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‘Spiral’ and 3 Other French Shows Worth Seeking Out. There is exotic and beguiling television all across the world, far away by plane but near enough by satellite, cable or Web to be tantalizingly just out of reach.

‘Spiral’ and 3 Other French Shows Worth Seeking Out

Television reveals the limits of globalization. In the era of Mumbai call centers, online offshore banking, Skype chats, drone attacks, satellite phones and avian flu pandemics, national borders seem almost quaint. Yet foreign shows that should be as easily found in Minnesota as Monte Carlo are not readily available. Instead, Americans rely on trickle-down distribution. Audiences in the United States have been sampling the best of British television — and “Benny Hill” — since “The Forsyte Saga” reached PBS in 1969. It’s not just Denmark. “Spiral,” a French crime series originally called “Engrenages,” is a huge hit in France, as well as on BBC Four in Britain, and it has found a devout American following on Netflix, which offers the first three seasons. Prostitution then was legal, but strictly controlled by the police. TV and radio blog + Spiral. Meet Spiral's feminist anti-hero.

Caroline Proust screeches up to a Paris cafe terrace on her bike in a mini-dress and red leather jacket, beaming a lipsticked smile.

Meet Spiral's feminist anti-hero

It's a far cry from her TV character, police captain Laure Berthaud: the downtrodden detective who is France's least groomed sex symbol. With her unwashed hair, no makeup, T-shirt worn three days in a row and seemingly perpetual PMT, Berthaud has become one of the most prized TV pin-ups in a nation that likes its beauty barefaced. Spiral – or Engrenages — is France's answer to The Wire. Paris's first "hyper-realist" TV show, its gritty take on the justice system has stunned executives by becoming the biggest- selling French TV show ever. Proust loves the fact that Spiral, now in its third series, has a cult following in the UK. "Of course we had a lot less money than HBO. The bosses wanted no recognisable faces, so casting directors looked to theatre.

Realism is an obsession for Proust. Series four is likely to be the most controversial yet. Dziennikarz Praca - ogłoszenia w - portal dla profesjonalistów z branży medialnej, reklamowej, internetowej, telekomunikacyjnej i public relations poszukuje osób na stanowisko: Dziennikarz Jeśli chcesz pracować jako dziennikarz internetowy, interesujesz się mediami zapraszamy do współpracy.

Dziennikarz Praca - ogłoszenia w

Zadania: - Wyszukiwanie, redagowanie i publikowanie tekstów o tematyce - reklama, internet, media - Przeprowadzanie wywiadów ze specjalistami z branży - Monitoring mediów Oferujemy: - pracę w największym portalu o mediach w Polsce - pracę na samodzielnym stanowisku z profesjonalistami - stałe zatrudnienie Wymagania: The best crime-writing festivals around the world. The hunger for Scandi TV and fiction has sparked a new interest in crime festivals (as perhaps will JK Rowling's foray into the genre with Cuckoo's Calling).

The best crime-writing festivals around the world

No longer solely the domain of die-hard thriller fans, these events are increasingly offering everything from live music and food stalls to film screenings and tie-in tours. Tatort - Tatort. Meet the Germans – Typically German - The Germans and ... - Tatort - Goethe-Institut. On November 29, 1970, with “Taxi to Leipzig”, began the murderous career Germany’s most popular television crime series “Tatort” (i.e.

Meet the Germans – Typically German - The Germans and ... - Tatort - Goethe-Institut

Scene of the Crime). It has always had not only crime, but also German society in its sights. Paul Trimmel has to get to Leipzig. After a corpse with West German footwear has been found at an East German highway rest area, the Attorney General of the German Democratic Republic asks for the help of the Hamburg chief inspector. When shortly thereafter the request is revoked, Trimmel carries on his investigation in the GRD illegally – and gets caught up in a case that leads deep into the German-German division. Taxi to Leipzig, produced by North German Broadcasting, had everything that at bottom was to be characteristic of later episodes of Scene of the Crime: the corpse at the beginning, the murderer at the end, and in-between, at the centre of the story, the headstrong inspector with regional roots.

“I pretty much had the wind up” A mirror of Germany. "Wire in the Blood" Reviews & Ratings. The Wire (TV Series 2002–2008. Whitechapel (TV Series 2009– My All-Time Favourite Crime Series! - a list by NuritFe08. Genre: Crime. Crime Scene NI. Detectives Beyond Borders. International Noir Fiction. Crimeculture. Scandinavian Crime Fiction. My thanks to for hosting this content in a form that is much easier to keep updated.

Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Not too many years ago, it would have been hard to think of examples of Scandinavian crime fiction beyond the Martin Beck series and Smilla's Sense of Snow. Suddenly, readers are blessed with a deluge of choices. What has led to such a renaissance of crime fiction from a part of the world not known for its criminal tendencies? Vit Wagner has two answers. One is simple enough: Hennning Mankell. The other is bit more complicated. Whatever has led to this wealth of freshly-translated fiction, readers have plenty to choose from. Entries are arranged by country. Start-up funding for this project was provided through a Research, Scholarship and Creativity grant from Gustavus Adolphus College. Euro Crime.