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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing
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Définition de la psychologie transpersonnelle La psychologie transpersonnelle s'intéresse aux « états non ordinaires » de conscience : l'extase, le sentiment de connexion avec l'Univers, la conscience aiguë de son être profond, le mysticisme, etc. Bien qu'ils soient souvent considérés avec suspicion, ces états seraient non seulement sains, mais représenteraient l'actualisation des besoins supérieurs de l'être humain. Comme son nom l'indique, le trans-personnel concerne ce qui existe au-delà de la personnalité, de son conditionnement et de son petit monde. En tant que pratique, cette psychologie a pour objet la « pleine réalisation » de la personne. Elle se préoccupe par exemple des perturbations résultant de l'enfermement des potentiels prétendument « illimités » de la conscience dans les structures limitées de l'ego – comme cela peut se manifester au moment de crises existentielles ou de ce que l'on appelle des crises d'émergence spirituelle. En passant par Esalen Au-delà de l'ego Des techniques traditionnelles

The Nine Gates of Inspiration- Access to Interdimensional Portals Recently, Dr. Tracy Latz & Dr. Marion Ross (“The Shift Doctors“) met with Mythic Astrologer Steve Nelson to discuss their experiences in megalithic stone circles along various leylines in England. As it so often does when these three get together, the conversation eventually led to a deeper, metaphysical discussion of portals that they each had experienced in sacred sites around the world as well as in more private sacred space created with intention in and around each of their homes. Stone circles are just one of the ways in which energy may be directed to create a vortex to open the psychic or spiritual space for deep meditation or inter-dimensional shamanic travel. Steve Nelson is an astrologer who follows a Jungian mythological tradition. Cherokee shaman Aunt Maude who learned much of her lore from Molly Runningwolf, the mother of Amanita Sequoyah, the last Cherokee medicine man officially recognized by the Eastern Tribe. Portals for Shamanic Journey The Gates of Inspiration

Sacred Journeys, Fires and Rites by Sacred Pathways Vision2050 for the World A full-sized copy of this poster can be downloaded here: Vision World Poster: (538 kB pdf) Sustainable Energy Vision 2050: A proposal to achieve a sustainable energy system, following environmental and social imperatives. Gunnar Boye Olesen, Michael Kvetny, and Emilio Lebre la Rovere, INFORSE - International Network for Sustainable Energy Abstract In the coming 50 years, it will be crucial that the world’s energy systems be made environmentally benign and sufficient to meet everybody’s energy needs. We have better technologies than ever before to use energy efficiently, and to use the world’s renewable energy resources without harming the environment. From independent researchers some proposals exist with fast CO2 reductions, fulfilling above imperatives. 2. The GRES scenario is assuming a high efficiency compared with assumptions of the "business as usual" development of e.g. The chart in fig. 1 is made with conversion of data by author. Figure 1. Figure 2.

Shamanism Teachers and Practitioners Formation Hypnose, Magnétisme, Massage, Reiki, Psy... Current Issue | Odinia International & FoxFire As mead warms, and the eldritch light of foxfire illuminates the dark forest, may our Gods, and this journal, inspire you… The following Odinist journal is in clickable thumbnail format form. Just click on the photos, including the large ones, to see the articles. Our website may be a bit slow at times, but we are working on it. Waes Hael! To read our previous issues, see our issue archive page The Odinist Art of Nordic Tile Please help us continue our work!

Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner "After having personally practiced shamanism, shamanic healing, and shamanic journeying for more than half a century, I can say that there is nothing I have encountered in reports of the spiritual experiences of saints, prophets, psychedelic drug experimenters, near death survivors, avatars and other mystics that is not commonly experienced when following classic journey methods using a drum." — Michael Harner Shamans are often called "seers" or "people who know" in their tribal language because they are involved in a system of knowledge based on first hand experience. People ask me, "How do you know if somebody's a shaman?" The three pillars of the Foundation are preserving, researching, and teaching shamanic knowledge. Join the Circle of the Foundation and be an integral part of preserving and passing on shamanic knowledge globally. Enter your email to receive news and practical help about shamanism.

Alvaro Noboa Pontón - Sitio Oficial Comunicado de prensa oficial Alvaro Noboa, hombre de negocios internacional Ecuatorianos, he resuelto viajar por todo el mundo con el fin de abrir mercados para el Ecuador, lo que garantiza que nuestros productos se vendan en mayor cantidad – ya se trate de banano, café, camarón, plátano, entre otros – con el fin de generar empleo en Ecuador, en vista de la crisis que estamos atravesando y que debemos superar mediante el trabajo productivo. Que a su vez, aumentará nuestra presencia y venta de nuestros productos de incomparable calidad y orgullo nacional. He querido tocar a las puertas de los empresarios más importantes del mundo. Europa del Este se convertirá en un cliente importante para el Ecuador. Esto es lo que estoy haciendo hoy en día, conquistando el mundo de los negocios, para que los ecuatorianos puedan producir para todo el mundo y tener más empleos y mejor remuneración todos los días. Como empresario, ¿cuál es su opinión de la crisis que el país está atravesando?

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