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Kisskissbankbank : collectez des fonds pour réaliser vos projets. Crowdfunding. Politicians do it. Charities too. And now for-profit entrepreneurs are tapping the Internet to get small amounts of money from lots and lots of supporters. One part social networking and one part capital accumulation, crowdfunding websites seek to harness the enthusiasm--and pocket money--of virtual strangers, promising them a cut of the returns. Like a homespun IPO, helps hoi polloi bankroll upstart fashion designers.

Subscribe Now Get TIME the way you want it One Week Digital Pass — $4.99 Monthly Pay-As-You-Go DIGITAL ACCESS — $2.99 One Year ALL ACCESS — Just $30! PleaseFund.Us, A Crowdfunding Platform For All Your Ideas. FansNextdoor + Crowdfunding créatif. Welcome | RocketHub. Collaborative Fund. Kickstarter.

Kicktraq :: Kickstarter Project Tracking Swiss Army Knife of Awesome. Top 40 Platforms for Crowdfunding Social Change. By jdaviescoates at November 23, 2012 | 2:56 pm | Print I published this on the P2P Foundation blog last week, but posting here too for good measure Crowdfunding is a new word for an old idea. The Oxford English dictionary defines it as: “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet” Crowdfunding’s poster child, Kickstarter, launched in April 2009. But Kickstrater is now just one of over 450 crowdfunding platforms worldwide. So, crowdfunding is big and growing fast. An example of particular interest to P2P Foundation readers might be the story of how Jonas Salk created the very first polio vaccine in the 1950s; it is was crowdfunded and patent-free.

More recently, crowdfunding has been used with great success to finance political action. Inspired to take action? Web | twitter | facebook | github Goteo is an open source platform for ‘crowdfunding the commons’. Web | twitter | facebook | github web. Touscoprod. The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding? Kickstarting People | Wired Opinion. One market that has always seemed immune to disruption (as popularized by Clayton Christensen in the Innovator’s Dilemma) has been the market for money itself. While all sorts of companies were being disrupted — by fledgling competitors introducing lesser-featured products no one really wanted — those who financed the disruptors gained most.

Venture capitalists and investment bankers reaped the benefits when those fledgling companies’ innovative features finally moved into mainstream markets. But those days of benefitting, while remaining immune to, disruption are done. Because of crowdfunding, Christensen’s heartless yet proven principle is finally turning its steely gaze toward the very way capital is allocated and accessed. However, I’m going to argue here not just for the popular notion of crowdfunding as backing “projects,” but as backing people, too. Dave Girouard is co-founder and CEO of Upstart. Let’s start with Kickstarter as the obvious crowdfunding example. AkaStarter. My Major Company - devenez producteur. le premier studio de cinéma sur internet. Microryza | Crowdfunding Platform for Science Research Grants. | Donnez vie aux bonnes idées. Découvrez et soutenez des projets enthousiasmants. Pick & Boost - Financement Participatif. Tipeee - Le tip participatif au service des créateurs du web. Crowdfunding / Crowdfunding. Please request to get permission to edit this page. I approve people who appear legitimate so it helps to add a message with your request. Due to overwhelming amount of requests and spam, I am not activating any editors so instead please just send a brief description and URL of the crowdfunding project that you would like listed here.

That is the main reason why people want edit access (as opposed to enhancing the article). Thanks. Contact Michael Sullivan - sulleleven on gmail or @sull on Twitter. This content was written in 2006 and originally added to Wikipedia by Michael Sullivan. It was copied here after Wikipedia editors deleted the article and remains here for posterity and archival.

Crowdfunding, inspired by crowdsourcing, describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Overview Influence of the crowd is another factor. 13 Crowdfunding Websites to Fund Your Business. Who needs banks? Crowdfunding websites can help you find a community of small investors to fund your business, without the risks of traditional financing. Here is a list of crowdfunding sites. Some sites focus on funding creative projects, others sites focus on meeting specific needs in the marketplace or community. So don’t let access to capital hold you back — let the crowd fund you. 13 Crowdfunding Websites 33needs. 33needs enables everyone to invest, make a social impact, and earn financial rewards.

9 crowdfunding websites to help you change the world. - Webdistortion. For many people, the thought of taking significant financial risk holds them back from jumping head-long into launching the idea that has been stuck in the recesses of their head. This collection of sites are designed to take the risk out of that creativity and innovation, allowing even the little guy to do something amazing. Who needs venture capital funding to get their idea off the ground? If you’ve been holding back because of it, you might just find there’s help out there, fueled by the community, and managed by some of these fantastic sites, which can help you fund your idea, business startup or music project. KickStarter URL: KickStarter has received quite a bit of publicity recently for its efforts. As far as the rules for funding goes, KickStarter keeps things simple. RocketHub URL: Another very similar site to KickStarter is RocketHub.

Edit. Quirky URL: Fundbreak URL: CatWalkGenius. A Guide to Crowdfunding Success. Brandon Mendelson is the project coordinator for A Million High Fives, the largest electronic supply and volunteer drive in America. You can follow @BJMendelson for details. It seems as though everyone is crowdfunding or backing a crowdfunded project. Tim Ferriss, author of the popular "4 Hour Work Week", backs Litliberation, which he claims "out fundraised Stephen Colbert by a 3:1 margin", and you can't go an hour on Twitter without hearing about the latest Twitter fundraising initiative. But until now, there has not been a clear guide on how to get started, and so here's what you need to know before diving into a crowdfunding program (and how to succeed.) What's this ... crowdfunding you speak of? Ever borrow money from your friends? Take a walk on the legal side Joshua King, VP of Business Development and General Counsel at Avvo has great news for individuals looking to get started: So what should your first step be?

Defining success through crowdfunding Ever read "Made To Stick"? Crowd Funding Monitor. For each of these, and many other questions, readers of the Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? 2013 will be able to absorb in a page or two the significant indications expert analysts (not some algorithm) have gleaned from thousands of pages of reading, anchored in a unique statistical analysis of how patterns of coverage change through time. Our classification schema (which is mirrored in the Table of Contents) also provides its users with a unique common framework, enabling readers to see and share a coherent bigger picture, as never before – very useful for collaboration.

All the indicator data is linked by URL back to the original sources, too, for instant further research, if needed. Product Description Crowdfunding: Key to the Future of Finance? The contents - approximately 72 pages - comprise a professional intelligence analysis of hundreds of data sources about Crowd Funding from the web. How Who We are not pundits and pollsters peddling the last fashionable opinions. When. 22 Crowdfunding Sites (and How To Choose Yours!) Crowdfunding used to be pretty simple. Artists, inventors, and filmmakers posted their ideas, and funders chipped in a few bucks to make something happen. Kickstarter, the site that triggered the crowdfunding movement, was the cornerstone.

In three years, the site has helped launch more than 95,000 projects. Today, there are scores of crowdfunding sites. Indiegogo, Bolstr, Fundable--the list goes on. With the SEC poised to allow projects to offer equity, crowdfunding has the potential to revolutionize how entrepreneurs raise money. But all sites are not created equal. Alvarum France - Accueil. - Group Fund Anything | Crowd funding. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.[1] One early-stage equity expert described it as “the practice of raising funds from two or more people over the internet towards a common Service, Project, Product, Investment, Cause, and Experience, or SPPICE.”[2] The crowdfunding model is fueled by three types of actors: the project initiator who proposes the idea and/or project to be funded; individuals or groups who support the idea; and a moderating organization (the "platform") that brings the parties together to launch the idea.[3] In 2013, the crowdfunding industry grew to be over $5.1 billion worldwide.[4] History[edit] Types[edit] The Crowdfunding Centre's May 2014 report identified the existence of two primary types of crowdfunding: Rewards-based[edit] Equity[edit] Debt-based[edit] Litigation[edit] Charity[edit] Role of the crowd[edit] Crowdfunding platforms[edit] Origins[edit] Press.

Production communautaire. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. La production communautaire, ou « production participative », est une méthode de production de contenu par un très grand nombre de personnes[1]. La mise en commun des apports individuels est facilitée par le développement des réseaux sociaux et des communautés sur internet. L’internaute contributeur peut en échange trouver une contrepartie ou un service ou d’une forme particulière d'investissement, le projet fonctionnant alors comme le ferait une coopérative ou une société de coproduction, qui reverse une participation aux bénéfices futurs.

Le financement de la production communautaire peut être assuré par un financement collaboratif. Le principe de la production communautaire[modifier | modifier le code] Une production communautaire fait appel aux internautes pour trouver les fonds nécessaires à l’aboutissement d'un projet de création. L'appel peut être largement ouvert, ou réduit à un cercle de réseaux de contact et d'amis.

Crowdfunding. Intermediary Platforms Research & Development platforms Innocentive – open innovation problem solvingIdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem – IP market placePRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problemsHypios – online problem solvingInnoget – research intermediary platformOne Billion Minds – online (social) challengesNineSigma – technology problem solvingIdeaken – collaborative – Community of innovators & creators.

Marketing, Design & Idea platforms Collective Intelligence & Prediction platforms Lumenogic – collective intelligence marketsUshahidi – crowdsourcing crisis informationKaggle – data mining and forecastingWe Are Hunted – the online music chartGoogle Image Labeler – crowdsourced image labeling HR & Freelancers platforms TopCoder – competition-based software crowdsourcingSpudaroo – crowdsourcing copywritingClickworker – small online task solvingAmazon Mechanical Turk – low-cost crowdsourcing Open innovation software 478Shares. Crowd Funding Forum.