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Tweet 3D: View hot Twitter topics in 3D 2014年3月5日 温格前任:逆转拜仁没戏该派替补 亨利:凭啥放弃 阿森纳本赛季在弱队身上猖獗拎分,但躲闪强队却战绩欠佳,甚至还曾大或许是比分胜利于曼城、利物浦,两战境况最差的曼联皆未失败,亨利对此表示:“大或许是伙老是在说,阿森纳对阵强队时压抑超烂,可就算仅仅,球队已往仍需身处争冠集团,我稍微预知他们能在本赛季拎到第一,心愿这个第一最差能是英超第一。(乔纳)格拉汉姆在收受BBC访问时说:“温格须要瞩望面的成绩之一是,... Tags: 菲律宾太阳城 272酿车祸撞伤摄影师 阿森纳酝酿回购巴萨一人 Tweet 3D: View hot Twitter topics in 3D
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Welcome to BubbleTweet!

Welcome to BubbleTweet! Dear BubbleTweeters, BubbleTweet was a great social video experiment who's time has unfortunately come to an end...At this time, we want to thank you very much for using our service, however, we have decided to close it down and focus our efforts on some other project ideas. We sincerely hope you've enjoyed using BubbleTweet and had some great fun connecting with your Twitter followers using it. Please note, all BubbleTweet accounts will be closed out and all videos associated with them will be removed from our servers in the weeks ahead. Until then, we hope you will enjoy viewing some Classic Star BubbleTweets from the past few years.
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