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We Need to Talk About Women Who Regret Motherhood. Recommended by Tracy Moore Bra Company May Finally Have Your Boobs Figured Out You've Been Pooping All Wrong We Need to Talk About Women Who Regret Motherhood.

We Need to Talk About Women Who Regret Motherhood

Momentum Optimization Project: Summertime edition. First of all, thanks to everyone who has visited and taken time to comment on the Momentum Optimization Project.

Momentum Optimization Project: Summertime edition

I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the response–I guess all my friends who saw our List on the kitchen wall and commented that I really ought to share it were on to something. Enough readers were wondering what I was planning for the summer to put a fire under my ass to make a summer plan. How I limited screen time by offering my kids unlimited screen time. As a freelancer who makes her own hours, I’ve learned a few things about personal momentum.

How I limited screen time by offering my kids unlimited screen time.

I’m a morning person, and my peak productive time is before 10:00am. If I start my day by sitting at the desk at, say, 5:00am, and digging in on actual work, I’ll keep going all day. If I start the day by, say, cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry or phaffing about on the interwebs, I’m in trouble. Give childhood back to children: if we want our offspring to have happy, productive and moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less - Comment - Voices. The real problems I’ve faced in life include physical ones (such as how to operate a newfangled machine at work or unblock the toilet at home), social ones (how to get that perfect woman to be interested in me), moral ones (whether to give a passing grade to a student, for effort, though he failed all the tests), and emotional ones (coping with grief when my first wife died or keeping my head when I fell through the ice while pond skating).

Give childhood back to children: if we want our offspring to have happy, productive and moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less - Comment - Voices

Most problems in life cannot be solved with formulae or memorised answers of the type learnt in school. They require the judgement, wisdom and creative ability that come from life experiences. For children, those experiences are embedded in play. I’m lucky. I grew up in the United States in the 1950s, at the tail end of what the historian Howard Chudacoff refers to as the “golden age” of children’s free play.

Educators in East Asian nations have increasingly been acknowledging the massive failure of their educational systems. Loading gallery 1 of 50. The Trouble With Bright Girls. Successful women know only too well that in any male-dominated profession, we often find ourselves at a distinct disadvantage.

The Trouble With Bright Girls

We are routinely underestimated, underutilized, and even underpaid. Studies show that women need to perform at extraordinarily high levels, just to appear moderately competent compared to our male coworkers. The Guys' Guide to Seeing Women, Not Objects. Most of our research and nonprofit efforts center on teaching girls and women to take their power back in the face of a degrading and objectifying culture that values physical ideals above all else.

The Guys' Guide to Seeing Women, Not Objects

This post is about the flipside of that same issue: How men and boys can take their power back. Men’s power has been taken away from them by the ever-perpetuated idea that males are helpless, weak, and hopeless in the fight to see women as humans and not as a collection of body parts to be ogled. Trashing Teens. The whole culture collaborates in artificially extending childhood, primarily through the school system and restrictions on labor.

Trashing Teens

The two systems evolved together in the late 19th-century; the advocates of compulsory-education laws also pushed for child-labor laws, restricting the ways young people could work, in part to protect them from the abuses of the new factories. The juvenile justice system came into being at the same time. All of these systems isolate teens from adults, often in problematic ways. Our current education system was created in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and was modeled after the new factories of the industrial revolution. Six Words You Should Say Today. If you have ever experienced an emotional response simply by watching someone you love in action, I’ve got six words for you.

Six Words You Should Say Today

Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me. Very rarely does one sentence change the way I interact with my family. But this one did. It was not from Henry Thoreau or some renowned child psychologist. It was a comment from kids themselves. Here are the words that changed it all: “… College athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great, that amplified their joy during and after a ballgame. Why parents should leave their kids alone. Mickey Goodman: Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids? Warning signs.

Mickey Goodman: Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?

How to Miss a Childhood. Each minute of every day, we are presented with a choice on how we spend our moments.

How to Miss a Childhood

We can either miss the moments or grasp them. This photo was taken at a time in my life when I was missing the moments and in doing so, I was missing more than life. By sharing my own painful truths when it comes to the distractions of the modern age, I have gained an unexpected insight. In the 18 months this blog has existed, I have been privy to a new distraction confession every single day. Up until now, I never knew what to do with this unusual collection of painful admissions from an overly connected society.

It came as a message in my inbox after the woman read my post “The Children Have Spoken” which included heart-breaking observations from children themselves about their parents’ excessive phone use. As soon as I read the first sentence of the caregiver’s email, I knew this message was different than any I had ever received. *Read email and text messages at stoplights. Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Life Lessons for My Sons - notes from mom. My list of life lessons I want to teach my children. 1. Don’t let a day go by without doing something for someone else. It’s as easy as holding the door for someone.

It makes them happy and makes you happy too.2. Mickey Goodman: Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids? Glennon Melton: Don't Carpe Diem. Every time I'm out with my kids -- this seems to happen: An older woman stops us, puts her hand over her heart and says something like, "Oh, Enjoy every moment. This time goes by so fast. " Everywhere I go, someone is telling me to seize the moment, raise my awareness, be happy, enjoy every second, etc, etc, etc. 10 Truths To Keep Your Relationship Healthy. You just broke your child. Congratulations. Dads. Stop breaking your children. Please. Memoirs of a Bullied Kid. One teachers approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom.

Is Crying it Out Dangerous for Kids?