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BLOG - architectural rendering and illustration blog

BLOG - architectural rendering and illustration blog
I have talked about portfolio setup in the past but not specifically the workflow. I don’t hide the fact that I prefer to build my layouts in Photoshop. It's what I'm most comfortable with but also what gives me the most flexibility to blend images into one another and really experiment with layouts. I have seen others create their portfolios in Illustrator and InDesign which works too. I have implemented InDesign into my workflow, but as a management tool and not so much as a design tool. InDesign acts as a master file that houses all of my text and organizes all of my PSD files in one place.

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Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) Approach to Architectural Visualization 204 Flares Facebook 0 Twitter 15 Pin It Share 49 49 Google+ 31 LinkedIn 47 inShare48 StumbleUpon 62 Reddit 0 204 Flares × Pushing on with the exploration of the various workflows in Architectural Visualization, I’m presenting you today with the NPR – Non-Photorealistic Rendering approach as made by Scott Baumberger. More along the lines of what Rafal Barnas showcased in A Unique Approach to Architectural Visualization, in terms of how much Photoshop is being used vs. actual 3d rendering, but specifically aimed at recreating the look & feel of traditional watercolor paintings (and other forms too)… just using digital tools to do so. NPR is more about expressive styles in visualization, distancing itself from photorealism. In this article, Scott will introduce his approach and the Viking Pavilion project, on which he will demonstrate the process later on, Enjoy!

9 Ways to Find More Business for Your Architecture Firm 9 Ways to Find More Business for Your Architecture Firm Managing your own architecture firm is hard, and while pretty much every architect starts with a strong idea of the type of firm they want to be, without constant care it can be easy to get sucked into doing jobs you need to do to keep the lights turned on, rather than the jobs you wanted to do from the start. In this article, originally published by Archipreneur as "9 Creative Business Development Strategies For Architects and Designers," Sabrina Wirth explores the ways you can not only keep work coming in, but make sure it is the right type of work too. Whether you’re a large architecture firm or a small, boutique design studio, everyone needs a plan for generating new business. The prospect of working on RFPs (Request For Proposals) and RFQs (Request For Qualifications) to win a place on the shortlist, however, is daunting and something very few people look forward to.

Shiro Studio Shiro Studio is a London based design practice established by Andrea Morgante in 2009, committed to the creation of unique architecture and objects. We believe in integrity of materials, purity of perception, coherence. We believe objects and architecture should be tactile, evocative and unexpected. Nature's efficiency, digital fabrication and art are recurrent trajectories of investigation that permeate our visual language and design process. Shiro means ‘white’ in Japanese, but here it implies a philosophical translation where white is perceived as the purest creative approach. Shiro is the infinitesimal fraction of time before an idea is represented on a blank piece of white paper.

Invitation to a Dialogue: Less Ego in Architects Photo To the Editor: Several high-profile architects in the media recently perpetuate an image of architects as ethically insensitive, competitively destructive and socially tone-deaf. Among the recent examples: Santiago Calatrava for his overdue and overbudget World Trade Center transportation hub; Zaha Hadid for her dismissive comments about construction deaths at her Qatar soccer stadium; Diller Scofidio + Renfro for its American Folk Art Museum-eating Museum of Modern Art expansion; and SHoP Architects for its Domino Sugar Factory 55-story development extravaganza in Brooklyn. Frank Gehry once said that if we didn’t have starchitects, architects (and architecture) wouldn’t be in the media at all. But this kind of coverage, even when positive, we don’t need.

Tutorial - Making of 3D Uro House Render – 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Blog - Ronen Bekerman I’m happy to bring you a short new tutorial by Luis Linares from Kuan Studio. In this article he will describe the creation of the Uro House image posted not long ago in the Finished Work section of the forums. It was very interesting for me to know more about the post process done on this image since there is a big difference between the pure render output and final result. The 80-20 Rule: The Key to Producing Better Work in Less Time The 80-20 Rule: The Key to Producing Better Work in Less Time This article was originally published on ArchSmarter as "How to Work Smarter with the 80-20 Rule." “OK, let me see your list.” I was fresh out of architecture school and working on my first project as a designer. It was one week before our design Development Deadline. The project manager asked me to draw up a list of remaining design issues.

Façade Renovation “Suites Avenue Apartment”  The façade design was inspired by Gaudi’s work and mimic the ocean waves. The façade along with the interior patios and central core were all designed by Toyo Ito, however, the rest of the hotel was designed by Carlos Bassó and Toni Olaya. This Luxury Hotel has an amazing view of Gaudi’s La Pedrera, what led Toyo Ito to accept this commission. Image Credits CreditsAuthor: Toyo Ito ArchitectsProject location: Barcelona, Spain Dimensions: 4515 m2Client: Suites Avenue Apartments Year: 2009 Rafael Viñoly Architects Rafael Viñoly Architects is proud to announce the completion of the University of Oxford, Mathematical Institute New Building opening on October 3, 2013. An innovative and architectural tour-de-force, the new 24,400 gsm building will serve as a single collaborative environment within a world-class facility designed to adapt to continued growth and foster interaction between mathematics research groups in Oxford. The Mathematics Institute had originally been dispersed across four different sites when Rafael Viñoly Architects was hired to design a new building for the department. The department’s existing buildings were significantly crowded and offered no further space for expansion, and its dispersed community was in short of a clear focal point for undergraduate teaching, and also made it difficult for the various research groups and individuals to collaborate. A glazed atrium and entrance lobby preserves sightlines between the Radcliffe Infirmary and the Radcliffe Observatory.

Wild swimming in the city: come on in, the river's cleaner! Thames Baths … the proposed floating lido on London's river near Blackfriars. Photograph: StudioOctopi/Picture Plane When you're floating in the river Thames, gliding on your back below soaring bridges, the chances are you're dead. Around 30 corpses are dragged out of the river each year, from fast-flowing water that is subjected to a weekly surge of sewage, and ploughed by a daily barrage of boats. Swimming in the tidal stretch of the Thames, says the Port of London Authority, is about as sensible as rambling on the M25 – with the potential bonus of a bout of dysentery.

After a Rainy Day – Image Breakdowns Tiago Alexandrino from Archfactory prepared a breakdowns video for his new image. Check this out! Each time, to achieve a real good still image, many studios are getting new workflows, like Matte Painting for Architectural Visualization images. For that purpose, Tiago Alexandrino talks and shares about a new experiment he made to pratice, talking about important tools for post processing and paint and even how to use them properly and in a creative way. The main purpose of this image breakdown is an overall review of some of the basic techniques to start post processing and painting your own still images. Study Finds 25% of UK Architecture Students Have Sought Treatment for Mental Health Issues Study Finds 25% of UK Architecture Students Have Sought Treatment for Mental Health Issues Are the rigors and tribulations of architecture school causing serious impacts on students' mental health? A new student survey conducted by Architect’s Journal has found that more than a quarter of architecture students in the UK are currently seeking or have sought medical help for mental health issues related to architecture school, and another 25% anticipate seeking help in the future. The results have prompted Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor at the University of Buckingham and a mental-health campaigner, to describe the situation as “a near epidemic of mental-health problems.” In addition to mental health concerns, the report also brings to light growing problems with student debt, excess work hours and worry that education is not properly preparing students for the real world. Read the study in its entirety at Architect’s Journal here.

LAPTOUCH , new vision at laptop design Architecture schools, Architecture school, Architecture online schools LAPTOUCH , new vision at laptop design…. designed by Amir Labidi Description by iam architect Designers are people, who they use their laptop to create, design and make products and services, but anyone did think at the ergonomic facts and the scope of material needed to produce a magnificent design project. Touchlap is a computer designed specifically for designers, by a designer, to facilitate their tasks, works and minimize the desktop congestion. The laptop is equipped with a large touch pad, which also can serves as a graphic tablet, and it contains scroll/zoom buttons, with sensor creativity don’t need to press buttons anymore, juste scoll and zoom with a simple touch.

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