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Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny's Selected Seeds

P and P Seed P & P Seed Co. Shopping with P & P Seed Co. has never been easier! All seed orders that ship to US and Canada, select US Seed Shipment shipping method. Romence Gardens & Greenhouses Grand Rapids, MI Retail & Mail Order Garden Center, Online Plant Resource Click for more info on when your plants will ship New for 2014 Annuals CHERVIL - Highwinds Herbs As with most herbs, chervil is an aid to sluggish digestion. When brewed as a tea it can be used as a soothing eye wash. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 TBLS. fresh chopped chervil and let this steep for 20 minutes. Be sure to cover this to keep in all the volatile oils. Moon calendar astrology - free chart online : Garden works with fruit plants, making of Activated EM1 (AEM) fortunately : Garden works with fruit and seed plants, sowing lawn, hairdressing, making of Activated EM1 (AEM) fortunately : Garden works with root vegetables, compost works fortunately : Garden works with root vegetables, compost works, root and winter vegetables sowing and conserving, cutting plants, hairdressing fortunately : Garden works with root vegetables, compost works, transplanting, dunging, sowing the lawn, hairdressing fortunately

Seed Savers Exchange Organic Fingerling Potatoes - Swedish Peanut You are in our Kitchen Potato section looking at potatoes to prepare in your kitchen. If you want Seed potatoes to plant in your garden, Click Here. Our organic potato crop is now growing out in the field. Potatoes are harvested in September and October each year and are available to ship to you at that time. 20 and 50 pound bags are shipped starting November 1st, to allow for the skins to thicken sufficiently to be cleaned on our brushing equipment.

The Nine Sacred Herbs of the Anglo-Saxons By Francis Beswick | The Anglo-Saxons believed that nine herbs had special powers against illness and evil The Nine Herb Charm The Italian Gardener - Herb and vegetable seed to plant and grow in your garden

Organic Seed Alliance Andean Tuber Crops » Sacred Succulents This is only a partial list of the plants and seeds we have available. Send $2 ($4 international) for our complete illustrated catalog Jewels of the Earth Facts : Cultural Advice Cultural Advice (See more opera) Soil Pawpaws are flexible in their soil requirements. The main thing is good drainage. The soil must be well drained. New Gippsland Seeds & Bulbs - quality seeds and bulbs for vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits ...and more HEIRLOOM SEEDS Phyllostachys atrovaginata Phyllostachys atrovaginata Common name: Incense Bamboo Maximum Height: 35-40 feet Diameter: 2.75 inches Hardiness: -10°F ( listed by the American Bamboo Society at -15°F) USDA Zone recommended 5b through 10. (may do fine in 5a) Formerly called Phyllostachys congesta, this bamboo is very quick growing. This is an excellent bamboo for landscaping use due to its rapid growth, relatively large diameter canes in relation to height, and straight upright culms. Phyllostachys atrovaginata has an unusual characteristic in that the culms have a wax on the surface with a fragrance somewhat like sandalwood. Like water bamboo, Phyllostachys heteroclada, this species has air canals in the rhizomes and roots which are an adaptation for growing in wet soils.

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