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Games to Play With Your Child in Which You Barely Have to Move or Talk | The Ugly Volvo. I see a lot of ideas online for things to do with your child, but most of them are a lot of work. Many of them involve an unnerving amount of craftiness and/or require going out to buy things. Almost all of them involve moving around which, many days, is fine, but some days can be pretty rough. Not that I don’t love getting down on the floor and playing with my kid (I love it a great deal) but I’m an adult in my mid-thirties. I can pretend to be a dinosaur for about 90 minutes (something I happily list on my professional resume) but after an hour and a half, all bets are off. I’ve taken the liberty of brainstorming some fun child/parent activities in which your child can be adventurous and creative and you can lie on the sofa reading a book. Paleontologist!

Your child is a budding paleontologist and you are a fossilized dinosaur skeleton embedded in the hills of Montana (i.e. the sofa). Doctor examining an incredibly sick patient! Oh no, doctor! Theatre Critic Ancient Egyptian Burial.

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Toys are Tools Educational Toy Reviews. 101 Things to Do with Kids in Cape Town. Posted on: Thursday, 15 April 2010 Kids wish list As much as your kids will tell you they can’t wait for the school holidays, the words “I’m bored,” will inevitably cross their lips when the holidays are longer than a week or 10 days. So we’ve compiled a list of “101 things to do with kids in Cape Town“, revisiting popular kid-friendly venues and including a few new finds to help you keep them busy.

We hope our list will inspire a few outings or perhaps give you some fresh ideas for school holidays … Have fun exploring new places and revisiting old favourites with your kids and we hope the ‘kid’ inside you will enjoy these outings too … Click on the Region Links: (Click on the region links to view the descriptions and details of each “thing to do”).

Your Feedback and suggestions Once you’ve browsed our list of 101 things to do with kids in Cape Town, ask your kids’ opinions and send us their (and your) suggestions of their favourite things to do. About Christine Searle. Raising Children Network. Movie Reviews - Kids Movies. Kids-In-Mind: Movie ratings & parents' reviews that actually work. Parent Previews. Minecraft Game Review. Movies In Theaters|Family Movie Reviews | Parent Previews. Parent Previews About Parent Previews. In 1993, we began reviewing movies from a family perspective and selling the column to newspapers. It was a novel idea at the time, and today many parents consider it a necessity to know what’s in a movie before paying and perhaps even more important risking disappointment by having to walk out with the kids in tow.

We believe strongly that parents that the first and best censors in our society. Yet it’s very difficult for parents to know what to expect in entertainment based on the various ratings systems. When it comes to movies, the current movie ratings systems offer only a very basic guideline of the content that will be found in a movie. Hopefully you will find the additional information you require here at Parent Previews. It’s our belief that concerns about sex, violence, language and drug use in movies spans all cultural, religious and political beliefs. With the launch of our latest website, we are celebrating 10 years of publishing on the Internet. Parent Previews About Parent Previews.