman Makes Army’s Elite 75th Ranger Regiment, Big Step For Women in Combat. Why She's Suing Fox News. Amber Heard Was the Perfect 'Victim'—and Perfect Still Isn't Good Enough. A Revolution Has Started Against Rapists in Ukraine and Russia. Ohio girl wins statewide masonry contest — but third-place boy will take her place in national event.

Why Is Society So Scared of Teenage Girls? ‘I’m f*cking sick of this’: Indiana bar owner boots sexist customer with epic smackdown. The countries with the most women in their legislatures, in one map. Jennifer Lawrence needs to watch Amy Schumer’s “Last F**kable Day”: This is her ingenue blind spot. What Politics Looks Like When You Delete Men From The Photos. Huffingtonpost. This chart shows sexist tweets to Megyn Kelly exploding since she questioned Donald Trump. Elite Blue Angels Squadron Gets Its First Female Pilot. Horrors of Being a Female Chef - NYC Female Chef Stories. Sleater-Kinney hilariously schools “SNL’s” Vanessa Bayer on feminism. What Kim Kardashian Did Versus What Angelina Jolie Did In 2014 (And More) Most Of These People Do The Right Thing, But The Guys At The End? I Wish I Could Yell At Them.

Most Of These People Do The Right Thing, But The Guys At The End? I Wish I Could Yell At Them. Greg Abbott: Abortion Clinic Closures Are Manageable 'Inconvenience' For Women. 'The List Of Rules For Women' By Jay Smooth Gets Everything Right. Do you feel uncomfortable, yet? Here’s what would happen if geeky girls acted like geeky guys.

Married Dude Is Shocked Woman He Sexually Harassed Stands Up To Him, Takes Him Down, & Tapes It All. A Stillborn Child, A Charge of Murder and the Disputed Case Law on ‘Fetal Harm’ 57 Women Stoned To Death During Annual Riyadh Fashion Week. Science Reporter Emily Graslie Reads Her Mail — And It's Not So Nice : Krulwich Wonders...