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Literature Research - social science software. Sci-Hub. Scientific research paper file sharing website Sci-Hub is a website that provides free access to millions of research papers and books, without regard to copyright,[2] by bypassing publishers' paywalls in various ways.[2][3][4] Sci-Hub was founded by Alexandra Elbakyan in 2011 in Kazakhstan in response to the high cost of research papers behind paywalls.


The site is extensively used worldwide.[2][3] In September 2019, the site's owners said that it served approximately 400,000 requests per day.[5] The number of articles claimed is frequently updated on the site's home page, being over 81 million in April 2020. Sci-Hub and Elbakyan were sued twice for copyright infringement in the United States in 2015 and 2017, and lost both cases, leading to loss of some of its Internet domain names.[6] The site has cycled through different domain names[b] since then.[2] History[edit] Number of papers downloaded from Sci-Hub per capita by country (September 2015 to February 2016)[12][3] United States[edit] WorldShare. The World's Largest Library Catalog. Full-Text Journals. Literature Review & Evaluation. Science journalism can be evidence-based, compelling — and wrong.

Many science journalists rely on peer review to check their stories are true.

Science journalism can be evidence-based, compelling — and wrong

There has been much gnashing of teeth in the science-journalism community this week, with the release of an infographic that claims to rate the best and worst sites for scientific news. According to the American Council on Science and Health, which helped to prepare the ranking, the field is in a shoddy state.

“If journalism as a whole is bad (and it is),” says the council, “science journalism is even worse. Not only is it susceptible to the same sorts of biases that afflict regular journalism, but it is uniquely vulnerable to outrageous sensationalism”. How to Read and Understand Scientific Research. Digital Einstein Papers Home. Free BioMedical Research Books Download. 20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks.

We understand that reading is the simplest way for human to derive and constructing meaning in order to gain a particular knowledge from a source.

20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks

This tendency has been digitized when books evolve into digital media equivalent – E-Books. It would be nice if we’re able to download free e-book and take it with us. That’s why we’ve again crawled deep into the Internet to compile this list of 20 places to download free e-books for your use. Free E-books - Research Guides at Berkeley Public Library. Essentials of Marketing Research. Description Marketing research yields relevant, accurate, and timely information about consumers, and plays a critical role in managerial decision making.

Essentials of Marketing Research

By putting marketing research results to creative use, firms can achieve and sustain a competitive advantage over their competitors. However, textbooks on this subject are often overwhelming to the layperson, focusing on abstract concepts and using difficult terminology in their explanations. By contrast, this e-book primer, Essentials of Marketing Research, introduces students and managers to important technical and analytical concepts in a very accessible manner.

It can be downloaded for free here. The text is divided into eight chapters, each of which focuses on a specific issue relating to marketing research projects. Charts and tables are used throughout the text, and abstract concepts are always explained with direct and easily-applied examples. Preface Brighton, 29 Oct, 2008 Paurav SHUKLA Content 1. 2. Logical Positivism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Logical Positivism (Also known as logical empiricism, logical neopositivism, neopositivism).

Logical Positivism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

A school of philosophy which arose in Austria and Germany during 1920s, primarily concerned with the logical analysis of scientific knowledge. Among its members were Moritz Schlick, founder of the Vienna Circle, Rudolf Carnap, the leading figure of logical positivism, Hans Reichenbach, founder of the Berlin Circle, Herbert Feigl, Philipp Frank, Kurt Grelling, Hans Hahn, Carl Gustav Hempel, Victor Kraft, Otto Neurath, Friedrich Waismann. Logical positivists denied the soundness of metaphysics and traditional philosophy; they asserted that many philosophical problems are indeed meaningless. During 1930s the most important representatives of logical positivism emigrated to USA, where they influenced American philosophy.

The fundamental thesis of modern empiricism [i.e. logical positivism] consists in denying the possibility of synthetic a priori knowledge. These four points are linked together. 10 Tricks to Research Anything. Researching a new market, customer, or channel can be wildly inefficient.

10 Tricks to Research Anything

The Internet has abundant information, but finding just the right information you need is time consuming if you don’t know some of the tricks. Here are 10 tricks to find the best answers to almost any research question. 1. Ask Your Peers on HighTable Getting trusted recommendations from your network is always the best option, but sometimes your network isn’t big enough or experienced enough to help. Enter HighTable. If you’re looking to connect with other people in the startup scene and get expert answers to specific business questions, HighTable can be a useful resource. 2. Google produces and collates a large collection of publicly accessible research through their Think with Google site. Microsoft Word - phenomenology - resmethy.pdf.