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Gamergate & Sad Puppies

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If not for the puppies: rushthatspeaks. MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word. Markus Persson: Mansplaining intensifies Another HUGE VICTORY for Men’s Rights!

MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word

Some guy on the internet told a woman that the term “mansplaining” is mean to men! And then he used the “c-word” a couple of times! Almost No One Sided with #GamerGate: A Research Paper on the Internet’s Reaction to Last Year’s Mob. Hugo Awards 2015 - full analysis - From the Heart of Europe. There were very few close results this year.

Hugo Awards 2015 - full analysis - From the Heart of Europe

Hugo voters delivered decisive verdicts on what they wanted and didn't want to win. Outside the Dramatic Presentation categories, not a single Puppy nominee beat No Award. No Award won five categories, all on the first count, and also got the most first preferences for Best Novelette. Also worth noting that the two fiction categories that were awarded went to translated works, the first time that translations have ever won Hugos for fiction as far as I know. This Is What The 2015 Hugo Ballot Should Have Been. A moment that changed me – Gamergate. The terrible one-year anniversary of Gamergate is nearly here, and the women that make your games are war-weary, exhausted by a cultural battle that we never asked for.

A moment that changed me – Gamergate

We are professionals trying to do our job, screamed at by children who don’t want girls in their clubhouse. Elizabeth Sampat is one of these professionals. She’s a game designer at PopCap, one of the most successful studios in the world. In the aftermath of Gamergate, she’s struggling with an ethical dilemma. She’s uncomfortable asking girls to enter the game industry, knowing the abuse they will inevitably face. I understand where Sampat is coming from. We've Always Been Here in the Fandom. (with image, tweets) · tehawesomersace. Maneuvering Game Studies Curricula in the Wake of GamerGate. This post is a write-up of a talk I gave recently at the Games+Learning+Society conference in Madison, WI.

Maneuvering Game Studies Curricula in the Wake of GamerGate

Enjoy! The GamerGate explosion in 2014 had far reaching implications that spidered across many areas: industry workplace practices, how gaming communities function, and how people view video games and gamers. Scholars have been racing to keep up with discussion and investigation of these and other areas impacted by the toxic vitriol of and backlash against GamerGate (Consalvo 2014, Layne 2015, Shaw 2014).

Philip Sandifer: Writer: Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters. Although this post is not specifically funded by my Patreon backers, this site and my work in general would not be possible without their support.

Philip Sandifer: Writer: Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters

While you're here, you might also check out yesterday's debut of the Super Nintendo Project, my sixteen bit magical ritual to destroy Gamergate, or The Last War in Albion, my ongoing critical history of British comics. Also, comments on this have crossed the threshold where they all appear on one page - at the bottom of the page, under the "add new comment" box, you'll see the poorly laid out "Load more" link that will load all comments. Frankly, the discussion is great throughout, so please feel free to defy the usually correct wisdom of the Internet and read the comments. Right. Men Versus GamerGate. Women have been long denied a voice in the gaming industry.

Men Versus GamerGate

This site, and others like it, have been fighting for years to establish a place where women’s voices aren’t only tolerated, but they are central to what it means to talk about games. Just because this site focuses on women’s voices doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the importance of male allies and male voices. Our male colleagues, and our colleagues who don’t identify as female, have been an important part of the fight against GamerGate, and this post seeks to recognize those voices.

GG Cartoon reinforcing the idea that women and POC are not gamers. Sad Puppies, Rabid Chauvinists: Will Raging White Guys Succeed in Hijacking Sci-Fi’s Biggest Awards? by Miles Schneiderman. Orson Scott Card is one of my all-time favorite science fiction authors.

Sad Puppies, Rabid Chauvinists: Will Raging White Guys Succeed in Hijacking Sci-Fi’s Biggest Awards? by Miles Schneiderman

As a kid, I was enthralled by the Alvin Maker series and devoured Ender’s Game in a single day. I still consider Speaker for the Dead to be one of the greatest stories ever written, and it’s a source of continual inspiration to me, both as a writer and as a human being. In 1987 that book quite deservedly won a Hugo Award, one of the most prestigious honors an author can achieve in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Who Won Science Fiction's Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters. Since 1953, to be nominated for a Hugo Award, among the highest honors in science fiction and fantasy writing, has been a dream come true for authors who love time travel, extraterrestrials and tales of the imagined future.

Who Won Science Fiction's Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters

Past winners of the rocket-shaped trophy—nominated and voted on by fans—include people like Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Harlan Ellison, Philip K. Dick, and Robert A. No ‘Puppy’ Love at Science Fiction’s Hugo Awards. PyroTyger's record of awesome. Hugo Awards : le plus grand prix de SF menacé par des groupes d'extrême droite. Rien ne va plus sur la planète science-fiction...

Hugo Awards : le plus grand prix de SF menacé par des groupes d'extrême droite

Répondant au doux nom de “rabid puppies”, des activistes américains ouvertement racistes, homophobes et misogynes ont pris en otage la sélection des Hugo Awards, qui récompensent les meilleurs auteurs du genre. Retour sur la polémique des nominations du prix Hugo 2015. Après deux petites citations pour vous plonger dans l'ambiance, retour sur le conflit qui anime énormément de discussions outre-Atlantique, y compris parmi les auteurs les plus en vue du moment.

Retour sur la polémique des nominations du prix Hugo 2015

Ambiance toujours aussi délétère aux Hugo Awards. 2015 n’est pas vraiment une année d’apaisement pour les Hugo Awards, un des plus grands prix de science-fiction des États-Unis. Les « Sad Puppies » et les « Rabid Puppies » — respectivement les « chiots tristes » et les « chiots enragés » — avaient réussi, non sans malhonnêteté, à présenter plusieurs de leurs auteurs, réputés d'extrême droite, dans la liste des finalistes. La cérémonie n’a même pas encore eu lieu que les controverses continuent. Un des auteurs des Sad Puppies, Lou Antonelli, est en effet allé jusqu'à dénoncer le présentateur de l’événement... à la police. Tor to Publish The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley. Tor Books is very excited to announce The Geek Feminist Revolution by double Hugo Award-winning essayist and author Kameron Hurley. The book collects dozens of Hurley’s essays on feminism, geek culture, and her experiences and insights as a genre writer, including “We Have Always Fought,” which won the 2013 Hugo for Best Related Work.

The Geek Feminist Revolution will also feature several entirely new essays written specifically for this volume. “I’m incredibly pleased to be working with Marco Palmieri and Tor Books on The Geek Feminist Revolution,” said Hurley, author of the Worldbreaker epic fantasy series. “This was an exciting book to pitch and is proving to be a lot of fun to put together. I Stand By Irene Gallo. Here are the deets as I see ‘em – Irene Gallo is the creative director of Tor Books, and associate publisher of

She has been a boon to authors and to that publisher. \\...........//: On 'Gamers' And Identity. (this is, in part, a continuation of my "on right-wing videogame extremism" post from a couple weeks ago) when i was in sixth grade, shortly after the Columbine shooting happened, i remember having a strange conversation with my mom. after seeing a report on TV, i said something like "i just don't understand why these school shootings.... " before awkwardly trailing off, unsure what i was trying to say. she asked, completing my thought "you don't understand why they happen so often? " i paused briefly, thinking, and then replied "no, i don't understand why they don't happen all the time.

" The Revolution of Self-Righteous Dickery will Not Be Moderated. Jun 9, 2015 DISCLAIMER: (a la Wendig) THE IS MY PERSONAL FUCKING BLOG I read once that the real cost of racism was in keeping folks affected by same from doing their work. This works for stuff like feminism and homophobia, too. GamerGaters attack study on video game losers lashing out at women … by lashing out at women.

Women ruining the lives of men by invading the male space of gaming So the #GamerGaters are mad about a new study that suggests that some of the most dickishly misogynistic male gamers are quite literally losers. That is, men playing video games like Halo and Call of Duty online tend to lash out at women players when they’re doing their worst. Looking at the behavior of a number of men and women over the course of 163 games of Halo 3, researchers Michael Kasumovic and Jeffrey Kuznekoff from the University of New South Wales and Miami University found that.

The official home page of author Eric Flint. Alpha Game: The wages of female education. On the Hugo Award hijacking. In Which Edmund Schubert Withdraws From the Hugos. » Blog Archive In Which Edmund Schubert Withdraws From the Hugos - Apr 27 2015. On Anger, Power and Displacement in the Hugos (part one of possibly several) New Hugo Award categories for puppies. Unintended Consequences – A Post About The Hugos. Gender Balance in Hugo Nominees. Gamergate, Sad Puppies and the default narrative (with tweets) · tessiselated. What Do You Do To Rabid Puppies? (Answer Below.) Keeping Up With the Hugos, 4/20/15. Some comments on the Hugos and other SF awards. 2015 Hugo Awards and the History of Science Fiction Culture Wars. All The Colors of Kibble 4/8. World Science Fiction Society / WSFS [Official] Haikujaguar: Exiles: Jaguar on the Hugos.

New Hugo Award categories for puppies. The Sad Puppy-Free Hugo Award Voter's Guide. Tweets en rapport avec le hashtag #hugoproposal sur Twitter. Since some puppies are deleting things. The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate. Vox Day says his totally-not-racist comments have been taken out of context. In context they’re even worse. Sasquan Replaces Two Ineligible Nominees on Hugo Ballot. Two Hugo Nominees Withdraw Their Stories. George R.R. Martin Talks Gamergate, Online Hate and Representation of Straight White Men. On the Hugo Award hijacking. [UPDATED] George R.R. Martin and Others Speak Out Over Hugo Awards Controversy. The Elephant in the Room: On the Hugo Awards. George R.R. Martin Continues to Address ‘Puppy-gate’ Controversy, Says the Hugo Awards May Be Broken.

WHY I WON’T BE A PRESENTER AT THE HUGO AWARDS THIS YEAR. [UPDATED] George R.R. Martin and Others Speak Out Over Hugo Awards Controversy. Rules for Anchorites - Holding the Hugos–and the English Language–Hostage for Fun and Profit. Are the Hugo nominees really the best sci-fi books of the year? The Hugo Awards Were Always Political. But Now They're Only Political. Trolling female gamers in the name of satire isn't funny—it's abusive. The Fight for Masculinity in Science Fiction » Foster on Film. Gamergate: A Scandal Erupts in the Video-Game Community. Two Authors Withdraw Their Work From This Year's Hugo Awards. The Hugos, Minor Disappointment, and the Sad Puppies. The Broken Hugo Awards of 2015. Meet Gamergate’s Newest Nemesis: PhD Student Natalie Zed. Gamergate has taken us to a whole new level of scary. So That Was Law & Order's GamerGate Episode. Une créatrice de jeux vidéo victime d'une vaste campagne de harcèlement en ligne.

Tauriq Moosa Leaves Twitter After Sustained Harassment Campaign Led By GamerGate. Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off — The Cauldron. Two Hugo-Nominated Authors Withdraw Their Works From The Awards This Year. Puppies in Their Own Words. The Tor Mess. Choosing “Sides” Vox Popoli: A black female fantasist calls for Reconciliation. Vox Popoli: A scientist beats up PZ. Why women’s rights are wrong. Ruminations on Nominations. Black Gate Withdraws. More Hugo Musings. No On NO AWARD. Gene Wolfe. Once More, Into the Kennels. On the Darkling Plain. A Reply to Larry Correia. Hatespeech.