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KissKissBankBank — Let's free Creativity!

KissKissBankBank — Let's free Creativity!

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IDEAS CITY 2015: The Collective NYC Biome Map Petri-plates with bacteria modified with fluorescent protein under UV light, show parts of NYC grid map.(Photo credit Marta Molina Gomez and Ali Schachtschneider). Genspace citizen science biotech lab and scientist Christine Marizzi from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center worked together to create a map of NYCs collective microbiome, as part of the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY Festival 2015. Painting with bacteria on site at IDEAS CITY. (Photo credit Bella Cohen) The theme of IDEAS CITY Festival 2015 was The Invisible City, an homage to Italo Calvino’s literary masterpiece. Buddy Bluetooth watch VEA Buddy,your smartphone sidekick. The VEA BUDDY displays all notifications on its screen and also controls your smartphone. Please note that, shipping fees of 15$, is only applied to buyers outside of France.

We are a placemaking agency latest Projects TypeAllArt in the Public RealmCambridgeCultural BrokeringCultural PlacemakingEmbedded ArtsGreenfieldHealthcareLondonMixed UsePublishingResidentialStreet FurnitureTransport Hub ClientAllAlmarenALTAAmwaj Properties LtdAnglia Ruskin UniversityAquila House Holdings LtdB.A.R. The Pop-Up Pinhole Project by Kelly Angood As featured on... It's Nice That - "It produces very high quality, two-fingers-up to Instagram, pinhole photographs" Fast Co. Design - "It’s Angood’s perfectionism for artifice that elevates the Videre beyond mere gimmick to a nostalgic reboot, a celebration of vintage cameras, papercraft, and medium format film photography in one. It’s not designed to make photography simple; it’s designed to make photography fun."

Art and Playgrounds by Simon and Tom Bloor - Playscapes In London recently I got the chance to meet Simon and Tom Bloor, contemporary artists/brothers whose body of work derives from play and the playground experience. You’ll want to visit their website, which features a great array of found images that inspire pieces ranging from a canal boat with a dazzle-paint inspired exterior and a mirrored interior, to gilded maquettes of mid-century play-features and half-tone prints in play themes, to a brilliant, free-form geometry painted on a boring school tarmac that has prompted the schoolchildren to create new games on its lines. I particularly appreciate that Simon and Tom’s work is deeply historically informed.

Kreate-a-lope® - The Fastest Envelope Maker on the Planet! by Nick Romer "Creating your own custom envelopes is a cinch with the Kreate-a-lope®" - Kimberly Jones, "....perfect envelope every time. I'm amazed... I really am." - Lora Brinkman, "...true to their claim, they are easy and fun!" - Melissa Lohman-Wild, Bev Dice (Relaunch): Beverage Chilling Stones, No More Ice by Laura Flores S. Soapstone D6 Style Dice that will keep your Vodka, Whiskey, Wine, Beer, Gin, Scotch, Soda(POP), Ice Tea, Lemonade, Coffee or Hot Cocoa at the ideal temperature for hours. Even practice your dice rolling skills or play those favorite card and board games. Makes for an excellent birthday, holiday, wedding or personal gift to yourself!

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