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Rendering Recources

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PNG photo images free clipart download. Free: 200 High-Resolution 2D People for Use in Your Architectural Renderings. As Ronen Bekerman rightly points out, if you’re an architect or architecture student putting together a slick set of renderings, you can never have enough 2D people!

Free: 200 High-Resolution 2D People for Use in Your Architectural Renderings

This particular high-resolution pack has been made available for everyone by Ronen Bekerman via Case3D, an architectural visualization company that has worked with the likes of JDS Architects and Scott Brownrigg. As well as being very high-quality PSD images (you will need a healthy portion of hard drive or a memory stick to store all of these), these 2D cutout people are conveniently accompanied by a premade shadow layer, making your postproduction life in Photoshop that much easier.

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