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Crowdfunding in book publishing « TELL Fleur. Preparing a general overview of crowdfunding platforms I learnt about some initiatives that focus on the book publishing industry.

Crowdfunding in book publishing « TELL Fleur

Earlier I was under assumption that a Dutch start-up called ‘Tenpages’ was the only player in this field. So, what is deal? Who is doing what? Crowdfunding Initiatives in Book Publishing. An 18th Century Publishing Model for the 21st. Books are now in your hands. Pubslush. New Post - MARKETPLACE FOR JOURNALISM. Publishing your own book: discover (you) writing talent. Books are now in your hands. Crowdfunding, Micropayments and Publishers. ©Naveen Jamal I was reading an article in Fast Company about the launch of and came across an aspect about the model that I really hadn’t thought much about – the role and opportunity for publishers.

Crowdfunding, Micropayments and Publishers

Publishers, too, if they take a shine to a project on the site, can secure first publication rights by funding up to 50% of the project. Publishers also, of course, have to pay a negotiated fee for the photographer’s work. It’ll be interesting to see what stories get picked up by large publications. I’m sure it’ll happen sooner than later, but what I find more interesting is the possibility that publications could evolve the crowdfunding model and use it to fund their own projects. PUBSLUSH launches a Kickstarter platform for book publishing. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies was rejected 20 times before becoming published.

PUBSLUSH launches a Kickstarter platform for book publishing

Several of Isaac Asimov’s stories were rejected, never sold, or eventually lost. Agatha Christie had to wait four years for her first book to be published.