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Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring Pages for Kids
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Free Coloring Pages - Gratis material att ladda ner - Här samlar vi gratis material för barn med funktionsnedsättningar inom områdena diagnos/syndrom/språkstörning. Teckenmaterial, böcker, tips,lek och rapporter, etc. Tipsa oss gärna om mer på Böcker i pdf fil Det blev ett barn I boken Det blev ett barn berättar nio familjer öppenhjärtigt om den första tiden som föräldrar till ett barn med Downs syndrom. Det blev ett barn ges ut som en del av det nu avslutade projektet ”Bemötande och omhändertagande – när något oväntat sker” och är skriven med föräldrar och andra anhöriga i åtanke men riktar sig också till vårdpersonal som i sitt yrke möter nyblivna familjer och som nu får en god möjlighet att fylla på förrådet av kunskap på området bemötande, omhändertagande och Downs syndrom. Det blev ett barn kan laddas ned som pdf-fil (10,5 MB)Det blev ett barn kan beställas i tryck via e-post till: och kostar då 212 kr inkl moms + porto Folder Material för gratis nedladdning: (pdf-filer. Julsånger Tips!

Tree Colouring Pages - Färglägg träd Here's a collection of tree colouring pages featuring trees native to the British Isles, together with their leaves and seeds. Great for nature study! Download printable versions by clicking the links beneath the images below. Here's a colouring page of the blackberry bush, with detailed close-up drawings of the fruit, flowers and branches for the children to colour in. Enjoy this pretty spring blossom tree colouring page for kids which can also be used as a counting activity! There is nothing quite so lovely in spring as the cherry tree in blossom! Whether in the hedgerow or garden, the elder tree is a useful tree and a distinctive sight, with its red berries (elderberries) and white sprays of flowers. The holly tree is best recognised as provided evergreen foliage at Christmas time. Here's a colouring page of the majestic oak tree, with close up detail of its distinctive leaves and acorns. This pretty tree template could be useful for all sorts of crafty nature or Christmas projects!

Färglägg Ritmallar och Pyssla Download Free ESL Flashcards and Printables Random Pets-Animals Tutorials by Hellobaby on deviantART Snowman Theme We have a growing collection of snowman colouring pages and colouring cards, ready to enjoy this... Lots NEW! Over the years we have built up a great collection of snowman crafts for kids, and every... We have a growing collection of snowman printables including posters, jigsaws, a learn to draw... When it is cold outside our snowman games will provide lots of fun indoors. We have a gorgeous Winter holidays spot the difference and a simple how many words puzzle perfect...

Decorated Paper Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion This has opened in a separate window - just exit to return to the Literacy page. A selection of bordered A4 paper suitable for classroom use: just click on the images to download. Robot themed paper The Owl and the Pussycat Writing Frames, landscape and portrait versions Alice in Wonderland Writing frame FREE Swedish Teaching Resources Where applicable, use the links to download Swedish versions of resources. Phonics display banner (Ref: SB9975) A colourful banner for your classroom phonics display. Judaism display banner (Ref: SB3760) A colour banner for your Judaism display. Birthday train display set (Ref: SB7299) Create a train-themed birthday display in your classroom. Set includes carriages for each month of the year with space for children’s names or photo. Growing cress instructions (Ref: SB4883) A set of simple instructions posters showing how to grow some cress. Reduce! Snakes and ladders games (Ref: SB7355) Simple printable snakes and ladders games with numbers to 30, 50 or 100. We love to read! Editable board game templates (Ref: SB10531) A set of editable board game templates featuring our ‘bumps’ characters. Visual timetable for the USA (Ref: SB1979) A colourful set of 30 high-resolution JPG images featuring activities and subjects covered at kindergarten level.

Learn to Draw Animals Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step illustrations to discover how to draw all sorts of animals and build up their skills and confidence in the they are just good fun! You could build up a whole folder of these printable pages for rainy days - teachers might even want to laminate them and keep them ready as a time-filler or reward. And of course many of them tie into classroom themes, too. By special request, save yourself a lot of clicking and grab all our learn to draw animals, birds, bugs and sea creatures in one easy download! Learn to draw this cute chimpanzee just by following the steps and copying carefully. Whether you are looking at African animals, primates or even Ancient Egyptian Gods, use our learn to draw a baboon guide to add some fun. Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a badger? Our learn to draw a bear, really isn't very scary. Bees are favourite summertime project. Kids love meerkats!

Learn to Draw Tutorials for Kids Print and enjoy our Learn to Draw Animals pages for kids of all ages. Kids can use our step by step... Here's a collection of our "learn to draw" activities for Spring. Kids can have fun with these printables with which they can learn to draw Autumn pictures such as... Kids can have fun with our learn to draw tutorials for winter pictures - a pretty snowflake and a... Kids can learn to draw favourite flowers with these printable step by step tutorials. Here's something fun for keeping the kids busy! Learn to draw the goddess Lakshmi and the elephant-headed Ganesha for Diwali using our simple step... Here's a fun activity for the kids this Halloween! Fun printable learn to draw tutorials for kids with a Thanksgiving theme! Learn to draw a selection of birds with our fun drawing tutorials, which teach kids with a simple... Just for fun, learn to draw your own Saint Andrew and Loch Ness Monster on St Andrew's Day! Learn to draw some pictures to complete your Scotland theme!

Printable World Flags To make watching the Olympics on TV at home more festive and exciting, for a world travel themed party or to celebrate any international occasion, we’ve put together these 100 countries printable world flags in one file, in perfect sizes to make party bunting with. Download Each page has 10 flags with the name of the country on the side tab. Fold over this tab to use the flags as bunting. You can also use them as educational playing cards. Note: We’ve learned the correct way of hanging the American flag vertically – with the stars in the left top corner. We’ll be adding more flags and flag activities and coloring versions, so please check back soon!