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Top 15 sites built with PHP [@CoderFactory Blog] PHP is a hugely popular open-source, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development. PHP is a relatively easy language to learn, especially considering the vast amount of resources and the large community of developers out there. There are a ton of jobs out there for PHP developers as there are so many sites that use the language, such as those below. "Programming is like sex.

Crowdfunding Intermediary Platforms Research & Development platforms Innocentive – open innovation problem solvingIdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem – IP market placePRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problemsHypios – online problem solvingInnoget – research intermediary platformOne Billion Minds – online (social) challengesNineSigma – technology problem solvingIdeaken – collaborative – Community of innovators & creators. Marketing, Design & Idea platforms Collective Intelligence & Prediction platforms

Social Media Timeline Last week, Dr. Sean Carton, the Chief Creative Officer of our web division (idfive), posted the following Social Media Timeline graphic at the idfive blog - Sean created the graphic as part of his preparation for speaking at the 2009 eduWEB conference in Chicago. Sean wrote: "It's definitely NOT to scale and I'm sure that plenty of people could quibble with what I chose to include as examples of "social media," (I define "social media" as "technologies that facilitate conversations") but I think it provides a pretty interesting overview of where this stuff came from and how long it's been around." What I took away from this graphic is that it's important to remember that these applications/sites go in and out of favor over time.

CrowdCulture Mixes Crowdfunding With Public Money Who has the right to enter the artistic scene? Who decides the criteria’s on access to public funding? How would public art funding be designed if we invented the concept now? CrowdCulture is a new crowdfunding site for creative projects, that tries to answer these questions in a fairly unique way. Chords Jazz Standards The Jazz RealBook Is Reborn As Software And Comes Alive To Finally Deliver Its Potential! There is absolutely no better way to learn the "jazz language" than by seeing and hearing the music created by famous jazz artists. The EASIEST WAY to do that is by running through jazz charts while listening to the recordings. Now, as you may already know, the Real Book has been an essential part of every aspiring jazz musician's arsenal since the spiral bound, soft cover fake book came out in the 70's It's right up there in importance with your instrument and your albums.

9 Easy-to-Use Tools To Create Animated GIFs In this article, we are presenting 9 excellent tools for creating animated GIF easily. GIF is Graphic Interchange Format that can turn a stack of images into a short looping video. You can easily embed animated GIF images into your website or add or email to create a stunning effect. Crowdfunding Politicians do it. Charities too. And now for-profit entrepreneurs are tapping the Internet to get small amounts of money from lots and lots of supporters. Social Media Year Infographic Much has changed over the last year in social media. Things like the rise of Snapchat, the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo, the growing importance of mobile-first social networks like WeChat and Vine, the launch of LinkedIn's widely successful Influencer program and more, further complicate the digital landscape for marketers. According to a report by Social Media Examiner, 86 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business, up from 83 percent in 2012. It's fairly obvious that social media will continue to have a significant impact on the way marketers and business owners continue to communicate with consumers on a daily basis. Marketers should give attention to which social platforms help them reach their goals with relevant audiences, whether that's generating sales or greater visibility.

What is Projeggt? - Projeggt Ten things to know about Projeggt 1. At Projeggt we incubate creative and entrepreneurial ideas Cognitone Groundbreaking new technology that is able to understand and interpret music on a high level of abstraction. Incredible editing capabilities never seen before help you put new ideas to life in no time. Record Once & Use Everywhere Once you collected a critical mass of musical expressions in your personal libraries, the possibilities of using them in different projects are almost limitless. For a quick start, Synfire can also import everything MIDI you can get hold of and create phrases for you automatically.

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