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AIDE AUX PROFS. 10 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special on Her Birthday. 25 Ways to Make Your Child's Birthday Special. 6 Lessons About Sex That Teen Boys Need but Don't Get. Remember sitting in an awkward high school sex education class, just wishing the teacher would stop talking?

6 Lessons About Sex That Teen Boys Need but Don't Get

It hasn't improved much since you were a teenager. Most schools teach basic reproductive biology and then recommend abstinence. 5 Habits of Successful Debt Slayers. Today I am absolutely honored to welcome the Queen of Free herself, Cherie Lowe.

5 Habits of Successful Debt Slayers

Cherie shares her wisdom and frugal adventures daily on her blog, Queen of Free, and she is also the author of the incredibly inspiring book, Slaying the Debt Dragon, which chronicles Cherie and her husband’s journey of knocking out more than $127,000 in debt.In her book she shares practical tips and heartfelt encouragement for anyone facing a similar mountain of seeming unsurmountable debt. Cherie doesn’t just talk the talk, she has lived it and seen her way through the other side.

20 Best Chore Charts for Kids. 14 Fun Ideas for Dating Your Family. There are times when our little family starts to feel disconnected.

14 Fun Ideas for Dating Your Family

Typically it’s a result of one (or both) parents being busy and distracted with work – which throws the balance off, add in a little end of term tiredness, a series of disrupted nights, or family illness, and you can just feel the tensions rising. The signs are many and varied – everyone is that little less patient and quicker to snap, small things become big problems in the blink of an eye, the girls seem to be constantly vying for my attention, the TV is on more often then usual, and these are just a few of the signs! 6 Rules to Live By When You Discipline Your Child  Anyone can tell you that discipline is a messy business.

6 Rules to Live By When You Discipline Your Child 

Not even the best of parents could possibly get it right all the time. However, part of what complicates the process of teaching our kids to behave is that parents bring a lot of their own baggage to the table. Kids can be a big trigger of feelings from your childhood, feelings you aren't even aware of anymore. When a child acts up, it can stir you up, making you feel intense and heated. 16 Ways to Help Children Want Less. This post is the fourth installment in the Easy Green series by Jo Hegerty of Down to Earth Mother.

16 Ways to Help Children Want Less

As parents we naturally want to give our children the best, what’s more, we want them to have… more! But as studies have repeatedly shown, money doesn’t bring happiness, and neither does the accumulation of things. In fact, having too much stuff can cause more stress than it’s worth. There’s also the environmental impact to consider. Learning to ignore the ‘I Want’ Your kids, too? Practical advice when kids have too much stuff. Positive Parents: Positive Parenting In Action: Tantrums.

This is the second post in my Positive Parenting in Action series.

Positive Parents: Positive Parenting In Action: Tantrums

The first post was about exploration and danger. In this series, I will present several scenarios that could occur, look at the possible reasons behind the behavior (this is important!) , and then give an example of how the parent can handle the scenario positively. 4 Easy Ways to Build Your Child's Self Esteem with Your Words. 16 Ways to Help Children Want Less. 16 Ways to Help Children Want Less. Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job in the world. 8 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids From Reading. No parent intentionally tries to discourage their child from reading.

8 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids From Reading

But sometimes our actions do just that. Kids may be resilient, but they are also really sensitive, and how we handle reading in our homes can work for or against our kids’ reading attitude. 85 Ways to Show You Love Him. 9 Ways to Nurture Your Marriage. Heather here from, and today we are talking about nurturing our marriages!

9 Ways to Nurture Your Marriage

It is no surprise that healthy marriages contribute to healthy families. But it seems that our marriage is the first thing to fall to the wayside amongst the crazy stressful lives we lead. We are seeing it more and more. Couples are so busy raising children and working, that when all the kids leave the house, there they sit, staring at each other, and not knowing one another, because they didn’t nurture their marriages along the way. The following 9 suggestions will help you and your spouse stay connected through the madness of family life and bring you closer together each and every day of the year. Give the Benefit of the Doubt. 8 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids From Reading. I Can’t Complain. Image via Shutterstock When people ask me how I am, I try to respond with, “I can’t complain.”

I Can’t Complain

Because really, I can’t. There’s a roof over our heads, food on the table, I have a husband who loves me and children who are healthy. Family Organization Stations - Princess Pinky Girl. 5 Ways to Read to Children Who Won't Sit Still for Books. "He won't sit for books!

5 Ways to Read to Children Who Won't Sit Still for Books

" 25 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Parents - Totally The What a Teenage Boy Needs Most from his Mom - Monica Swanson. Over the next week, two of my boys have birthdays that end in “teen.” Today, Jonah stepped fresh and eager into his thir-teenth year. 10 Ways We Need to Stop Judging other Parents. Grow your marriage after kids - Your Modern Family. 5 Ways to Add An Extra Hour to Your Day.

6 things the happiest families all have in common. 21 Ways to Stop Yelling - Little Us. Everyone always talks about the Terrible twos but no one talks about the Threes. Three was absolutely full of insanity. How to Get Your Kids to Open Up to You About Their Fears and Worries. Summer Hairstyles For Kids. Summer Hairstyles For Kids. Dramatic Play: It's Brain Smart! - Fairy Dust Teaching. Dramatic Play is not only a source of wonder and magic — it is good for cognitive development!

Pretend play requires the ability to transform objects and actions symbolically; for example, pretending to be mommy or a doctor; pretending a bowl of nuts and leaves is oatmeal for Goldilocks. There is research that has shown that pretend play coupled with literacy props increases a child’s understanding and awareness of environment print and the use of signs. In Dramatic play children: 50+ Fun Kids Picnic Ideas. Facebook. 12 (Good) Habits to Create A Slower Family Life - Abundant Mama.

When I wrote about bad habits we all make that lead to burning ourselves out, I didn’t think I’d get the kind of response I would get. So many emails. So many comments. So many uh-ohs from many, many mothers around the world. The important thing about yelling. (2) Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond. Why Free Play Is the Best Summer School - Jessica Lahey. The more time children spend in structured, parent-guided activities, the worse their ability to work productively towards self-directed goals.