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BLOG - architectural rendering and illustration blog

BLOG - architectural rendering and illustration blog
I have talked about portfolio setup in the past but not specifically the workflow. I don’t hide the fact that I prefer to build my layouts in Photoshop. It's what I'm most comfortable with but also what gives me the most flexibility to blend images into one another and really experiment with layouts. I have seen others create their portfolios in Illustrator and InDesign which works too. I have implemented InDesign into my workflow, but as a management tool and not so much as a design tool. InDesign acts as a master file that houses all of my text and organizes all of my PSD files in one place.

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"The Archipreneur Concept": A Business Book That Brings Architecture Practice into the 21st Century "The Archipreneur Concept": A Business Book That Brings Architecture Practice into the 21st Century This review of "The Archipreneur Concept" by Tobias Maescher was originally published on Archsmarter as "The Archipreneur Concept: A Review." When I started my business almost four years ago, I read every business book I could get my hands on. Apart from a paper route in grade school, I didn’t have a business background. Grasshopper Posts Tagged ‘grasshopper’ Force Based Design Karamba was recently taught and utilized by Christian Heidenreich, Alexander Stahr and participants at the Bauhaus Summer School Workshop ‘Force Based Design’. Grasshopper « Attitude Geometries Cellular Automata Building Propotional studies of a building facade. These videos shows an animation how to use the generative design methods in architecture and design.

21 Rules for a Successful Life in Architecture 21 Rules for a Successful Life in Architecture Originally published by Entrepreneur Architect, Associate Professor at Louisiana Tech Kevin J Singh gives his 21-point rundown of how to have a successful and happy life as an architect. The list gives some pointers that will certainly help young students and graduates, but may well be useful to some of the not-so-young practitioners who need to refocus on what's important. The following is a compilation of my professional practice lecture on the last day of class. Instead of recapping the course or giving a final exam, I share with my students a presentation titled Advice as You Finish School and Start to Practice.

reformelb: tower morphology applied to avoid the problems associated with highly internalised buildings, a grasshopper algorithm has been developed to define a series of variables that as a combined system determine the permeability and porosity of each building. the levels of permeability can then be balanced with required lettable floor areas to determine ratios between private, semi private and public space. altering these ratios then thus not only affect the phenomenological aspects of each space (eg. emotive affections based on lux levels or optimal ventilation) but also the economics of each building. site plan with rentable vs public spatial ratios type1 grasshopper algorithm onto tower building inner circulation and curved slabs applied tower morphology diagrams podium grain size iterations

AKT (Sawako & Panagiotis) « Scriptedbypurpose Sawako and Panagiotis at AKT Currently they are working as computational design researchers in Adams Kara Taylor based in London. They have worked on projects by well known architectural practices in the United Kingdom including Zaha Hadid Architects, Future Systems, and Foreign Office Architects in the development of architectural design involving complicated geometries. Our research aims in developing design solutions that respect criteria of structural efficiency and architectural intentions by interrogating the intrinsic properties of forms and their embedding space. Panagiotis Michalatos

People « Photoshop shapes Photoshop shapes People اشكال فوتوشوب ناس Browse People How Do You Know if BIM is Worth The Investment For Your Firm? How Do You Know if BIM is Worth The Investment For Your Firm? While BIM is increasingly becoming a necessity in architecture, it is still difficult to quantify the benefits it is bringing to the industry. Currently, there is no industry-standard method for calculating BIM’s Return on Investment (ROI) and, due to the complexities of the calculation, many firms have not adopted any consistent measurement practices to determine the monetary benefit that the technology has brought to their practice. The difficulty centers upon the fact that traditional analysis of ROI is unable to represent intangible factors that are important to a construction project such as avoided costs or improved safety.

2011-06-26 We looked at the paper entitled 'Linking Hanging Chain Models to Fabrication' by Axel Kilian as a source of information and inspiration to carry out our next experiment. The next experiment mainly had to focus on utilizing digital form finding methods to add to our methods for producing the next prototype. Axel Kilian, Ph.D. Candidate in Computation, Department of Architecture, School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Achim Menges Design Research Architecture Product Design In 2010, the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) designed and constructed a temporary research pavilion. The innovative structure demonstrates the latest developments in material-oriented computational design, simulation, and production processes in architecture. The result is a bending-active structure made entirely of extremely thin, elastically-bent plywood strips. Material computes.

DesignFloat: 8500+ Photoshop Brushes Hey guys, the time for Friday roundup has come and we want to share some useful resources featuring free Photoshop brushes with you. We all know that brushes turn out to be the essential tools for web designers and help to add the desired atmosphere to the websites. Using this Photoshop tool, it is possible to give the design the impressive touch and make it catchy.

The Architecture School Survival Guide The Architecture School Survival Guide Starting out on the path of architectural education can be daunting. With so much to learn and so many different ways to approach design, often the most basic principles are left for the student to learn the hard way. Predicated upon the idea that "every year new architecture students make the same mistakes," Iain Jackson's new book "The Architecture School Survival Guide" offers tips, tricks and advice to help make the transition from novice to capable student just that little bit less painful.

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