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Multicultural Adolescent Lit

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Teacher Vision - TeacherVision. The Effects of Multicultural Literature in the Classroom. Why Teach Multicultural Literature? I have taught literature at the college level for almost a decade and at as many as six different campuses.

Why Teach Multicultural Literature?

These have mainly been classes that were focused on non-western writing. One semester, I had assigned Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and only a week earlier her TED talk, Danger of a Single Story had started to circulate on the web. I sent the link to my students and thought we could incorporate it into our discussion on colonialism, multiculturalism, issues of race and of course, the novel itself. Little did I know that this simple talk would elicit the intensely disproportionate response that landed in my inbox the next morning.

Why teach U.S. students literature from different countries? Here is the video that set this off, followed by the student’s letter and my response: About the Adichie talk at the TED conference. In my opinion, Adichie perfectly typifies what you could call the ugly side of multiculturalism. My response:

Multicultural literature - Bing video. Multicultural Children's Literature - Bing video. Defining the Humanities: Multicultural Literature - Bing video. Download [PDF] Using Multicultural Literature to Teach K-4 ... - Bing video. Change in the “All White World of Children’s Literature” - Bing video. Adolescent literacies in a multicultural context (eBook, 2012) ERIC - Multicultural Literature and Young Adolescents: A Kaleidoscope of Opportunity, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 2006-May.

Adolescent literacy position statement. Strategies To Support Multicultural Instruction. Essential for developing multicultural/diverse perspective learnings is a positive and trusting classroom environment - one in which all students are made to feel welcome, comfortable, and respected.

Strategies To Support Multicultural Instruction

Listed below are several strategies that are particularly useful in promoting multicultural/diverse perspective learnings in such a classroom. Questioning Styles Questioning techniques that personally involve students will allow them to respond in a way that reflects their cultural diversity and that will expose their fellow students to those differences (Evans, 1991). Role-Playing Role-playing is a versatile activity that allows students to express their opinions in a realistic situation. Role-playing enables students to express and to examine their attitudes, beliefs, and feelings about prejudice and discrimination. Cooperative Learning Many years of research and practice support the use of cooperative groups to focus on students' different strengths and styles.

Group Discussions. McKay School of Education. Gallery Stroll ActivityCultural Diorama ActivityMad Gab ActivityDownload the whole packet Benefits of Multicultural Education Activities Activities allow students to experience new things and to express their feelings.

McKay School of Education

Benefits include the following: Help educators reach students who may benefit from more hands-on or practical learning experiences Allow students to become actively involved in the learning process Encourage students to critically think about and analyze information themselves, rather than passively receiving knowledge Ways to Incorporate Multicultural Education Activities Into a Classroom Revise teaching techniques to increase the success and effectiveness of the activity Encourage all students to participate (especially during discussion) Plan adequate time to process the activity Ask open-ended questions Foster a feeling of emotional safety in the classroom by respecting every student's opinion and encouraging all students to be respectful of one another.

Diversity/Multi Cultural with Language-Literacy. Updated January 2013 Some languages have more than one word for what English speakers think of as a single entity.

Diversity/Multi Cultural with Language-Literacy

Since ice is so important in their lives, the Inuit people reportedly differentiate among the various kinds, from slush ice to black ice. Have children choose something important to them – stickers, ice cream or ??? – and MAKE-UP WORDS for different kinds. Nodding the head to signify “yes” is not a universal gesture. Each family has its own folklore, a set of beliefs, myths, tales and practices. Reading Is Fundamental. Our Multicultural Book Collection includes 40 children’s books specially selected to encourage children’s interest and learning in a broad range of topics, from science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) to history and social studies.

Reading Is Fundamental

The Collection also emphasizes multiculturalism and diversity in its books' content, characters, authors, and illustrators. A Baby Elephant in the Wild by Caitlin O’Connell Liza is a baby elephant born in the Namibian desert. Travel with Liza and her family as they search for food and water. Africa Is My Home by Monica Edinger, illus by Robert Byrd Magulu is only nine years old when she is taken by slave traders. Akira to Zoltán by Cynthia Chin-Lee, illus by Megan Halsey and Sean Addy This book introduces an alphabet of male artists, explorers, athletes, and activists who made an important impact on our world. At the Same Moment Around the World by Clotilde Perrin, illus by Clotilde Perrin Brave Girl by Michelle Markel, illus by Melissa Sweet.

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