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The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher. Part I: Introduction--What inspired my argumentative response?

The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher

For decades, too many high-school teachers have been instilling persuasive writing skills by teaching students the five-paragraph essay. You know it: Introduction with three reasons Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3. 'Lola' Pulido lived life of devotion to family. Originally published November 19, 2011 at 9:26 PM | Page modified May 17, 2017 at 1:19 PM Editor's note (May 17, 2017): This obituary, published in 2011, was written at the suggestion of and after an extensive interview with Alex Tizon, a former Seattle Times reporter.

'Lola' Pulido lived life of devotion to family

This week, a story in the June 2017 issue of The Atlantic written by Tizon, who died earlier this year, describes Eudocia Tomas Pulido as a slave and details her relationship with his family spanning decades. A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic. Alex Tizon passed away in March.

A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic

He was a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and the author of Big Little Man: In Search of My Asian Self. For more about Alex, please see this editor’s note. he ashes filled a black plastic box about the size of a toaster. It weighed three and a half pounds. Teacher: Why it is ridiculous not to teach Shakespeare in school - The Washington Post. I’ve been inundated with e-mails from teachers and other Shakespeare lovers yelling about a post published early Saturday (which you can read here) by a high school teacher who says she doesn’t want to teach the Bard anymore.

Teacher: Why it is ridiculous not to teach Shakespeare in school - The Washington Post

Why? Teacher: Why I don’t want to assign Shakespeare anymore (even though he’s in the Common Core) - The Washington Post. A flaming depiction of William Shakespeare during a fireworks display in England on April 23, 2014.

Teacher: Why I don’t want to assign Shakespeare anymore (even though he’s in the Common Core) - The Washington Post

(Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett) A new report on the teaching of Shakespeare in higher education found that English majors at the vast majority of the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities are not now required to take an in-depth Shakespeare course — but the Bard remains a fixture in high school English classes. In fact, studying Shakespeare is a requirement in the Common Core English Language Arts standards, mentioned in specific standards throughout high school.

Boston's EMPath Program Uses Science to Fight Family Poverty - The Atlantic. (03.14) The Right Tool for the Job Improving Reading and Writing in the Classroom. Having Just One Black Teacher Can Keep Black Kids In School : NPR Ed. How important is it to have a role model?

Having Just One Black Teacher Can Keep Black Kids In School : NPR Ed

A new working paper puts some numbers to that question. Having just one black teacher in third, fourth or fifth grade reduced low-income black boys' probability of dropping out of high school by 39 percent, the study found. And by high school, African-American students, both boys and girls, who had one African-American teacher had much stronger expectations of going to college. Keep in mind, this effect was observed seven to ten years after the experience of having just one black teacher. The study is big.

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The Distraction Of Racism And The Bipartisan Roots Of Chicago’s Black Suffering. There’s a Toni Morrison quote I used to bristle at: “The function of racism is distraction.”

The Distraction Of Racism And The Bipartisan Roots Of Chicago’s Black Suffering

I had never read the full context of this quote and initially, I thought this was another attempt to dismiss racism as a primary societal ill deserving of discussion, while prompting us to start paying attention to the “real” issue ie;- classism. This is an idea that’s frequently purported by clueless celebrities, people who just finished reading Rich Dad/Poor Dad, and that Black Capitalism group whose posts your cousin shares on your Facebook news feed. Is It Better to Blend Your Food? - The Atlantic. Imagine you have a glass of water and a plate of chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Is It Better to Blend Your Food? - The Atlantic

If you were already imagining that, keep imagining it. Then consider a non-trivial question: Would it be better to eat it as it is, or blend it all together and drink it? Not many people choose the latter. But among them would be hunger expert Robin Spiller, director of biomedical research at the Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre in the U.K. And he has data and a deeply considered health argument on his side. So should everyone be blending everything? Time. Black History. Black Futures. Popular earworms: Why you can't get that song out of your head. Harriet Jacobs. About Harriet Jacobs – BIOGRAPHY Note: In Incidents, Harriet Jacobs used fictitious names to protect the identity of family members.

Harriet Jacobs

The biography that appears below, uses the names scholars believe to be the true identities of her literary characters. Like any autobiography, Incidents is the author’s version of events and is not an impartial scholarly study. Childhood. Can Poverty Lead To Mental Illness? : Goats and Soda. After a mother killed her four young children and then herself last month in rural China, onlookers quickly pointed to life circumstances.

Can Poverty Lead To Mental Illness? : Goats and Soda

The family lived in extreme poverty, and bloggers speculated that her inability to escape adversity pushed her over the edge. Can poverty really cause mental illness? It's a complex question that is fairly new to science. Despite high rates of both poverty and mental disorders around the world, researchers only started probing the possible links about 25 years ago. As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession. Matt Rota for The Washington Post In the late 1980s, I was introduced to a self-styled Satanic high priestess. She called herself a witch and dressed the part, with flowing dark clothes and black eye shadow around to her temples. In our many discussions, she acknowledged worshipping Satan as his “queen.” I’m a man of science and a lover of history; after studying the classics at Princeton, I trained in psychiatry at Yale and in psychoanalysis at Columbia.

That background is why a Catholic priest had asked my professional opinion, which I offered pro bono, about whether this woman was suffering from a mental disorder. Christopher Marlowe credited in Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays — Quartz. The Oxford University Press will credit Christopher Marlowe as the co-writer in William Shakespeare’s three Henry VI plays, after a research conducted by 23 international scholars supported the theory of his contribution.

Using traditional methods and computerized tools to examine the text, the scholars determined “strongly and clearly enough” that Marlowe contributed to creating the plays, editor Gary Taylor, who led the research, told the BBC. The publisher will now credit Marlowe alongside William Shakespeare on the title pages of Henry VI parts 1, 2 and 3. School designs need to be modernized to keep up with technological innovations in education — Quartz. The way we learn has changed dramatically over the past few decades—so it makes sense that the places where we learn should change dramatically as well. Continuing to create concrete boxes with fixed walls and rigid classroom spaces makes as much sense as investing in floppy disks. It’s been a few decades since powerful computers first started arriving in schools and classrooms.

These new-age tools and other similar education technologies promised to transform the way schools functioned, in the process changing how teachers taught and how students learned. At the same time, the education community has invested considerable time and money training teachers, modernizing curriculums, and rethinking the way children learn effectively.

What's 'Healthy'? What's 'Natural'? Late last month, the U.S. The September Jobs Report in 10 Charts. Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys, UN report finds. Image copyright Getty Images Girls spend 40% more time performing unpaid household chores than boys, according to a new report from the UN children's agency. In Ghana, calls to tear down a statue of ‘racist’ Gandhi. It’s true: Parents really are biased toward firstborns — Quartz. It’s true: Parents really are biased toward firstborns — Quartz. We Are Defending Dreams. The 10 Most Unequal Cities in America. Miami is the most unequal big city in the America, according to a Bloomberg ranking, after moving six spots in only one year. The Fight to Vote in a Southern Swing State: A Road Trip Through North Carolina - The Atlantic.

Home-Care Workers and the Future of Health Care. The people who will save American health care likely don’t wear lab coats or perform complicated procedures in operating rooms. Meet the World's First 'Three-Parent' Baby - D-brief. Rural Indian Girls Chase Big-City Dreams. Triumph 1360 - adda. Want some strength and community with your lunch? Head to @SheroesHangout, where acid attack survivors run the show.

The Man in the Red Bandana. A physical education in Naperville. A physical education in Naperville. MONEY & Essence's Best 50 Colleges for African Americans. The salary you need to afford rent in 10 of the largest US cities. Teaching Tolerance - Diversity, Equity and Justice. Lesson 7a Say Yes by Tobias Wolff. Say Yes by Tobias Wolff.pdf. Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening - Desiree's Baby. Kendrick just doing Kendrick things. 1695. Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919). Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations. 1989. Roald Dahl (1916-1990) 18 Perfect Short Stories That Pack More Of A Punch Than Most Novels.

For the Golden State Warriors, Brain Zapping Could Provide an Edge. The Freedom of Structure. POEM: CHOICES BY NIKKI GIOVANNI.