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Charities warn over 'frightening' plan to put plainclothes police in nightclubs. Plans to protect women by putting plainclothes police officers in nightclubs are bizarre, frightening and “spectacularly missing the point”, campaigners and charities have said.

Charities warn over 'frightening' plan to put plainclothes police in nightclubs

The plans were outlined by the government as part of the steps it was taking to improve security and protect women from predatory offenders. Called Project Vigilant, the programme can involve officers attending areas around clubs and bars in plainclothes, along with increased police patrols as people leave at closing time. Legal challenge over CPS policy on prosecuting rape cases dismissed. A legal challenge to how rape is prosecuted has been dismissed by the court of appeal in what survivors say is a missed opportunity to put things right for women whose rape cases have been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Legal challenge over CPS policy on prosecuting rape cases dismissed

The vigils were not just about Sarah Everard, but about the whole justice system. The last known sighting of Bibaa Henry alive was on her birthday.

The vigils were not just about Sarah Everard, but about the whole justice system

She was excited, heading for a celebratory summer picnic in the park with her half-sister Nicole Smallman. Pictures later recovered from their phones showed the two women dancing exuberantly in the dark, waving fairy lights around. It was Nicole’s boyfriend who eventually found their bodies, after what her grieving mother later described as a frustratingly slow police response to reports they were missing. This week, the man accused of murdering the sisters went on trial. Nicole and Bibaa’s names were understandably on the lips of many women as last weekend’s vigil to remember Sarah Everard at Clapham Common was being planned, because of course it wasn’t ever just about Sarah Everard. So that’s the broader context to the shocking image that emerged from Saturday night’s unofficial gathering, of a young woman protester pinned to the floor by male officers. Left Realism- a radical criminology for the current crisis.

Fifth of crimes involved domestic abuse in first England and Wales lockdown. One in five offences recorded by police during and immediately after the first national lockdown in England and Wales involved domestic abuse, figures have revealed.

Fifth of crimes involved domestic abuse in first England and Wales lockdown

Police recorded more than a quarter of a million offences flagged as domestic abuse-related from April to June, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. Huge wealth of Rishi Sunak's family not declared in ministerial register. Killed in 2019: Who has been brought to justice? - BBC News. Blame construction, not cars, for London’s poor air. French dairy giant accused of polluting country's famous rivers for years. France’s largest dairy company has repeatedly polluted the country’s rivers over the past decade, according to a new report by French media organisation Disclose.

French dairy giant accused of polluting country's famous rivers for years

During a year-long investigation into dairy giant Lactalis, Disclose found that 38 of the company’s production sites in France had breached environmental regulations. In many cases, according to the report, this involved the release into rivers of milk-related derivatives – which can be deadly to aquatic life in large volumes – or byproducts from wastewater treatment plants.

The report contains evidence of several instances that it says resulted in the death of fish. Female fugitives: why is 'pink collar crime' on the rise? Men commit more crimes than women do.

Female fugitives: why is 'pink collar crime' on the rise?

A lot more. This holds true over time and across cultures. Counter-terror chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism. Britain’s most senior counter-terrorism officer has said the police and security services are no longer enough to win the fight against violent extremism, and the UK must instead improve community cohesion, social mobility and education.

Counter-terror chief says policing alone cannot beat extremism

In his first major interview since taking up his post last year, the Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Neil Basu told the Guardian that up to 80% of those who wanted to attack the UK were British-born or raised, which strongly indicated domestic social issues were among the root causes. Woman jailed for murdering daughters who 'got in way' of love life. A mother who murdered her two young daughters 18 days apart after they “got in the way” of her living the life she wanted has been jailed for at least 32 years.

Woman jailed for murdering daughters who 'got in way' of love life

Louise Porton, 23, killed Lexi Draper, three, and 17-month old Scarlett Vaughan last year. Both deaths were consistent with deliberate airway obstruction, and doctors could not find “any natural reason why either, let alone both, should have died”, prosecutors said. Amazonian rainforest near unrecoverable 'tipping point' Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon has surged above three football fields a minute, according to the latest government data, pushing the world’s biggest rainforest closer to a tipping point beyond which it cannot recover.

Amazonian rainforest near unrecoverable 'tipping point'

The sharp rise – following year-on-year increases in May and June – confirms fears that president Jair Bolsonaro has given a green light to illegal land invasion, logging and burning. Clearance so far in July has hit 1,345 sq km, a third higher than the previous monthly record under the current monitoring system by the Deter B satellite system, which started in 2015.

With five days remaining, this is on course to be the first month for several years in which Brazil loses an area of forest bigger than Greater London. The steady erosion of tree cover weakens the role of the rainforest in stabilising the global climate. 'Not a dustbin': Cambodia to send plastic waste back to the US and Canada. Cambodia has announced it will send 1,600 tonnes of plastic waste found in shipping containers back to the US and Canada, as south-east Asian countries revolt against an onslaught of rubbish shipments.

'Not a dustbin': Cambodia to send plastic waste back to the US and Canada

China’s decision to ban foreign plastic waste imports last year threw global recycling into chaos, leaving developed nations struggling to find countries to send their trash. Eighty-three shipping containers full of rubbish were found on Tuesday at Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s main port, according to a spokesman for the country’s environment minister.

Kicking children out of school is driving a rise in knife crime. Street violence: 'For them, using a knife may seem rational' On the afternoon of 18 April 2016, a Monday, Lewis Elwin was dropped off by a relative in Moyser Road, a residential street in Tooting, south London. The 20-year-olds’ mother and five older siblings were worried about him: they feared he was mixing with the wrong crowd, and doing so at a time when tit-for-tat violence among youth gangs was costing lives. But this was considered a safe area: a tree-lined street of Edwardian family homes, coffee shops and a flower shop. 'Sleepwalking into a nightmare': surge in crime paints a bleak picture. Crime has surged while officer numbers have hit a record low, according to figures that reveal a bleak picture of policing in England and Wales.

A decades-long fall in overall levels of crime appears to be stabilising, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), while police-recorded offences involving knives and guns have increased, and murder and manslaughter is on the rise too. Meanwhile, figures released on Thursday show that the number of police officers has hit a record low and the proportion of recorded crimes that result in someone being charged or summoned to court fell to another record low at 9% – fewer than one in 10.

Rank and file officers have said they are not surprised by the rise in recorded violent crime as the number of police officers falls. The radical lessons of a year reporting on knife crime. 'A beautiful thing has come out of it': how Grenfell's bereaved found friendship. Met Police 'use force more often' against black people - BBC News. Image copyright PA Metropolitan Police officers are four times more likely to use force against black people compared with the white population, new figures suggest.

Bristol refugee murder review accuses police of institutional racism. The tech giants will never pay their fair share of taxes – unless we make them. Beyond the Blade: we finally know how many youths are killed by knives. Russell Howard - I know this is pretty uncool but I wanted... Women and the criminal justice system: what do the latest statistics show? Latest figures from the Ministry of Justice show how women are represented in the Criminal Justice System. Knife crime is rising – and we're closing down the very places that could stop it.