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Marijuana News And Information. How to Make Wicked Hash. CANNABIS CULTURE - Making great hash is easier than you think!

How to Make Wicked Hash

This article outlines some of the most popular and easy ways. Making hash is an ancient art. The first proto-human who rubbed her fingers together after handling a mature cannabis bud was making hash in much the same way it is made today. Although the process of removing the resins from cannabis have become more refined, the essence has remained unchanged for millennia. Making hash is the process of extracting and preserving the psychoactive resins from the cannabis plant. Trichomes are most heavily concentrated in the flowering buds of mature female cannabis, but smaller amounts can be found in the leaves and trim of both male and female plants.

Home-made hash is becoming an increasingly popular way for ganja gardeners to maximize their harvest, and produce something a little different and special compared to the same old big bags of bud! Many ways There are many ways to make hash. Super Skuff You'll need a flat screen. How To Make Your Own Canna Caps. Many medical marijuana dispensaries sell Canna Caps, which has quickly become a generic name for any capsule filled with cannabis since its association with the groundbreaking work of Dr.

How To Make Your Own Canna Caps

Paul Hornby. Dr. Hornby’s original idea was for Canna Caps to have standardized doses of THC, and all ingredients tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Most of the “Canna Caps” made and sold at U.S. dispensaries vary a great deal in potency, although products from the same supplier are often consistent. I obtained and tested some a few months ago which seemed quite strong to me, but it turns out they were actually discontinued by the dispensary because most people complained they didn’t do anything! So the ultimate answer is to make your own, to whatever dose helps you best.

Whenever you ingest cannabis, it’s recommended to do two things to it, so that the body can process it most efficiently. Math Management In the 21st Century, You Can Subscribe to Coconut Oil! Marijuana Cooking, Recipes, Tutorials, Cannabutter, more. The Cannabis Chef Search Weed Recipes Marijuana (Cannabis) Cookies by The Cannabis Chef February 5, 2013 in Sweet Recipes, Weed Recipes 4 comments.

Marijuana Cooking, Recipes, Tutorials, Cannabutter, more

Make The Medicine « Phoenix Tears. The Rick Simpson Process of Producing Hemp Oil “I usually work with a pound or more of bud from very potent high quality indica or indica dominant sativa crosses.

Make The Medicine « Phoenix Tears

An ounce of good bud will usually produce 3 to 4 grams of high-grade oil and the amount of oil produced will vary from strain to strain. You are never really sure how much oil you will get until you have processed the material you are working with. On average, a pound of good bud will usually produce about 60 grams of high-grade oil and sometimes you may even get substantially more from some varieties. Many seem to believe the oil must be amber and that you should be able to see through it. Uruguay legalizes marijuana!! : trees. Ent SubredditsLocal: US World Global localNew Ents: /r/SaplingsActivism: /m/TreeformArt, Comics, NSFW, Poetry, Stories: /m/TreeArtEnt fans of TV shows and movies: /m/TreeFansEdibles and munchies: /m/TreeFoodEnt Gamers: /m/TreeGamesGeneral Trees: /m/TreesKnowledge and Information: /m/TreeKnowledgePieces, Pipes, Vaporizers, etc.: /m/TreeHardware/m/TreeHelpMemes & random pictures: /m/TreeMemeMovies, Songs, Sounds, Books: /m/TreeMediaNugs, Growing: /m/NuglifeReligious Ents: /m/TreeligionTrees Business and Marketing: /r/treebusiness Tree EldersTree Ladies Welcome to /r/Trees!

Uruguay legalizes marijuana!! : trees

Please make sure to read the /r/trees posting rulesPosting RulesAs of March 12th, 2014 Your post must be directly related to cannabis /r/trees is an 18+ community. Stating that you are under 18 will result in a ban! Do not ask for hookups (or advice on buying trees) nor meetups. Marijuana Testing. Misc Reading - Myrcene (Mangos and getting higher) - The Psychedelic Experience. Quote:While I was in Nimbin recently at the 2008 Mardi Grass, I had the opportunity to sit and blow a joint with Ed Rosenthal.

Misc Reading - Myrcene (Mangos and getting higher) - The Psychedelic Experience

We got to talking about Terpenes, with particular regard to a chapter in Ed's latest Book, "The Big Book of Buds Vol. 3", called 'The Secret Chemistry of Cannabis Odors and Highs'.The discussion led to a Terpene known as Myrcene, which is the most prevalent Terpene found in most varieties of Cannabis, but not found in hemp. Marijuana Cooking, Recipes, Tutorials, Cannabutter, more. How to make a cannabis alcohol tincture.

Marijuana Cooking, Recipes, Tutorials, Cannabutter, more

Vodka, Schnapps, Brandy, etc. THC, the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana (cannabis), is not readily digested by itself. Because THC is alcohol soluble it can be extracted into alcohol in order to make it more accessible to the body. theCannabisChef recommends using a liquor with at least 50% alcohol. How cannabis makes thoughts tumble. Cannabis smokers often report that when stoned, their thoughts have a free-wheeling quality and concepts seem connected in unusual and playful ways.

How cannabis makes thoughts tumble

A study just published online in Psychiatry Research suggests that this effect may be due to the drug causing ‘fast and loose’ patterns of spreading activity in memory, something known as ‘hyper-priming’. Priming is a well studied effect in psychology where encountering one concept makes related concepts more easily accessible.

For example, classic experiments show that if you see the word ‘bird’ you will react more quickly to words like ‘wing’ and ‘fly’ than words like ‘apple’ and ‘can’ because the former words are more closely related in meaning than the latter. Hyper-priming in cannabis users: a naturalistic st... [Psychiatry Res. 2010] - PubMed result. <p class="nojs"><strong>Warning:</strong> The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function.

Hyper-priming in cannabis users: a naturalistic st... [Psychiatry Res. 2010] - PubMed result

<a href=" title="Learn how to enable JavaScript" target="_blank">more... </a></p> Sign in to NCBI PubMed US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Result Filters Display Settings: Abstract Send to: Psychiatry Res. 2010 Apr 30;176(2-3):213-8. doi: 10.1016/j.psychres.2008.09.002. tKPZm.jpg (JPEG Image, 825x2448 pixels) - Scaled (26. How to make Green or Golden Dragon. Green dragon? : treecipes. Webmaster - - Worldwide Marijuana Travel Guide With Marijuana Prices, Spots & Legalization Status. Marijuana Strain Review. White Widow White Widow Strain Review White Widow Physical Qualities Visual Appeal: 9 visual appeal of buds 1-10 fail – excellent Visible Trichomes : 10 visible trichome content 1-10 none- covered.

Marijuana Strain Review

Tincture Recipe (Page 1) / Cooking with Cannabis / FC - Vaporizer Review Forum. "OnlinePot!The Most Comprehensive Patient Resource On Medical Marijuana,." We Update Daily! Custom Search Chris S. Kenoyer. OwnerMMJ Patient, Medical Activist, Online Patients Advocate, Online MMJ News Journalist. How to Make "Green Dragon" Green Dragon??? Like to get high? Tired of coughing shit out of your lungs? Wanna save money? Some pot smokers feel this way, but they're turned off by the idea of cooking with pot for several reasons. First of all, you can accidentally get too stoned and become paranoid. A green dragon soda can almost offer everything that pot smokers like, without the smoking part. Stove Method.

Marijuana Tincture Recipe, How to Make Cannabis Tincture. I generally never edit older posts, but have found that is is important to add some comments with regard to significant changes in the Cannabis Medicine Tincture’s available, at least in the Los Angeles area. The cost of professionally made CBD Rich tinctures for anxiety, manifestations of anxiety, pain, particularly neuritic and many other conditions, CBD based or “Cannabidiol” based tinctures and capsules are the future and have in fact become the present. As using CO2 extraction is not for patients at home – yet – I suggest you check out some of these tinctures at some local collectives. As the CO2 extraction process is nearly 100% efficient, the cost ends up being not much different than making it yourself. Also, unless you find some rich CBD or flowers, it will just be a THC extraction, which is good, but just not great. It is well worth checking into if you are dealing with anxiety or pain. The extracts can be purchased and the costs are reasonable.

By Jay R. THC extraction - Edot forums.