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Classic Short Stories

Classic Short Stories
This is a listing of the stories by author with mention of the books that the stories were taken from or mention of the person who so graciously supplied the story to Classic Short Stories. Bravo!! We have also added a word count for those who have a limited amount of time and would prefer to gauge the length of the story to the amount of time they have. Thomas Bailey Aldrich Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, Marjorie Daw, FAMILY BOOK OF BEST LOVED SHORT STORIES 189-207 (1954) Word Count: 7419. Honore de Balzac de Balzac, Honore, A Passion in the Desert, A TREASURY OF SHORT STORIES 60-69 (1947) Word Count: 5565. Ambrose Bierce Bierce, Ambrose, Beyond the Wall, submitted by Annalee Elliot (1999) Word Count: 3448. Paul Bowles Bowles, Paul, In the Red Room, submitted by Cathy Word Count: 3690. Willa Cather Cather, Willa, Paul's Case, ANTHOLOGY OF FAMOUS AMERICAN STORIES 681-697 (1953) Word Count: 8970. Anton Pavlovich Checkhov Stuart Cloete Richard Connell Roald Dahl Richard Harding Davis Fielding Dawson O. Related:  Short Stories for Middle SchoolLiteracyskeny

The Ransom Of Red Chief by O Henry IT LOOKED like a good thing: but wait till I tell you. We were down South, in Alabama -- Bill Driscoll and myself -- when this kidnapping idea struck us. It was, as Bill afterward expressed it, "during a moment of temporary mental apparition"; but we didn't find that out till later. There was a town down there, as flat as a flannel-cake, and called Summit, of course. Bill and me had a joint capital of about six hundred dollars, and we needed just two thousand dollars more to pull off a fraudulent town-lot scheme in Western Illinois with. We selected for our victim the only child of a prominent citizen named Ebenezer Dorset. About two miles from Summit was a little mountain, covered with a dense cedar brake. "Hey, little boy!" The boy catches Bill neatly in the eye with a piece of brick. "That will cost the old man an extra five hundred dollars," says Bill, climbing over the wheel. Bill was pasting court-plaster over the scratches and bruises on his features. "Ha! "I like this fine. "Me?"

Sentence Diagramming Since part of the writing process involves editing our work, we need to know how to recognize complete thoughts and how to vary our sentence structure. This makes our writing more coherent as well as more interesting to read. Understanding the functions of parts of the speech in a sentence and their relationship to one another can be very helpful in learning to construct good sentences. Step #1 Look for the VERB in the sentence. Aunt Polly punished Tom for ditching school. Tom started a fight with the new boy in town. Try these: Tom’s friends were painting the fence for him. Step #2 Find the SUBJECT of the verb (the person or thing that performs the action). Step #3 Find the DIRECT OBJECT. Step #4 Look for ARTICLES (a, an, the) or POSSESSIVES (my, your, his, hers, its, their, Joe’s, Maria’s, etc.) Tom’s friends were painting the fence for him. Step #5 Look for ADJECTIVES (words that describe or limit a noun or pronoun). Becky Thatcher wore two long braids Huck Finn was a homeless boy. Step #6

Brisbane City Council: Joining the library Library membership is free to Brisbane ratepayers and anyone who lives, works or studies in Brisbane. To join, visit a Brisbane City Council library and show proof of your current address and photo ID or proof of signature. If you're under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must provide their ID. You must agree to the terms and conditions of library membership. Children's cards are available for members 12 years and under. Borrowing and returning items Library members receive a library card to borrow up to 20 items at a time for four weeks (28 days) at all Council libraries. Find out about the renewal of library items. If an item is not available or is at another location, you can place a hold (reserve) on it using eLibCat or ask a library staff member for help. You may be able to access unavailable items through Libraries Australia and use the interlibrary loan service. FastBack books A FastBack book loan is for seven days and cannot be renewed. After hours returns Fees and charges The Guardian | Read free extracts from Children's & Young Adult books Tamaya is on a scholarship to the prestigious Woodridge Academy and every day she and Marshall walk to school together. They never go through the woods. And when they arrive at school they stop talking to each other – because Marshall can’t be seen to be friends with a little kid like Tamaya. Especially not with Chad around. "The Fan Club" by Rona Maynard There was a ripple of dry, humorless laughter—almost, Laura thought, like the sound of a rattlesnake. Rachel stood before the class now, her face red, her heavy arms piled with boxes. Diane Goddard tossed back her head and winked at Steve. “Well, well, don’t we have lots of things to show,” said Miss Merrill. “But aren’t you going to put those boxes down, Rachel? “Man, that kid’s dumb,” Steve muttered, and his voice could be clearly heard all through the room. With a brisk rattle, Miss Merrill’s pen tapped the desk for silence. Rachel’s slow smile twitched at the corners. “Hurry and pick them up,” said Miss Merrill sharply. Rachel crouched on her knees and began very clumsily to gather her scattered treasures. “My—my speech is on shells.” A cold and stony silence had settled upon the room. “Lots of people collect shells, because they’re kind of pretty—sort of, and you just find them on the beach.” “Well, whaddaya know!” “Bet she got it at Woolworth’s,” somebody whispered. “Or in a trash dump.”

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