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How to Make Red Hot Liqueur Video. 26 Best Tequila Cocktails 2020 - Easy, Simple Tequila Mix Drink Recipes. Don't get us wrong—we still love a margarita, but there's no reason for your tequila journey to end with lime and a salt rim.

26 Best Tequila Cocktails 2020 - Easy, Simple Tequila Mix Drink Recipes

From tropical fruits to smoky, spirit forward sips, tequila has a versatility that's poised to shake up your bar cart and a reputation for fun that makes it a guaranteed crowd pleaser no matter how you mix it. Not sure how to make the most of those silvers, golds, reposados, añejos, and extra añejos? These flavorful recipes (and, okay, a few margaritas too) are guaranteed to expand your agave horizons and take any party up a notch. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Casa Ginger Mint Paloma Ingredients 2 oz Casamigos Reposado1.5 oz grapefruit juice1 oz fresh lime juice.5 oz simple syrup8-10 mint leaves Instructions Muddle herbs. MORE: Our Favorite Tequilas to Mix With Cocktails Strawberry Kiwi Margarita. Pineapple Blueberry Sparkler. 73 Smoothie Recipes With Bananas - GreenBlender. Snow Cone Syrup, Homemade Electrolyte Drink and Electrolyte Drink. Make Your Own Homemade Gatorade + 7 Flavor Ideas.

Despite not having played a sport since high school, not too long ago I became obsessed with Gatorade.

Make Your Own Homemade Gatorade + 7 Flavor Ideas

My roommate at the time and I had a stocked fridge full of neon-colored plastic bottles, and it even got to the point where we joked about buying one of those huge Gatorade dispensers for the kitchen. There is something weirdly satisfying and refreshing about sports drinks—especially after a run, on a hot day, when you’re dehydrated or…maybe a little hungover (to be honest, I’m pretty sure that was the start of our obsession). That’s because they’re designed to replenish not just the water you’re missing, but the minerals known as electrolytes—sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium—that are essential for nerve and muscle function. Problem is, when you down a sports drink, you’re not just getting electrolytes. You’re getting artificial colors and flavors, sweeteners and other harmful ingredients.

What You’ll Need How to Make Homemade Gatorade Here’s the basic formula: The Alcohol Harm Reduction Blog. I received the following email today and I am sharing the whole of it verbatim: I am writing this to give you my personal experience on detoxing using alcohol and to offer a possible solution to others who need to taper off alcohol in a safe and rational fashion.

The Alcohol Harm Reduction Blog

First of all, my drinking over the past few years has been gradually growing and getting out of control. I am a professional, but only work two days a week, which has caused a bit of a problem because it allowed for too much free time for me to indulge. During the past two years, I had increased my consumption (which was already too high) to about a fifth a day. Strawberry Watermelon Coolers - Eat. Drink. Love. Strawberry Watermelon Coolers Imagine this: you are getting ready for the day and you look in the mirror and think, “My gosh, my hair looks magnificent today.”

Strawberry Watermelon Coolers - Eat. Drink. Love.

“Hey everyone, come see how good I look!” Then, you head out to the office, thinking it’s going to be a great day. You go into the bathroom, look in the mirror and oh, the horror! What devilry is this?! This, my friends, is the story of my life. Damn you, humidity!!! It’s been unbearably hot here in Florida. Meet my new favorite drink. Print Yield: about 6 servings Prep Time: 15 minutes. My life in food: Watermelon Lime Frosty (or Margarita) and Guess What?

A few days ago, I opened the latest edition of our local Steamboat Magazine and low and behold, there I was on page 40, in full color, in all my glory, complete with an article and recipes.

My life in food: Watermelon Lime Frosty (or Margarita) and Guess What?

I am completely giddy over this and trying to find a way to adjust to my new found fame. Yeah, I can't even write that with the words crossed out and keep a straight face. It all started when Susan asked if she could write a small article about me and the blog for the Cuisine section of the magazine. Um, could she? I was extremely flattered that she would even think of me. Cocktails and mixed drinks recipes from Yukon Jack. 1.25 oz.

Cocktails and mixed drinks recipes from Yukon Jack

Pineapple Juice 0.25 oz. Grenadine 0.25 oz. Lime Juice 0.5 oz. Rum 0.5 oz. Triple Sec 0.5 oz. Blending instructions 1 oz. Agent orange ii 1 oz. Blending instructions Black jack wv Splash 7 Up 1/2 oz. Blending instructions Bloody tampon. Drink Project - All the mixed drink ingredients you have and mixed drink recipes you need. This Side Of The Fence. Summer is coming!

This Side Of The Fence

Here's some refreshing "juice" for the adults! 1 cup Watermelon Vodka 1/3 cup Triple Sec 1/3 cup Coconut Malibu Rum 4 scoops Pink Lemonade mix Water Strawberries Mix it up in a Mason jar and ENJOY! Change it up by using a pkg of Crystal Light pink Lemonade and Vanilla Vodka Try other flavors of Vodka or juice mixes as well. How about Vanilla Vodka and powdered Orange Juice....use your imagination LIKE SHARE COMMENT FOLLOW ME ┊ FOLLOW MY BOARDS On Pinterest ☆ Follow me ---> ┊ ┊ ★Follow my blog---> ┊ ☆Join my Group--> ★Join my Team--> #hollyshelpinhand #skinnyfiberdirectholly.