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Scary Mommy: An honest look at motherhood – A parenting community for imperfect parents. CafeMom - Moms Connecting About Pregnancy, Babies, Home, Health, and More. My Child is Being Bullied - What Should I Do? EP caught up with Peggy Moss, a nationally known expert on bullying and a tireless advocate for the prevention of hate violence, to discuss bullying.

My Child is Being Bullied - What Should I Do?

Peggy is also the author of Say Something, an award-winning children’s book that helps parents and educators start conversations with kids about actions they can take when they are being bullied, or are a witness to other kids being tormented at school. "The injury is real when kids get teased — unchecked, it can be devastating. " Are name-calling and teasing just part of growing up, a rite of passage that all kids go through? "Many people out there think that adults are making too much of a fuss about it, that we should leave kids to their own devices. We know better now,” argues Peggy. EP sat down with Peggy and asked her what parents can do when they suspect their child is being bullied, and what they can do—together—to try to stop it. How can you tell if your child is being bullied? 4 Sneaky Ways to Boost Kids' Problem Solving Skills They'll Love. Want a simple way to teach your kids the value of money?

My Mum used to say “Aaah they know the price of everything but the value of nothing!”

Want a simple way to teach your kids the value of money?

And I think she had a point ! I’m always fascinated by all areas of raising happy, confident children so I read with interest this article about Seb’s story from Goldstar Savings Bank which is a new website and app that’s all about teaching and practising the important core financial life skills that will help your child start forming good habits early on. I know my own children have learnt their money habits and mindset from my way of talking about money, handling money, spending and saving money as we are all important role models for our own children ! In this unique app your kids can set up a savings goal and break it down into small manageable tasks and activities that you can set a monetary value against. Using the ‘Star Bank’ they can then explore and experiment with lots of different ideas and strategies to complete the tasks over a set time that you both agree on. Seb really wants a new bike.

Chinatown "Woking" Tour. One day in March we also did the Chinatown "woking" tour.

Chinatown "Woking" Tour

This one Lars and I did with friends - sans Max. Sometimes (well, most of the time) it is easier to do things here while Max stays at home with the yaya. This walking tour was more of an eating tour so come hungry! To be honest, I wanted to do more exploring than walking (I eat enough as it is anyway!) But still it was very interesting. Did You Know... 2011 January « Mymikhaela’s Weblog. Good news to everyone who has been collecting their charge slips since BDO ‘s Bench promotion came out.

2011 January « Mymikhaela’s Weblog

This has been a rather good deal for me since I’m not limited to Bench items only. There are a lot of good stores to choose from. The promotion was so successful that even Bench’s Greenhills branch ran out of gift certificates to redeem. So far, I’ve been able to get a number of gift certificates and I’m looking forward to getting more coupons redeemed. : ) Looking forward to buying those pair of Mothercare shoes for free: ) Promo extended until February 28, 2011 Redemption period until April 30, 2011 1.

Print your name (as shown on the card) and your 16-digit BDO Credit Card number at the back of your original charge slip. Promo Mechanics 1. 2. For a minimum purchase of PHp 2000.00 you get a Php 100 Bench gift certificate. 3. 4. 5. A. 6.To redeem, BDO Cardholder must present the following: Seattle Children's Hospital. A mom's life + style inspiration. Happiness is not something that I think about very often, but I know I am blessed with a happy life.

a mom's life + style inspiration

I have a husband who shows me everyday that he would do anything for me and our kids. We have a 5-year-old boy who makes us laugh and always wants to crash our dates. We have a 3-month-old baby girl who smells like milk and smiles at us a hundred times a day. Work-wise I truly enjoy what I do, and I’m so thankful for not having to keep a 9 to 5 job. Even when I was a fresh grad looking for work, I knew that what I really wanted was to have control over my own time. I turned 37 this January, and don’t feel quite as young as I used to. After our second child’s birth, I went through a brief period of postpartum depression.

Things got better eventually, of course they did. So I started thinking of specific, actionable things (things I actually had some control over) that would make my life significantly happier, good day or bad. 2. Sometimes it’s the little things. 3. Fam Ed.