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From my garden

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Garden surplus sends me hunting for recipes, so these are recipes for taking advantage of the goods I grow, especially those that tend to go crazy (figs, tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, basil, plums, tarragon, oregano, lemon balm, mint)


Peppers. Shiso. Figs. Cooking With Squash Flowers: Tips For Harvesting Squash Flowers. By Bonnie L.

Cooking With Squash Flowers: Tips For Harvesting Squash Flowers

Grant Squash blossoms are glorious golden blooms, which are not only attractive but also good to eat. Harvesting squash blossoms as food requires a little knowledge of the plant’s reproductive biology. In order to ensure fruit, you need to know when to pick squash flowers and which ones to pick. Squash blossoms are used as soon as possible but there are some tips on how to store squash blossoms to extend their best flavor. Information on Picking Squash Blossoms Flowers from summer squash, zucchini and late-season pumpkins and winter squash make tasty garnishes or even side dishes. The female blossoms will become the fruit so in order to preserve your harvest, it is best to pick the male blooms. Advertisement How and When to Pick Squash Flowers Morning is the best time for harvesting squash flowers.

Female blooms are considered the tastiest but you should minimize their harvest if you want fruit on the plant. How to Store Squash Blossoms Keep them in the refrigerator.


Garlic. Tarragon Oil Recipe. Here's one of the little secret weapons I've kept stocked in my refrigerator all summer.

Tarragon Oil Recipe

It's a simple tarragon oil. Actually, it's equal parts tarragon, parsley, and olive oil - but I think of it as having tarragon in the limelight. The grassy anise notes and electric color of the herbs permeate the golden olive oil, it's beautiful. I use it as a finishing oil on soups, as a component of anything bread-centric (open-faced sandwiches, panzanellas, etc), and as a vinaigrette base. It's ridiculously good drizzled over simple poached eggs and toast. I wrote the recipe below to yield about 2/3 cup (160 ml) of tarragon oil.

Also(!) 3/4 cup / 12g tarragon leaves 3/4 cup / 12 g flat-leaf parsley leaves 3/4 cup / 180 ml extra virgin olive oil fine grain sea salt Bring a medium saucepan of water to a boil. Makes 2/3 cup. Prep time: 5 min - Cook time: 5 min Print Recipe. Zucchini bread pancakes. For someone who doesn’t garden, lives pretty far from farms and couldn’t even keep a couple herbs alive on her kitchen windowsill, I take zucchini population control pretty seriously.

zucchini bread pancakes

Sure, I don’t have to lock my car door in August, I don’t have a CSA dumping boxes of it unceremoniously on my porch and then running away like a thief in the night, and it’s been a long time since I lived in a house with bats in the backyard, but I get it. The problem is real. We all must do our part. But zucchini is pesky. It’s not like tomatoes, which are like the prom queens of the summer farms, perfect no matter how you dice, slow roast, scallop or sauce them.


Spicy Peach and Plum Salsa Recipe. Natural Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe. Pictures and pancakes. Acorn squash quesadillas + tomatillo salsa. A few weeks ago (oh, you didn’t think that meant I was all caught up, did you?)

acorn squash quesadillas + tomatillo salsa

A friend and I went to a cooking demonstration at a great little modern Mexican restaurant named Dos Caminos. I know very close to nothing about Mexican cooking, despite adoring the flavor palate–the sour and tangy citruses against smoky peppers and hearty beans and meats and seriously, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to try to learn a few new things. Chalk it up to intimidation. The focus of the demonstration was on fall meals, which was particularly awesome because I think we largely associate Mexican cooking with warm weather, a la pico de gaillos and fresh corn everything. I learned a ton. Oh, and delicious booziness. But when I got to the Greenmarket that weekend all eager to buy the pound of squash blossoms the recipe suggested, I was all but laughed out of Union Square.